25 Years Ago: Anniversary of John Taylor Gatto's NY speech

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Submitted by Rick Giles on Fri, 2015-01-30 19:42

My my count, it's 25 years since Gatto made his New York speech (31/1/1990) which led to the book 'Dumbing us Down'

Happily, and sadly, it's still a great book today. Some quotes,-

"Success in my practice involves a large component of automatic trust, categorical trust, not the kind
conditional on performance."

"Over the years of wrestling with the obstacles that stand between child and education I have come to
believe that government monopoly schools are structurally un-reformable. They cannot function if their
central myths are exposed and abandoned."

"In our secular society, school has become the replacement for church, and like church it requires that its teachings must be taken on faith."

"Belonging to many networks does not add up to having a community, not matter how many you belong to or how often your telephone rings."

"Lying for personal advantage is the operational standard in all large institutions"

"Official favor, grades, or other trinkets of subordination have no connection with education; they are the paraphernalia of servitude, not freedom."

"Monopoly schooling..certifies permanent experts who enjoy privileges of status unwarranted by the results they produce."

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