Je Suis un Islamophobe ... Proudly!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2015-06-09 03:34

Here are the latest doings of the savage superstitionists who rule Saudi Arabia. It is this variant of Islamofilth that we are allied with against another called ISIS. The hell with all of them. Leave them to behead, stone, incinerate or otherwise slaughter each other, as they are so ferally intent on doing. No human should be required to lay down his life for sub-humans.

You may have seen the face of Raif Badawi, a young Saudi man, or a short article about him, or impressive efforts by The Independent, to bring attention to the cruel punishments inflicted on him by a series of deeply illiberal Saudi courts: 1000 lashes -- "very harshly," the flogging order read -- to be administered 50 at time for 20 weeks, or five months.

Raif Badawi is a 31-year old author, blogger and social activist, who gently tried to introduce just the smallest traces of enlightened thinking to the government and the religious elite of Saudi Arabia from his home in Jeddah.

He did this mainly through a website and public forum entitled, "Free Saudi Liberals." An example of what he is now to be flogged to death for goes: "My commitment is... to reject any repression in the name of religion... a goal that we will reach in a peaceful and law-abiding way."


Hat-tip: Amy Brooke, who asks why New Zealand in particular is brown-nosing the filth for the sake of trade—


Fucking muslim maggots

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I advise a targeted big bomb. And stop showing them how to run their stolen oilfields. Drive them under, back to their dirt-worship faces-first. Whilst Obama's visiting.

Je suis aussi...

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une Islamophobe.

Any lover of civilisation has to be. Islam is the most disgusting "motherlode" of bad ideas (as Sam Harris would say).

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