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Excommunication Won't Deter Catholic Stem Cell Researchers

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Submitted by Marnee on Fri, 2006-06-30 19:04
    Scientists who carry out embryonic stem cell research and politicians who pass laws permitting the practice will be excommunicated, the Vatican said yesterday.

Vatican vows to expel stem cell scientists from Church

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Marnee — by MJ on Sat, 2006-07-01 02:06
Screw the church! — by Ross Elliot on Sat, 2006-07-01 00:38

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Alida Valli -- Kira Argounova

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Submitted by Marnee on Mon, 2006-04-24 18:17

Alida Valli, the actress who played Kira Argounova in We the Living, died today at the age of 84, in Rome.

If you haven’t seen We the Living I highly recommend it especially to see how perfectly Alida Valli portrayed Kira. She had a wonderful talent. Also interesting is that this role must have been especially important to Valli in that she too was living under a totalitarian regime.

"With the Nazi push into Italy, she briefly left filmmaking to avoid recruitment into propaganda efforts, she said.

For a time during the war, Ms. Valli hid in a friend's apartment." (from the Washington Times article)

Valli later made her way to America and went on to star in more than 100 films.

More at the Washington Times:

We the Living at IMDB:

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O, Cuore Mio! — by Ted Keer on Mon, 2006-11-20 00:52
Me too — by Marnee on Wed, 2006-04-26 22:49
if you've seen... — by Chris Cathcart on Mon, 2006-04-24 23:02

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Miniskirts: The Fashion of Freedom takes on Progressive Education

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Submitted by Marnee on Sat, 2006-04-08 00:40

What does the fashionable and freedom loving girl wear to a protest? Well, take a lesson from 10 year old Zoe Hinkle of Pittsburgh.

This little Dagny Taggart is making a bold fashion statement about her freedom to make choices. But the oh so Progressive School Board says no!

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Progressives & My Hyperbole — by Marnee on Sat, 2006-04-08 06:02
I know Gene. It was a great — by Jody Gomez on Sat, 2006-04-08 04:53

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