Go Bloody Bongkers, Brexiteers!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-01-18 04:43

The Fascist Filth, in America, call themselves the Resistance. They're submerged in Orange Man Bad Impeachment right now. In Britain, The Filth are called Remainers. They're submerged in overturning the liberation from Nazism rendered by the recent General Election result. Remainers, many of whom are Profa, are planning to "ruin" the Brexit celebration party in Parliament Square on January 31. Given Soros-funded Profa's track record, who knows what Blackshirt atrocities that will mean?! Meanwhile, Deep State Remainers within the bureaucracy are refusing to allow the bonging of Big Ben to consecrate Britain's defeat of the Fourth Reich as it did the defeat of the Third. But humans are ahead of The Filth!

Hilarious! Non-Moronnial Millennials Struck Dumb by Mario!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-01-15 04:19

If a few more "bros" reacted this way, the world could be saved!

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Please! — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-01-17 09:14
Yes — by Mr_Lineberry on Thu, 2020-01-16 21:15
I just realised ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2020-01-16 05:21

Fact-Flouting Feral Feelings = Fash's Arm!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2020-01-13 05:40

I republish here a press release from the usually-excellent but sometimes-anaemic Taxpayers' Union. The writer does a stellar job of highlighting the most obscene atrocities in the curriculum; where he goes wrong is in the limp depiction of the evil Jihadi Jacinda's loathsome, illegitimate government as merely "skirting close" to "taxpayer-funded propaganda," when in fact these child-molesters of the mind are a million miles over that line. The press release also unquestioningly accepts the dogma that "carbon emissions" are a problem.

The ultimate viciousness in Sorosian Jacinda's diabolical curriculum is the promotion of the primacy of blind, unformed, uninformed, infantile, feral feelings, ramped up by brainwashers masquerading as teachers, over reason and fact. This has always been a recipe for force and fascism—or "Fash's arm," as leading contemporary fascist, Jihadi Jacinda's twin sister, fry-quacking Occasional Cortex, squawks it.

The Nazis were among the world's first Greenies. "Blood and soil." "Mind and logic" nowhere in sight. The Greenies are among the world's current Nazis. For them, 1984 is not a warning but a playbook. Read this and weep. "Woke" New Zealand is now, officially, well on its way to becoming a Third World, totalitarian, shit-hole country:


Climate change curriculum skirts close to taxpayer-funded propaganda

13 JANUARY 2020


The Government’s new climate change educational material for year 7 and 8 students skirts close to taxpayer-funded propaganda, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

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Alas — by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-01-14 22:12
Phew! — by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-01-14 09:48
Sounds — by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-01-14 02:43

Ricky Gervais Takes on HAM (Hollywood, Academia, Media)

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2020-01-06 09:41

Unbelievably, a Hollywood celeb takes on the Fascists of the Left, eco-Nazis, nihilists, Paedophile Inc, Never-Trumpers, SJW Profa snowflakes, PC "Woke" trash and all the rest of The Filth who infest his industry, directly to their botoxed faces. Breathtakingly brave in a world of cowardice:

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Ricky Rocks! — by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-01-11 04:57
. — by Mr_Lineberry on Wed, 2020-01-08 22:10
Whoa! — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-01-08 08:49

Fry-Quacking as a Harbinger of Western Civilisation's Demise

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2019-12-06 06:17

Fry-quackers currently rule the world. They are ubiquitous and inescapable. Their aural pollution is a much greater existential threat than "climate change" (which isn't a threat at all, and of which fry-quackers, fittingly, are the most screechingly irrational proponents). They are the likes of Occasional Cortex and Jihadi Jacinda, who could as easily be twin sisters as Yawon Bwook and George Sowos could be twin brothers.

I am in a minority of one in pointing to the tyranny of fry-quackery, along with the related collapse of the attention span, as indicative of the imminent collapse of Western Civilisation. It is an integral part of the assault on objectivity, and with it, decency.

Here's a challenge to moronnials in particular in both respects. A protracted in-depth discussion between humans for whom ideas are supreme and speech is an art form. Contrast this with the Zero IQ sub-human fry-quackers on CNN et al. And observe how prescient Muggeridge was:

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Some — by Mr_Lineberry on Fri, 2020-01-17 00:10
Had — by Mr_Lineberry on Wed, 2020-01-15 21:32
Someone Else Gets It ... Almost — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-01-15 04:52

'1984' Revisited

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2018-07-01 05:54

I've added 1984 to the books I'm currently reading or, as in this case, re-reading. I'm astonished anew at how prescient it was. (Also refreshing, after Dostoevsky and Hugo, to encounter a writer who just gets on with it.) I assume everyone here is acquainted with it, so every day will just add a direct quote without commentary. This one is apposite in light of today's demonstrations by mindless leftist thugs:

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Anti-Speech Maketh the Anti-Human — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-01-10 06:01
Steve Hilton Also Identifies 1984 Resurgent — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-07-03 10:02
It's Here! — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2019-05-17 06:27

The Iron Fist of Fash's Arm

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-01-07 07:20

There's apparently a fellow running around named Fash. Fash's arm for some reason exercises the excruciatingly vapid Occasional Cortex, fascist. I just wonder how, when this sub-cretinous twin-sister of Jihadi Jacinda—both of whose fathomless moronry is equalled only by their vicious evil in their joint determination to destroy civilisation and freedom—emits these noises, in lieu of adult speech ... I just wonder how a single authentic human anywhere on earth can take her seriously? There are the Obleftivists, of course—but remember, I said "authentic human"!

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I — by Mr_Lineberry on Sun, 2020-01-12 22:53
As Evil as Occasional Cortex ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-01-12 08:49
Orwell Foreheard Occasional Cortex and Fry-Quacking — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-01-10 05:33

Orange Man Bad's Perfect Letter to Putrid Pelosi

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-12-18 06:13

"Your legacy will be that of turning the House of Representatives from a revered legislative body into a Star Chamber of partisan persecution."

In this Orwellian universe we now inhabit—this time of universal deceit—up is down, black is white, 2 + 2 = 5, Objectivism = Woke Obleftivism, evil is good, vileness assumes a guise of insufferable sanctimony ... and an entire media elite along with Putrid Pelosi herself can call the following letter "sick," "unhinged," "deranged," "rambling," etc. None of The Filth can, or will attempt to, answer a single point therein, because every single point is spot on. This letter is six pages of truth and substance, unlike the knee-jerk monosyllabic smear-spewings of The Filth. Note that terms like "deranged" and "unhinged" are now routinely used by The Filth—who are truly deranged and unhinged—to describe any truth-teller. "Unhinged" is the talking point that has been distributed among all of The Filth as their stock response to anyone who calls them out, reminiscent of the Soviet confinements of dissidents for "mental illness." As Orwell said, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

Mario in Martinborough!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-12-07 06:11

Mario in Martinborough!

A butcher's shop—Scotty's Meats, aka Carnivore Heaven—from which you can smell the blood a mile away. The world's finest wines. The world's most irresistible foods (including sinfully sumptuous whitebait!).The world's most humming cafes and pubs. The world's most convivial inhabitants having the world's most spirited conversations. The best shops and boutiques and the best outdoors. Such is Martinborough, New Zealand, where Mario Lanza, bon vivant, would have been very much at home.

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NZ Country Towns ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-12-07 10:43
NZ country towns... — by Olivia on Sat, 2019-12-07 07:25

Saving Free Speech from Profa

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2018-11-27 00:23

It was reassuring to read on WhaleOil about a new organisation called Advance Australia which humans are joining "to make sure their beloved country doesn’t succumb to rampant radicalism or political correctness" of the kind viciously promoted by the Soros-funded group GetUp. We could do with something like Advance Australia in New Zealand, where sub-humans—biological humans who nonetheless renounce reason and repair to force—are attempting to end free speech at every turn. They are our local Antifa, except that Antifa should be called (and will be by me henceforth) "Profa" because they are pro-fascist. In their behaviour, appearance and mindless malice they are the modern-day version of Mussolini's Blackshirts. In their beliefs they are Islamo-Marxists, which makes them fascists also.

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FilthWatch—Fake News

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2018-08-28 05:23

This will be a permanently blue-stickied thread showcasing one of the most loathsome components of The Filth: Fake News. Feel free to contribute.

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Free Speech Is All that Matters

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2018-07-15 03:35

My speech to Free Speech rally at Parliament, Wellington, New Zealand, July 14, 2018

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Has Jihadi Jacinda Had an Epihany? — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-08-07 06:14
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#MOGA! Open Letter to Objectivists—Make Objectivism Great Again! Repudiate Obleftivism!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2017-02-06 02:44

[This is an expanded version of the opening statement I had prepared for my aborted debate with Yaron Brook on Amy Peikoff's BlogTalkRadio show, "Don't Let It Go." I withdrew from the debate when I realised I could not in all conscience comply with her last-minute request that I refrain from making "sweeping statements" critical of Yaron. Warning: the following contains a number of sweeping statements critical of Yaron.]

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Soros, of course... — by Jmaurone on Thu, 2019-07-04 14:14
Binswanker's and Bwook's Open Borders Policy ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-07-04 05:46
Invasion of "Dinky Little Savages" — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2019-06-17 09:15

President Donald Trump

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Submitted by Ed Hudgins on Fri, 2017-01-20 19:01

Obama is out and the rebuilding begins!

We all have our favorite moments in the inaugural speech. What are yours?

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What Today's Impeachment Hysterics ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-09-25 05:06
Rudi Lets Rip — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-09-25 04:37
Gosh... — by Olivia on Sun, 2019-09-22 05:48

Who's On Board Then? Sign the Pledge! Most Potent Response to Christchurch Shooter!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-03-19 22:31


March 17, 2019 at 3:10 pm

The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has called on non-Muslim countries to ban Islamophobia, following the killing of dozens of people on a deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand.

“IUMS calls on non-Muslim countries to ban the spread of hatred against Islam and Muslims,” IUMS President Ahmed al-Raisouni said in a statement at the conclusion of a 2-day session held in Istanbul on Friday.

I have a better idea. Why don't all countries require all people—citizens, non-citizen residents or visitors—within their jurisdiction, as a prerequisite for being within their jurisdiction, to sign the following pledge:

"Just as I reserve the right to hold and express my opinions on any matter whatsoever, I promise to respect the right of all others to do the same. I renounce unreservedly the use of coercion and violence in the promotion of my opinions."

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Liberate — by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2019-03-30 12:02
More Muslims on Free Speech — by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-03-30 05:51
Brunei... — by Olivia on Sat, 2019-03-30 05:08

#MOGA! The Interview - Make Objectivism Great Again!

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Submitted by Bruno on Sat, 2017-09-09 15:24

Ladies and Gents, here it is! The long awaited interview has hit Youtube. From the video's description:

"Dinky little savages": that's what Ayn Rand called them...

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What Objectivists don't understand — by Bruno on Mon, 2018-12-03 11:56
Hungary: migration not a right — by Bruno on Thu, 2018-09-20 18:26
“Las Vegas Massacre –The Story is Coming Apart” — by Mark Hunter on Fri, 2018-01-19 07:31

This Is Where We Are!!??

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-09-21 08:13

Cosmic mass hysteria that makes medieval witch-burning villages look like citadels of reason. Here is the coming together of almost all current evils: anti-conceptualism; "facts don't matter" infantilism; fry-quacking upward-inflecting zombie squawk-ism; snowflake emotionalism ("I feel anxiety over global warming") above objectivity and rationality; the totalitarian grandstanding of fat, ugly, evil attention-demanding fascist females ... Ayn Rand could not have imagined anything so unspeakable. Her Comrade Sonya didn't come close. The only component missing is the mercenary monstrosity who speaks in her name, China-supporting Sorosian Yawon Bwook (and his paid Obleftivist toadies):

Recent Comments:
The emaciation... — by Olivia on Fri, 2019-12-13 05:19
Emaciated — by Bruno on Thu, 2019-12-12 09:25
Now this grotesquerie ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-12-12 04:48

Hatred for the Caucasian

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Submitted by Bruno on Mon, 2018-09-03 19:46

This new thread is dedicated to the racism Whites are subjected to in Western culture.

Its purpose is to expose anti-European racists and function as archive.

Recent Comments:
50th Anniversary of Epic Racism! — by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2019-07-21 05:57
Wisdom in our roots — by Bruno on Mon, 2018-12-03 00:40
x2 More Christine Fair — by Bruno on Tue, 2018-10-02 20:33

Make Western Civilisation Great Again!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2016-12-29 04:25

Undeniably, the biggest events of 2016, seismic in their enormity, were Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Because of those two events, for the first time in eight years we could say that Western Civilisation had rallied to mount a rearguard action against The Anti-West, aka Islamo-Marxism, aka The Filth. The latter were in pouting, infantile retreat, alternately sullen and hysterical, unable to comprehend that the seeming hegemony of their loathsome, totalitarian world view was not invincible after all.

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"Halloween Brexit" — by Bruno on Thu, 2019-04-11 23:04
Remnants of Britain in Britonistan — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2019-04-01 03:50
Italy improves firearms legislation — by Bruno on Fri, 2018-09-14 08:46

New (Kindle *and* Paperback!) Edition of Linz's 'The One Tenor: A Salute to Mario Lanza'

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Submitted by Derek McGovern on Tue, 2016-07-12 09:59

New (Kindle *and* Paperback!) Edition of Linz's 'The One Tenor: A Salute to Mario Lanza'

I've just posted the following item about Linz's updated edition of The One Tenor on my website, Mario Lanza, Tenor (http://www.mariolanzatenor.com...):

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RIP Frank Tenaglia — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-02-21 08:50
New Sky Arts Doco on Mario — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2018-12-24 04:22
Total Passion — by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2018-08-25 12:44

Book recommendations

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Submitted by Tore on Mon, 2016-02-15 19:02

This is a thread where I want to see everyone (that is, the four other people posting on this site) recommend books.

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Fatwa — by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2018-06-23 19:29
Books — by Neil Parille on Thu, 2017-10-19 14:11
Zoltan — by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Tue, 2017-10-17 04:10

To All Innocent Fifth Columnists

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Submitted by Bravest Man in ... on Fri, 2012-11-30 06:22

You who read this represent the greatest danger to America.

No matter what the outcome of the war in Europe may be, Totalitarianism has already won a complete victory in many American minds and conquered all of our intellectual life. You have helped it to win.

Recent Comments:
Bravest Man in America Quoted — by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2019-07-21 03:03
5. Are you the kind who are — by Elliot Temple on Tue, 2017-10-10 03:16
my ears were burning. — by Jules Troy on Sat, 2016-07-30 08:40

The Movie Thread

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2009-10-11 07:26

If like me you haven't yet seen Dark Knight it's just about to screen on Sky Movie Channels 1 & 2.

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Call Me By Your Name — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2018-09-28 08:25
Old Doco on Rupert Brooke — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2018-09-19 05:23
Crooked House — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2018-06-06 07:20

Music of the Gods

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2008-04-21 06:11

"The emotion involved in art is not an emotion in the ordinary meaning of the term. It is experienced more as a 'sense' or a 'feel,' but it has two characteristics pertaining to emotions: it is automatically immediate and it has an intense, profoundly personal (yet undefined) value-meaning to the individual experiencing it.

Recent Comments:
That's very well said! — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2019-04-29 01:48
The tyranny of pop music — by Bruno on Sun, 2019-04-21 20:59
Race Relations as They Might Be and Ought to Be—Via Music! — by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2019-03-24 06:28

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The Great Global Warming Swindle!!!

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Submitted by Marcus on Sat, 2007-03-10 19:12

Surprise, surprise.

You can watch the entire thing now - for free - already on Google Video.
Watch it while you can, here is the link below.

Recent Comments:
Linz — by Jules Troy on Sat, 2018-12-01 07:29
Brainwashed kids — by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2018-12-01 07:20
Actual pollution yes.. — by Jules Troy on Sun, 2018-11-25 19:35

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SOLO Credo

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2005-11-30 09:26

SOLO—Sense of Life Objectivists.

  • "The total passion for the total height."
  • Rational passion and passionate reason.
  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  • "This above all, to thine own self be true."
Recent Comments:
In " Fountainhead" the total — by 0 on Fri, 2011-06-17 21:25
Tonytowner — by Kasper on Wed, 2010-05-05 23:12
Haven't seen this type of — by tonytowner on Wed, 2010-05-05 10:55

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Obleftivist Pin-Up Pelosi Confesses ...

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-12-14 08:51

... it was always about impeachment of Orange Man Bad all along, regardless of evidence. From the moment he was elected:

Britonistan Postponed!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2019-12-13 06:43

Oh joy!

Not since the vile Hillary went down and so-called journalists—the enemy of the people—abandoned all pretence of disinterestedness and professionalism, weeping and wailing openly at the triumph of Orange Man Bad, have I laughed so much. The vile Sorosian Socialist Commie Corbyn goes down. The vile Jo Swineson goes down. Orange Man Bad #2 Boris gets a thumping mandate to take Britain out of the vile Anti-European Union, finally. Only in Sorosian Londonistan, stabbing capital of the world—inundated as it has been by primitive superstitionists with an obvious investment in open borders—does Remain get any traction. Oh, and Sorosian Scotland, where "nationalists" who want to surrender national sovereignty to the vile EU have done inexplicably well. In spite of them, and because of the lingering influence of patriotism, decency, and a genuine commitment to freedom, Britonistan has been postponed!!

Recent Comments:
Worth watching — by gregster on Thu, 2019-12-19 13:15
Mark, — by Bruno on Mon, 2019-12-16 09:29
UK Elections Revisited — by Mr_Lineberry on Mon, 2019-12-16 01:10

Terrorism Must Be Met With the Death Penalty

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2019-12-12 07:03

By Olivia Pierson

“The nobility of England, my lord, would have snored through the Sermon on the Mount. But you’ll labour like Thomas Aquinas over a rat-dog’s pedigree! Now what’s the name of those distorted creatures you’re all breeding at the moment?”
(Sir Thomas More, from Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons)

One could put it to England’s 16th-century Lord Chancellor More that the distorted creatures the nobles of England now breed are called terrorists, though that wouldn’t be entirely fair. Modern Englishmen do not exactly breed terrorists, but it certainly could be argued that they encourage them by allowing them to breathe the same air as human beings.

Obamarx Started the Russia/Ukraine Hoax

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-12-11 06:10

The facts are tumbling out, even as the Inspector-General tries to pretend that the concerted attempt to stage a coup against Trump by the Swamp was not politically motivated. The coup cabal included Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Crooked Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Lisa Page, Peter Stroek, Andrew McCabe, Christopher Steele, Adam Schitt ... and Barack Hussein Obama. No counter-intelligence operation such as the spying on Trump predicated on the phony dossier about Orange Man Bad and pee-ing prostitutes can take place other than at the direction of the President. Obamarx. Lock him up!!

Recent Comments:
No surprise — by gregster on Sun, 2019-12-15 09:32
Indeed... — by Olivia on Thu, 2019-12-12 07:05
Lindsey Graham Hero of the Day! — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-12-12 05:24

Orange Man Bad vs Child Molesters of the Mind

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-12-10 07:36

The battle for school choice. The hardest one of all:

Recent Comments:
Nice rendition. I only wish — by yonderwings on Tue, 2019-12-10 18:45

God Bless America!!

Lindsay Perigo's picture
Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-12-10 05:41

Orange Man Bad tells the story of Irving Berlin's classic at 51' 25". This must drive Islamo-Marxists, including Obleftivists, crazy. Decency resurgent!! Hugs from "special needs" people to boot!!

Recent Comments:
"Hits you right in the chest, doesn't it?" — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-12-18 07:20
Beautiful Patriotism and a Wonderful Prayer! — by Olivia on Tue, 2019-12-17 06:19

Gusto Rocks, Gustav Sucks

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2019-12-09 07:28

Gusto Rocks, Gustav Sucks

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edo de Waart with Lauren Snoufer (soprano), Anna Larsson (mezzo), Orpheus Choir, Voices NZ Chamber Choir.
Mahler Symphony No.2 Resurrection; Michael Fowler Centre 22 November.

One of the world's finest orchestras and some splendid singers under the baton of one of the world's greatest conductors played and sang some of the world's most execrable anti-music the other night. They performed it explemplarily, and were cheered to the echo by the febrile throngs of worshippers who packed the venue, but their admirable gusto could not redeem Gustav Mahler from his status in this solitary reviewer's eyes as a titan of tosh, tedium and tunelessness.

Recent Comments:
Is — by Mr_Lineberry on Wed, 2019-12-11 21:18
Emperor's New Clothes — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2019-12-11 08:53

Training Saudis to Fly Never Ends Well

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2019-12-08 07:59

Why is this still happening?! Why are these savages from this blighted barbaric medieval backwater allowed into the United States, let alone to train as pilots?!

Bring back Trump's original "complete and total shutdown." Where is Trump on this, apart from tweeting ghastly platitudes about "ongoing monitoring" and "thoughts and prayers," no doubt written by some filthy Deep Statist within the White House?!

Islam—along with such enablers as Cultural Marxism and Obleftivism—is the face of evil in our time.

"Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani was a Saudi aviator training at the U.S. naval station.

"The Saudi military member who fatally shot three people at a U.S. naval base in Florida hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he and three others watched videos of mass shootings, a U.S. official said on Saturday.

"Saudi aviator Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani was killed by sheriff’s deputies in the attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday in Florida, after killing three and wounding 12.

"One of the three Saudi military students who attended al-Shamrani’s twisted dinner party was caught videotaping outside the building while the shooting was taking place, said the U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity after being briefed by federal authorities."


Recent Comments:
I — by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2019-12-10 00:13

Goodbye the Plantation: Trump, Blacks & Kanye

Olivia's picture
Submitted by Olivia on Fri, 2019-12-06 06:36

By Olivia Pierson

A very unusual state of affairs is taking place with black voters across the United States.

When Mitt Romney ran on the Republican ticket for the office of president in 2012, he won 8% of the black vote country-wide. When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 he held on to the votes of that same 8%.

But two recent polls – Rasmussen and Emerson – are now showing that a whopping 34.5% of Black Americans approve of the job President Trump is doing.

This represents a potential disaster for Democrats, who have always relied on winning the votes of this minority demographic.

Recent Comments:
It's — by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2019-12-10 00:04
Hahahaha! :-) — by Olivia on Sat, 2019-12-07 07:30
"Cottoning on" — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2019-12-06 09:34

Steven Mallory's Drooling Beast

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-12-05 04:19

Here, to invoke Bruno from the thread below, are three "purposeful and calculated liars," all law professors, whose evil certainly does not lie in their refusing to focus. At the same time they are so hideous it's hard to believe it's all their own work, that they're not drawing from a common cesspool of diabolical dimensions. I suppose they are, and the cesspool is called "Academia." The one from the Ugly Wimmin's Collective could be Prissy Brazen Fraud's twin sister. What is it with lying, upward-inflecting, fry-quacking communist wimmin?! Anyway, the great Gaetz tore these grotesqueries apart:

Recent Comments:
The Great Gaetz Again! — by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-12-10 05:13
I — by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2019-12-10 00:07
Agreed — by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2019-12-09 08:29

Buckle Up!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2019-12-03 10:31

We're back, after I took time out to try to come to grips with the enormity—by which I had become beyond-gobsmacked—of the evil prowling through the universe in the form of Soros, Schiff, ARI and its puny apologists, Pelosi, Nadler, Romney, Stelter, Chuck Todd, Jihadi Jacinda, Winston Global Migration Soros-Peters, all the screeching fry-quacking females on the "mainstream" networks, et al. Not to mention the Islamosavages stabbing people on London Bridge, and Sinosavages promoting the triumph of Chinese totalitarianism worldwide by 2049—Islamo-Marxists in general—whom all of these sub-maggots enable.

I still can't come to grips with any of it, except to think there has to be a force for evil at loose which is greater than the sum of parts such as this parade of cockroaches. I realise this is Platonism on my part, hence the time out for re-evaluation. I draw people's attention to the disclaimer at the bottom of every page here re whether the opinions expressed align with Objectivism. Among the people to whom I have personally expressed these opinions I have received only splutterings to the effect of, "How can someone so intelligent believe in a devil?!" I reply, "ostensively!" Just look!

I don't mean an Occasional Cortex look-alike with a pitchfork. I mean an incomprehensibly, cosmically vicious antecedent force into which such sub-maggots gleefully tap.

Debate welcome!

A couple of music reviews from the last month will follow. A bit of catching up to do.

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Modern American Hero

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2019-11-09 07:11

Here's an interview with President Reagan just as he was leaving office in 1989. The Reagan Derangement Syndromers were putting it out there that he was senile, which is clearly not the case. Ayn Rand condemned him for opposing baby-killing. Obleftivists to this day condemn him for opening the way to a Goblian theocracy. Such crass ignorance and evil moronry is beyond comprehension. Just look at the palpable decency of this man and compare it to such deformities as Pelosi, Schumer and Yawon Sowos. Weep, too, for a classy professionalism in television interviewing that has long gone:

My “Serious Operetta”--hear the intro

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Submitted by yonderwings on Mon, 2019-11-04 18:04

Years ago I wrote what I like to call a “serious operetta” titled THE WATCHER ON THE SHORE (WOTS).

3:50 minutes (3.51 MB)

The World is What We Make it

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Submitted by Olivia on Wed, 2019-10-30 03:19

By Olivia Pierson

Politics is essentially philosophical in nature for it addresses the ethics of a social system by posing the question: how ought men to be governed?

This question of how men relate to each other has lain at the very heart of all human civilisations, from the ancient Sumerians to the modern American Republic and everything in-between, instructing us that above all things, ideas matter, since getting them wrong can wreak destructive havoc on the human spirit, to say nothing of human lives.

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Who Is Richard Minns?

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Sun, 2019-10-27 23:54

A psychopath aping Objectivist phrases who believes his own big lie.

Who Is Richard Minns?

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The Trouble with the Syrian Kurds

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2019-10-24 07:17

By Olivia Pierson

It has been nothing short of outlandish to watch the round condemnation by Democrats and Republicans of President Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria in the face of a Turkish incursion over Turkey’s southeastern border.

The US does not have a large combat force there. If it were to send one in, the US would be fighting against the territorial integrity of greater Syria, Assad’s country, which is currently propped up by Russia and Iran. The US never agreed to fight a mission to help the Kurds create and maintain their own autonomous homeland, not for one minute.

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The crux — by Bruno on Thu, 2019-11-07 09:41
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Why is this even an issue?! — by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2019-11-07 08:47

Moore on the “Joker"

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Submitted by Olivia on Wed, 2019-10-16 05:02

By Olivia Pierson

Michael Moore has written an essay/review of the film Joker, which struck me as a disturbing tell on Moore’s own psychology:

“[…]if you look away from the genius of this work of art, you will miss the gift of the mirror it is offering us. Yes, there’s a disturbed clown in that mirror, but he’s not alone — we’re standing right there beside him.”

What’s with the royal “we” in sympathy for the devil?

I haven’t seen the film – and what follows is not about the film, it’s about Moore projecting his own political propaganda onto it.

PM Ardern - Unpatriotic Globalist

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Submitted by Olivia on Wed, 2019-10-16 04:33

By Olivia Pierson

When NZ PM Jacinda Ardern addressed the United Nations last week, she did her usual spiel on the challenges of addressing climate change, the horror of the Christchurch massacre and her ongoing efforts to have online hatred and violence curbed (which also includes speech that she doesn’t like).

This PM’s obsession with the climate change hoax is as well-known as it is infantile, but what struck me most was the stark absence of any kind of patriotic sentiment in Ardern’s leadership voice. She carefully presented the case that it is nationalism, which she tried to pass off as tribalism, that stands in the way of her global crusades. This is not a patriotic woman.

Who you going to believe, Carl Barney or your lying eyes?

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Sat, 2019-10-12 00:06

Apparently Parts One and Two of “Regarding Carl Barney and Scientology” weren't enough to convince readers of The Objective Standard because a Part Three has been added.

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Some similarities ... — by Mark Hunter on Mon, 2019-10-14 21:19
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