Woke-Fascists: Orange Jump-Suit for Orange Man Bad! Me: Trump for Prime Minister!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2023-03-31 07:02

Woke-Fascists: Orange Jump-Suit for Orange Man Bad! Me: Trump for Prime Minister!

In 1941, Japanese fascists bombed Pearl Harbour. President Roosevelt called it a day of infamy. Today, Woke-Fascist American Democrats bombed the US Constitution. Fake President Biden—Beijing Biden the Bastard—said nothing; he approved of the bombing.

Indicting Donald Trump for a non-crime he did not commit is an act of infamy which may well destroy America and Western Civilisation in a way the original Fascists failed to. That is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party has paid Joe Biden, via Hunter, millions of dollars for. Biden is not senile, and his atrocities are not the result of "incompetence." Biden is evil, as are the entire gamut of Sorosian globalists pulling his strings and engorging his bank account.

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Thank you. — by Olivia on Fri, 2023-03-31 08:35

On The Man Who Gloated At His Goons Shutting Down The Let Women Speak Event Winning Kiwibank Young NZer of the Year:

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Thu, 2023-03-30 22:22

By Mark Hubbard

The Establishment in New Zealand just granted the prize of Kiwibank Young New Zealander of the Year to Shaneel Lal.

As with Sunday, after the violence against the women at Let Women Speak in Auckland from the mob incited by Lal and his employer, New Zealand Herald; after his gloating and his glee at having bashed those women's voices into silence by physical assault and forcing Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull to flee the country for her life; after Lal's complete lack of any remorse or empathy for those women who were assaulted repeatedly in a rolling maul, terrified and injured (one badly, a 70 year old has a broken eye socket) - because Lal really is the full narcissistic sociopath nutjob - I again have no words.

Liberal Western Culture has Created a Frankenstein

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Submitted by Olivia on Wed, 2023-03-29 02:05

By Olivia Pierson

If there’s a topic that bores me more than any other it’s the battle of the sexes.

I don’t do feminism, girl-power, sisterhoods, women’s groups or any such thing where only women play leading roles. The flavour is simply not my tea-cup.

Woke-Fascism Cancels Itself

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2023-03-28 06:49

The sub-set of Woke-Fascism that is Transgender-Fascism may have overplayed its iron fist. Woke-Fascists, including terrorist groups Only Black Lives Matter, PROFA, Academia and the media are the modern-day version of Mussolini's Blackshirts, Hitler's Brownshirts and Mao's Red Guards. In New Zealand they have mostly managed to camouflage their putrid pedigree under the Orwellian guise of Jackboot Jacinda's "kindness."

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! — by Jon Letendre on Wed, 2023-03-29 03:29
Brilliant Linz. And you're — by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2023-03-28 09:05

'1984' Revisited—Reprised for Obvious Reasons

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2018-07-01 05:54

I've added 1984 to the books I'm currently reading or, as in this case, re-reading. I'm astonished anew at how prescient it was. (Also refreshing, after Dostoevsky and Hugo, to encounter a writer who just gets on with it.) I assume everyone here is acquainted with it, so every day will just add a direct quote without commentary. This one is apposite in light of today's demonstrations by mindless leftist thugs:

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Where’s the clip of Trump saying this? — by Olivia on Wed, 2021-06-02 00:00
reinstated — by Jon Letendre on Tue, 2021-06-01 23:24

Dawkins in NaZiland: Science before Superstition!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2023-03-03 06:26

Richard Dawkins advances the fight against Woke-Fascism:


Wilde vs Woke

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2023-02-28 05:39

"I believe that if one man were to live out his life fully and completely; were to to give form to every feeling, expression to every thought, reality to every dream; I believe that the world would gain such a fresh impulse of joy that we would forget all the maladies of medievalism and return to the Hellenic ideal ... to something finer, richer than the Hellenic ideal, it may be. But the bravest man amongst us is afraid of himself. The mutilation of the savage has its tragic survival in the self-denial that mars our lives.

Ode to Bacchus—Sepia's Latest Lanza CD

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2021-07-20 02:20

The only thing extraordinarily ordinary about the extraordinarily extraordinary new CD from Sepia is the title: The Immortal Voice of Mario Lanza—A Centennial Celebration. The rapturous musical fare served up here is far better suited to the Wine, Women and Song title I long ago urged upon the master-mind of Sepia's Lanza CDs, Derek McGovern. I acknowledge, however, that in 2021 such nomenclature might well "trigger" the Church of Woke and cause the CD to be "cancelled," so perhaps something innocuously prosaic is indeed called for. In any event, this CD, hands down, wins the prize for the cleverest Mario Lanza compendium ever: a position occupied for decades by RCA's You Do Something to Me LP/CD which Dr McGovern and Team Sepia—Richard Tay, Robin Cherry, Ray Leaning, Vincent di Placido, Carmel Parisi and Armando Cesari—have now decisively knocked off its perch. This is easily the most intelligent and imaginative Lanza compilation to date, by Sepia, RCA/Sony or anyone—not, as one might fear with a commemorative release, a parochial, predictable re-hash (yet again) of "greatest hits"; not Be My Love for the millionth time; rather, a uniquely loving, thoughtful (and thought-provoking) selection of rare and precious jewels, four of which have never before been commercially released.

NaZiland's Evil Woke-Fascist Labour Regime: Bringing '1984' to 2021

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2021-03-07 07:15

[Image from Dieuwe de Boer's Right Minds site, https://www.rightminds.nz/

[Submission to Parliamentary Select Committee, Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill, March 8, 2021]

"Religious faith is, precisely because we are still-evolving creatures, ineradicable. It will never die out, or at least not until we get over our fear of death, and of the dark, and of the unknown, and of each other. For this reason I would not prohibit it, even if I thought I could. Very generous of me, you may say. But will the religious grant me the same indulgence? I ask because there is a real and serious difference between me and my religious friends, and the real and serious friends are sufficiently honest to admit it. I would be quite content to go to their children's bar mitzvahs, to marvel at their Gothic cathedrals, to 'respect' their belief that the Koran was dictated, though exclusively in Arabic, to an illiterate merchant, or to interest myself in Wicca and Hindu and Jain consolations. And as it happens, I will continue to do this without insisting on the polite reciprocal condition—which is that they in turn leave me alone. But this, religion is ultimately incapable of doing. As I write these words, people of faith are in their different ways planning your and my destruction, and the destruction of all the hard-won human attainments that I have touched upon."

—Christopher Hitchens, God Is Not Great

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Ethnic Cleansing in Academia Aotearoa

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2020-06-29 07:23

It's time to de-fund the New Zealand School of Music. This Woke-Fascist, taxpayer-funded travesty has just announced its support for Black Lives Matter—the Marxist terrorist sub-humans who, along with Profa, are currently looting, rioting, vandalising, burning and killing all across America. "If this country doesn't give us what we want," one of its spokes-specimens has just said, "we will burn down the system."

"What we want" includes de-funding the police.

Now this, from the latest NZSM newsletter:

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Are — by Mr_Lineberry on Sun, 2020-08-16 20:19
Here's Whom ... — by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-08-16 06:15

Music of the Gods

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2008-04-21 06:11

"The emotion involved in art is not an emotion in the ordinary meaning of the term. It is experienced more as a 'sense' or a 'feel,' but it has two characteristics pertaining to emotions: it is automatically immediate and it has an intense, profoundly personal (yet undefined) value-meaning to the individual experiencing it.

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Mario Lanza Discovered! — by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2022-04-02 23:03
Dio and Lanza and ATLAS SHRUGGED — by Jmaurone on Wed, 2022-03-16 20:40
Something's Wrong Here?! — by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2022-03-16 08:02

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One Hot Don Juan!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2021-04-24 04:44

Last Monday, Stuff published what purported to be a review of fresh-hatched Wellington Opera's Don Giovanni which had opened two nights earlier at the Opera House.

Headed "Wellington Opera brings the #metoo movement to the stage with Mozart's Don Giovanni," it was not so much a review as a grim, humourless scold, typical of Wellington Woke-Witches, labouring the point that "These days the ladies would call Don Giovanni (Christian Thurston) a jerk or perhaps a sexual predator, rather than an irresistible, irresponsible yet lovable cad, but hey! This is how things rolled in the 17th century." (I think she meant the 18th.)

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Woke-Fascism Comes to NZ Opera — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2021-05-28 03:03
Sexual liberation is a form of political control — by Bruno on Thu, 2021-05-06 21:35
The Don — by Graham Hill on Thu, 2021-04-29 21:16

The Inalienable Right to Blaspheme

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-09-05 05:09

Charlie Hebdo has courageously published those cartoons again, to mark the beginning of the trial in Paris this week of suspected accomplices and enablers of the main perpetrators of the atrocities who, mercifully, no longer pollute the planet. Astonishingly, the normally Wet Woke Macron has defended Charlie's right to do so. Would that New Zealand Woke-Fascists, hell-bent on criminalising criticism of Islam, emulated Macron instead:

"It's never the place of a president of the Republic to pass judgment on the editorial choice of a journalist or newsroom, never. Because we have freedom of the press. There is in France a freedom to blaspheme which is attached to the freedom of conscience. I am here to protect all these freedoms. In France, one can criticize a president, governors, blaspheme. We will all have a thought for the women and men who were cowardly shot because they drew, wrote, corrected, were there to help, to deliver."

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Islamo-Savage Mohammed .... — by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-11-27 07:38
Only — by Mr_Lineberry on Sat, 2020-10-31 01:08
Paul Joseph Watson — by Mr_Lineberry on Thu, 2020-10-29 21:59

Trigger Warning for Snowflakes: Ten More of the World's Slimmest Volumes

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-09-15 06:20

1) My Credentials, by Dr. Greta Thunberg

2) Proof that Climate Change Is Person-Made, by E. C. Onatsi

3) Grappling Group-Think, by The [anti]-NZ Herald

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Here's a new one.... — by Mr_Lineberry on Fri, 2020-10-09 06:17
Hahahahaha!! — by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-09-15 07:00

Free Speech Is All that Matters

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2018-07-15 03:35

My speech to Free Speech rally at Parliament, Wellington, New Zealand, July 14, 2018

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New (Kindle *and* Paperback!) Edition of Linz's 'The One Tenor: A Salute to Mario Lanza'

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Submitted by Derek McGovern on Tue, 2016-07-12 09:59

New (Kindle *and* Paperback!) Edition of Linz's 'The One Tenor: A Salute to Mario Lanza'

I've just posted the following item about Linz's updated edition of The One Tenor on my website, Mario Lanza, Tenor (http://www.mariolanzatenor.com...):

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To All Innocent Fifth Columnists

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Submitted by Bravest Man in ... on Fri, 2012-11-30 06:22

You who read this represent the greatest danger to America.

No matter what the outcome of the war in Europe may be, Totalitarianism has already won a complete victory in many American minds and conquered all of our intellectual life. You have helped it to win.

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5. Are you the kind who are — by Elliot Temple on Tue, 2017-10-10 03:16
my ears were burning. — by Jules Troy on Sat, 2016-07-30 08:40

SOLO Credo

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2005-11-30 09:26

SOLO—Sense of Life Objectivists.

  • "The total passion for the total height."
  • Rational passion and passionate reason.
  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  • "This above all, to thine own self be true."
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In " Fountainhead" the total — by 0 on Fri, 2011-06-17 21:25
Tonytowner — by Kasper on Wed, 2010-05-05 23:12
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Labour Police Minister Ginny Andersen Must Be Stood Down.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Thu, 2023-03-30 04:15

By Mark Hubbard

We have all seen the video footage of the violence from an out of control mob at Let Women Speak in Auckland last Saturday. I don't need to link it further here.

New Zealand's Day of Disgrace - The Violence of a Mob Against Posie Parker & The Death of Free Speech.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2023-03-28 09:12

Thanks to modern technology we all saw what happened yesterday: a vicious mob fuelled with hatred over the previous week by our media, particularly a columnist for the Herald, and by sitting MP's in government, seriously assaulted Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka Posie Parker, and a small group of defenceless women who were at 'Let Women Speak' to peacefully tell their stories, while our police force, I now have to assume a heavily politicised police force, simply watched on.

Local Body Candidates | Hagley Park

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Thu, 2022-09-01 00:09

With my Twitter ban I'm back to writing letters to the editor. As our road in the Marlborough Sounds in big part crumbled into the sea in the storm two weeks ago, we are currently residing in Christchurch until the road is reopened.

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Keep it up — by gregster on Fri, 2022-09-02 11:13

New Zealand Commentators Always Get Trump Wrong

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Submitted by Olivia on Fri, 2022-08-19 09:11

By Olivia Pierson

From the time that Donald J Trump announced his serious intention to run for president in 2015 the world watched America's legacy media slide into the most vehemently mocking hate campaign toward one man that I've ever witnessed. It made 'Bush Derangement Syndrome’ during the Iraq war suddenly pale into something more akin to a combative flirtation with their president.

With Trump, unrelenting media malevolence set a tone for mindless hyperbole that may have hit its peak when a CNN commentator frothed that President Trump was Hitler, Stalin and Mao rolled into one.

Chantelle Baker Knocks the Debate Out of the Park By Olivia Pierson

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2022-08-18 06:05

By Olivia Pierson

This interview with Chantelle Baker on the Platform is magnificent!

For those of us who lived for a spell in Freedom Village back in February, she and her father, Leighton Baker, were an organic part of the glue that held the protest together through Chantelle's raw, alpha authenticity and smarts. Truthfulness has a shine of its own, echoed by our Voices for Freedom ladies: Claire Deeks, Alia Bland and Libby Jonson. These patriotic ladies absolutely helped to make our wounded country during our summer in February 2022 worth living in - and it was simply an extraordinary experience for New Zealand.

To see an attempt to vilify the whole movement by a state-funded documentary looking for racist, white supremacist Nazis under every rock, again, was just laughable! Ordinary Kiwis who love harmony, decency, humour, earthiness and the traditional way of life are just bored to death with that kind of divisive rhetoric, while actual harms are perpetuated upon us by the people who claim their dictats for our welfare are “safe and effective.”

Recent Comments:
Well said Olivia.What Paula — by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2022-08-19 02:25

Stagflation and the Nonsense of Monetary Simulunacy

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2022-08-13 23:43

Probably my final comment on Interest.co.nz in answer to where Orr will be taking our floating abstract OCR rate next meeting:

Despite all this let us never forget what a complete stuff up central bank stimulunatic monetary policy has been: worldwide stagflation is still the most likely outcome, and this is all at the feet of our central banks which are instruments of centralised control, not free markets or free lives.

And I have nothing but contempt for RBNZ's current woke governance. I think our monetary policy is now in the hands of a Marxist identity propagandist, frankly, who really hasn't got a clue. I believe there isn't even a person on the board with training in monetary policy (possibly a good thing, but I might have thought it a criteria)? Some small business guy from Nelson with no experience whatsoever, and everyone else is learning te reo.

Deaths following Cov-19 Vaccination in New Zealand

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Submitted by Olivia on Sat, 2022-08-06 02:53

By Olivia Pierson

Reposted from NZDSOS, edited by Olivia

The following is taken from a comprehensive post by New Zealand Doctors Speaking out with Science and published in May of this year. Though not an easy read for obvious reasons, NZDSOS are not prepared to just let their fellow-citizens die under shady circumstances without so much as an honest appraisal of the cause of death.

We’ve just had 2.5 years of ginned-up fear porn delivered courtesy of our governments and their corporate allies, most conspicuously the pharmaceutical giants, medical science professionals and the media. I thoroughly understand that people are fed-up with hearing unpleasant news, but now is not the time to conveniently look away from what has happened.

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I'd not seen that one, — by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2022-08-08 05:09
Heard this yet? — by Olivia on Mon, 2022-08-08 04:24
Well we're in total agreement — by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2022-08-07 07:02

This is how to get a lifetime Twitter ban ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2022-08-03 03:11

You simply put up the following question:

The Covid alpha and delta spike proteins created deliberately in a lab in Wuhan were definitely very harmful: although they were best combated with the early treatments and your innate immune system, not an experimental new technology, which I'm not going to dignify by calling a vaccine, brought to market in under a year when 'vaccines' require at least seven years of trials and safety testing; however, that all said, citing the cancelled doctors and so many Phd's on Rumble, Bitchute and the sites of freedom, why would you even conceive of taking a Pfizer/Monderna booster to make the alpha spike in your body - and there's no genetic off switch to creating that spike in yourself - in order to protect yourself only from the heavily mutated and basically harmless Omicron spike which is literally just a cold?

Recent Comments:
As I said we won't agree.Re — by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2022-08-06 05:36
Well... — by Olivia on Sat, 2022-08-06 04:47
We will never agree on this — by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2022-08-06 01:41

Edinburgh University is learning the hard way that there's a price to pay for going woke.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2022-07-25 01:42

Welcome back Linz, hope the ankle and health get back to 100% soon. When SOLO goes into maintenance I look about once a week to see if you're back Smiling

Sorry for Prolonged Absence

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2022-07-22 11:53

Sustained a severe ankle injury in February. Quite distracting. Infernal impertinence. Took me away from the battle against The Filth.

Recent Comments:
Hi — by Neil Parille on Sat, 2022-07-30 16:54
Good to see you back. — by Jon Letendre on Sun, 2022-07-24 18:28

Guy Hatchard PhD Answers Questions From Keith Lynch at Stuff Newspaper

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2022-03-14 03:32

By Olivia Pierson

The following is a riveting interchange between Stuff reporter, Keith Lynch, who is dubbed by Stuff to be their official “Science Explainer.”

Lynch emailed Dr. Guy Hatchard to ask him a series of questions for an upcoming piece that Lynch is writing on Hatchard.

Hatchard had the good sense to publish the actual written interview in advance as a press release. It’s the only way to keep journalists honest in these horrid days of mass media propaganda.

Recent Comments:
Still breathing - against all odds apparently ! — by Judi McFarland on Thu, 2022-03-17 08:02
Hatchard's article was great — by gregster on Tue, 2022-03-15 23:07
Journalism Is Dead — by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2022-03-15 07:00

(NZ) Water Services Act 2021

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2022-03-14 00:45

That's an innocuous sounding little Act isn't it, snuck through while everybody was worrying about Three Waters, and just as bad as it's laying the foundation for Three Waters. Busy at the moment so I'm simply copying and pasting the submission I made against the the Act's intrusive and wasteful provisions, emailed this Saturday. You'll see what it's about from reading it, and you can also imagine how huge this new bureaucracy - Taumata Arowai - already is.

If anyone reading this is on an affected private scheme you need to submit against; you have until the 28th March.

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