Dutch Appeasers Reject Ali

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Sun, 2006-05-21 02:43

In what seems to be the last straw for courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch Immigration Minister has now revoked her passport, following which Ali has resigned her seat in parliament and suggested it's time to move to the States. US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Zoellick said she's welcome any time. As Andrei says at the 'Sir Humphrey's' blog, "Holland's loss will be America's gain." Sure will.

Which raises two questions, the first both asked and answered by the Washington Post: "Is it possible to condemn Muslim extremism and still live among the Dutch? Maybe not."

And here's my question for Americans: Why doesn't the US treat all prospective immigrants with such warmth?

LINKS: Intolerant Netherlands - Washington Post
Hirsi Ali's Dutch Citizenship, revoked Monday, under review but she will leave Holland anyway - Sir Humphreys

State Department official: Hirsi Ali welcome in USA - Jihad Watch

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Why not, indeed?

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Why not open carry, Duncan? Why not, indeed?

Those US states, such as Florida and Texas, which do allow concealed carry, are at least making a stab at recognizing individual rights. The ideal would be a situation in which carrying a firearm, whether open or concealed, is not contingent upon obtaining state sanction.

And believe it or not, the one state in which that is possible is Vermont -- hence the term "Vermont carry."

Why not open carry? That'd

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Why not open carry? That'd drive the woman-are-cattle brigade wild Smiling

Appeasement and personal safety

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I urge Ms. Ali to move to Texas, apply for a concealed carry permit, and continue speaking out.

As for that concealed carry permit: Ms. Ali's choice of firearm is, of course, entirely her own. I wouldn't dream of imposing my own preferences in so personal a matter... Smiling

Well think of it this way.

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Well think of it this way. She'll be in a better country where there are at least a few that won't appease terrorists.


Treacherous Appeasing Filth—It's Everywhere.

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From the linked Washington Post article:

That's why Ms. Hirsi Ali was evicted from her apartment by a Dutch court last month: Her neighbors brought a lawsuit against her on the grounds that her outspokenness was violating their "human rights" by exposing them to a terrorist attack.

Ms. Ali falls foul of Holland's own "Can't we all just get along?" crowd.

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