Bravo Bosch!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2015-05-05 10:32

Bosch Fawstin, who graced the pages of SOLO during the embryonic stages of his campaign against Islamogoblinism, was the winner of the Draw Mohammed Competition in Garland, Texas, organised by the beyond-courageous Pamela Geller, where ISIS scum tried to shoot attendees but got themselves shot instead. A most edifying outcome. Pamela and Bosch are now the object of death threats from the scum.


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Bosch is truly great. But he's still a partial Randroid. He deliberately defriended and blocked me on Facebook due to my criticisms of ARI. He did this despite knowing me for a really long time and saying many highly complimentary things to me.

Bosch's new book

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Incompetent Slimeball

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Scumbag cultist Schwartz is also a philosophic incompetent ( I don't have the time or interest to refute such an evil moron in detail, but here are the three biggest errors in his "draw Mohammad" blog post: (1) Calling the Muslims "Islamic totalitarians" heavily implies, as Bosch Fawstin notes, that Muslim non-totalitarians exist outside of a tiny, despised, impotent minority. (2) He condemns those who refuse "even to name the enemy and its ideology of Islamic totalitarianism," but that's precisely what he's guilty of. The enemy is Muslims and their ideology is Islam. (3) He notes "the jihadist-sanctioners are the enemy we need to stand up to," but that would be him. He praises "moderate" and "peaceful" Muslims when, other than a tiny, despised, impotent minority, no such Muslims exist. His approbation constitutes a moral sanction of Islam and the jihadis.


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Even if there are "moderate Muslims," the same (and their children) tend to become radicalized quickly.

Schwartz doesn't mention that. Why? I assume it's because he's a member of a group (the ARI) which has called for unlimited Islamic immigration into Europe and Israel.



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the only o'ist-celeb who would say anything kass about this incident is peikoff. and it seems like he has completely retired now. good for him - he knows the world is fucked, so he finally said "to hell with it!" - but he's done his bit, and deserves it. but it seems like he has fucking ptss now, because of the life he chose.


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Schwartz's use of the term "Jihadists" instead of "Muslims," and his claim that "moderate" Muslims can be our allies, are indicative of precisely the cowardice of which I've been accusing OrgOism. Schwartz even allows that "moderate" Muslims might "perhaps" be legitimately offended by the cartoon contest. This is Peter Schwartz speaking?! I now understand better why ARI's NZ lackeys have been so equivocal on the subject of Islamofilth. But I excuse them even less. Mindless lemmings.

I'm disappointed that Bosch would thank Schwartz for his craven contribution.

If the "moderate" Muslims whom Schwartz considers allies wish to earn that title, they must be vociferous, not silent, in the face of Islamotrocities. But they are silent. The reason they are silent is that they are secretly supportive; and when the tide turns more clearly in favour of Islam, they will be openly supportive—meaning, they are not remotely allies at all.

I say again: "The only good Muslim who takes it seriously is a dead one." I ask: who is with me on that? Answer: no one. Certainly no OrgOist.

Yes, the title should simply

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Yes, the title should simply be "Defying Islam".


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peter schwartz has written an article/blog post about this incident.

read it here -

Note the title - defying the "islamic totalitarians".

I quote:

"The so-called moderate Muslim—if that term is to have any real meaning—is someone who renounces force. He practices his religion but acknowledges everyone’s right to reject or ridicule it. Such a person is no threat to our freedom; he can, in fact, be an ally in this conflict."

Absolutely used to be a

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Absolutely used to be a Muslim. Muslim men, according to him, beat their women as a matter of course.

So far so good with this thread. I agree with every word.

One private security guy with a .45 semi-auto took out two would be murderous jerks with AK-47 assault rifles. Hurrah, hurrah! For human rights hurrah! Great shooting! What's the difference between killing a Vietnamese communist soldier and one of these jerks? You want to kill more of these jerks--and respect. I'd only regret running out of bullets and/or targets--assuming there were more targets, just not available to me. Send them all to their over-worked virgins in paradise.


Very good

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Very good! And, if I am correct, this guy used to be a muslim!

His followers hounded

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His followers hounded Facebook till they succumbed, I believe. Everyone who attended the competition is under a death threat, Linz. And yes... Bravo to Bosch!

He's back now

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Don't know what happened, but he's back.

Facebook an enemy of free speech

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I saw this morning that Bosch Fawstin has been booted from FB.


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Such awesome work!


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Bosch Fawstin's winning that "draw moe-ham-mud" contest is a pure victory for the Good Guys! Laughing out loud

Maggot Choudary

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As Linz described, this maggot 'slime says it's capital punishment, and you will know death for insulting the prophet, or any prophet, when (he confidently says) sharia law takes over America.

Pam vs Islamofilth on Hannity

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Everyone—make sure you see today's encounter on Hannity between the heroine Pam Geller and some piece of Muslim excrement from London. The latter was quite explicit that the fatwa out on Pam (and anyone who mocks his vile prophet) is justified. He called her a "whore" for whom the word "pig" was too good. He told Sean that once Sharia took over in America, he, Sean, would know all about it. Sean called him "evil and pathetic." At least, someone prepared to use the "E" word. Oh, and Megyn's opener and first interview today on free speech were superb.

Now ...

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... there's a fatwa out on Pamela and Bosch, and a solitary 22-year-old black boy, who has more courage and is more KASS than all the OrgOists in America combined, is holding aloft an American flag at the site of the Garland shooting.

I have repeatedly said Americans appeasers are about to get what they deserve, at the hands of the filth they appease. Watch.

O'Lielly is clearly trying to make sure he's not on the ISIS hit-list, and is prepared to attack Pam Geller in the process. Wotta low-liefe.

Great stuff Bosch!

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The cartoon is so brilliant in its clear simplicity.

I am so disgusted in those who condemn the contest for being provocative and merely a taunt. Christ! What the hell is beheading people, shooting innocents and burning men in cages??!

Confronting evil head on is the best possible reaction... and now there are two less jihadiis slithering around America.

Megyn had already told O'Lielly

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Megyn Kelly got it right the day before. Magnificently:

O'Lielly and Chump

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I just saw Bill O'Lielly's disgusting rant against the Mohammed cartoon contest. Just as disgustingly, Laura Ingraham came on and agreed with him. Essentially, their point was "why cause needless offence?" Donald Trump has accused Pamela Geller of "taunting" Islamofilth. Oh my, we can't have that! Presumably these craven cowards would say the same of the Danish cartoonists and Charlie Hebdo. And would have had the same problems with organisers of a Stalin Cartoon or Hitler cartoon contest. Who's worse—Islamofilth or the lily-livered milquetoasts who enable them?! Sheesh!!

Bosch was dead right to say to Greta, "We must confront evil head on."

Bosch on Fox

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