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SOLO Architecture is under way, but still largely under construction. So, the good news then is that you yourself have a chance to influence the direction of SOLO Architecture. Send me your ideas, links to your favourite architects, favourite architecture articles, books and works etc. And feel free to kick off discussions in the Forum yourself. In the meantime, here's two links to get you started -- What is Architecture? and Architecture 101 -- and a question to answer: is architecture art? If so (or not) what makes it so (or not)? And here's a reading list to get you started. :-)
13 55 14 years 4 weeks ago
by reason_is_the_season
34 303 7 years 15 weeks ago
by Kyrel Zantonavitch
20 149 8 years 18 weeks ago
by Rick Giles
25 222 12 years 29 weeks ago
by Marcus
Forum to discuss Objectivist esthetics.
22 177 9 years 29 weeks ago
by Kyrel Zantonavitch
This forum is dedicated to the chapter-by-chapter study of The Romantic Manifesto.
6 211 14 years 9 weeks ago
by Anonymous
Welcome to SOLO Film! This is a forum for all those who love movies, whether they be the most lauded of classics or the most critically lambasted of cinematic gems. Discussion of films that exemplify the spirit of SOLO Passion will be especially welcome. So come on SOLOists: share your favourite movies with us here as we celebrate the glory of the cinema. - Derek McGovern, SOLO Film Coordinator
38 541 8 years 43 weeks ago
by Richard Wiig
11 126 8 years 45 weeks ago
by Rick Giles
Welcome to Solo PASSION Food Forum.
28 355 15 years 27 weeks ago
by Prima Donna
A forum for geeks who are also SOLOists. If you're contemplating taking one of the numerous Geek Tests available on the 'net to determine whether you're a fit, congratulations, you're already one of us :-)
5 31 14 years 24 weeks ago
by gregster
Hey Homos! Rock on in to SOLO Homo for spicy chatter about sex, politics, culture, and whatever else our queer little heads dream up. I am Ashley Frazier, your hostess in this forum, and I welcome you. While our straight brothers and sisters are certainly invited to peek in, I want to make it clear that this is a Gay group in an Objectivist forum. I am thrilled with my same-sex partnership and with living as an Objectivist. While questions are acceptable as far as the patience of our members will stretch, condemnation of our sexual orientation is unwelcome (and frankly, boring, which is also quite frowned upon here). So get in here and post something, darlings.
16 319 14 years 30 weeks ago
by atlascott
11 85 13 years 25 weeks ago
by Callum McPetrie
A look at the form and nature of music and speculation on the next musical Renaissance.
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by Anonymous
Discuss parenting-related joys, sorrows, suggestions, concerns, questions and ideas.
11 117 9 years 39 weeks ago
by tvr
Here we will explore issues that deal with epistemology, psycho-epistemology, the conscious and subconscious, even neurophilosophy, and the people who deal with such issues.
8 445 13 years 23 weeks ago
by Stephen Boydstun
5 97 10 years 46 weeks ago
by Marcus
57 564 6 years 11 weeks ago
by Luke Setzer
The power & the passion!
24 317 15 years 1 week ago
by James Heaps-Nelson
All things Y-chromosome. Not always safe for work!
32 512 14 years 19 weeks ago
by AShortt
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by Titan
13 63 4 years 10 weeks ago
by Kyrel Zantonavitch