The Real Chattanooga Shooter: Barack Hussein Obama

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2015-07-17 01:59

The Islamotrash responsible for shooting and killing four Marines during two attacks at gun-free military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, today, has been identified as Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

The Islamotrash-enabler responsible for the gunman is Barack Hussein Obama.

The last time there was a mass murder like this by Islamotrash—at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009—the Anti-American President insisted on calling it "an act of workplace violence." He refused to identify the perpetrator as Muslim.

This is the same Obamohammad who insists there's no War on Terror, merely an "Overseas Contingency Operation."

This is the same Obamohammad who just gave away the farm to Iran, the chief perpetrator of Islamoterrorism on earth. Under this craven Chamberlainesque capitulation, among other abominations: the path towards Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons is purportedly slowed, but actually cleared, with a risibly unenforceable inspections regime put in place; European Union countries are given the green light to help Iran improve its ability to refine uranium and plutonium; the ban on conventional arms sales to Iran is lifted; the sanctions which brought Iran to the negotiating table in the first place (and which Obamohammad opposed every step of the way) are removed; Iran will be showered with cash with which to continue its Islamoterrorism; no American hostages will be released; and Qassem Suleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, responsible for untold American and British deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, is removed from America's "most wanted" list. Small wonder Islamosavages were dancing in the streets of Tehran, celebrating their triumph and screaming "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" as is their wont.

This is the same Obamohammad who betrayed and nullified the hard-won liberation of Iraq by withdrawing American forces prematurely and totally, clearing the way for the takeover of much of the country by the ISIS caliphate, the likely inspiration behind today's shooting in Tennessee.

This is the same Obamohammad who dismissed the same ISIS as "the JV team" even as they vanquished cities and went on beheading and burning-alive sprees.

This is the same Obamohammad who drew a "red line" with the Syrian Islamo-despots proscribing the use of chemical weapons—and then allowed the despots to cross that line without consequence. Those despots are still in power.

This is the same Obamohammad who, brazenly lying, blamed the murder of the US ambassador in Benghazi on a YouTube video mocking Islam when he knew all along the murder was part of a premeditated terrorist attack by Islamotrash.

This is the same Obamohammad who exchanged five terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay for Bowe Bergdahl, a fellow-deserter, then held a ceremony in the Rose Garden to crow about the deal.

This is the same Obamohammad who refuses to implicate Islam in the atrocities committed by those he insists are mere "lone wolves," as he was again in an obscene rush to do today.

This is the same Obamohammad who steeped himself in the murderous America-hatred of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and solicited support from communist bomber/terrorist Bill Ayers for his 2008 campaign.

This is the same Obamohammad, aka Obamarx, who is reducing the size of the US army by 40,000 even as China and Russia run amok, emboldened by Obamarx's treacherous appeasement.

This is the same Obamohammad, aka Obamelchapo, who issues illegal executive orders in order to flood his country with foreign gangsters who will commit rape and murder in the "sanctuary cities" he embraces. He is the anti-Second Amendment president who wants to disarm the innocent, as today's victims had to be unarmed, in order that the guilty may rampage with impunity.

Sean Hannity complained to Mike Huckabee that the president "seems incapable of recognising evil." That's too charitable. The president recognises evil—and enables, endorses and enacts it. He is evil. He is a grotesque hybrid of Louis Farrakhan, Benedict Arnold and Al Capone—by conscious design. He is a totalitarian, a traitor and a thug. He is the real Chattanooga shooter. He is The Anti-American President.

May Americans treat him accordingly.


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There is a fast forward feature. Just move the cursor to the time period you want to listen to and press click.

Brook says that "today" he would restrict immigration of Muslims, but once we have the proper foreign policy "easily eliminate the foreign policy problem that Muslims pose and return to open immigration."

Note: no restriction on the numbers of Muslims.

And why would a "proper foreign policy" eliminate the threat posed by Muslim immigrants. Does Yaron think they are to stupid to shoot up an army recruiting station or make a pressure cooker bomb without some Mullah telling them how to do so?



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Nephew Vardo, if there are Muslim ladies who have been the object of your decadent attention, that's *twice* the reason to deport them in the interests of public health and a sense of the fitness of things! Smiling

Furthermore, if by "western music" you mean headbanging filth, that's just another form of terrorism, and Muslims will not become civilised under its influence.

I make a simple point in all seriousness—this is war, waged by them, openly, so let's ban them from entry. What's so hard or scary or wrong or unlibertarian about that?!

Related, if Yaron truly said what Neil (an unreliable reporter) says, ARI are more corrupted by rationalism than I realised. I couldn't put up with Yaron's painful presentation for 49 minutes to find out, and there didn't appear to be a way to fast-forward the thing.

The "Muslim Renaissance"

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I've heard for many years now, even out of my own mouth (and keyboard) that Islam needs a "renaissance" like Christianity and to a lesser extend, Judaism, in order to "evolve" the religion out of the dark ages the way the other "ethical monotheistic" religions evolved out of the dark ages. I heard a scholar on this subject recently who addressed this statement with some brutal history I had only brushed over: "the reformation of Christianity which led to the pleasantry of the renaissance was first forged in bloodshed to the tune of wiping out half the population of Germany in the ensuing pursuit of greater enlightenment; this is what is happening in and around Islam now." This lends credence to the idea of deportation or at least containment of ALL followers of Islam; let the bloodshed be theirs and theirs alone while they sort their renaissance out (if, in fact, that is what is happening, which I am not yet certain of).

I am only concerned about heavy-handed tactics like deportation and barring all immigration for two reasons: 1. strictly strategically speaking, exposure to "western decadance" particularly western music and culture, could do much to utterly secularize emigrated muslims (I know a few ladies personally who fit this bill rather well) and 2. as always, the opportunism of government overreach as the intended targets for government heavy handedness tend to end up NOT being the ones government use their heavy handed policies against. I see the potential for ANY government-defined "extremists" to be lumped together with those rightfully deserving of heavy handedness (Muslims). To avoid government overreach (which has already occurred to the extreme), yet still bolster up the bulwarks of western society against Muslim bloodletting, it would take eternal vigilance and heavy civilian oversight.

Yaron Brook

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. . . thinks it is wrong for the US to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

Israel has built a wall to keep out immigrants. I assume Yaron wants Israel to tear down its wall and allow unlimited Islamic immigration.

Yaron Brook Supports Unlimited Islamic Immigration

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I am not making this up. At 49 minutes Yaron says that in an ideal world the US, Europe and Israel would allow open immigration of Muslims even if it results in Western Civilization becoming Islamic.


Harry Binswanger on Immigration

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Harry has somewhat modulated his views. He now thinks that experience might have something to teach us about what an appropriate immigration policy might be.

But note that he believes that once Iran is dealt with and there is laissez faire, Israel and the West should allow unlimited Islamic immigration.



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To clarify, Brook says in a free (non-mixed) economy there should be open immigration.

My opinion as to maggots (fervent muslims)

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It is an irrational contradiction to believe in the right to one’s life - and therefore the right to one’s self-defence – and at the same time to countenance Muslim immigration.

Their aims are a direct assault on every individual’s freedoms.

It is infinitely preferable to let the Muslims continue their squalid existence in their own territories, and by doing so, observe the triumph of reason versus primitivism.

It is altruism to allow them the benefits of civilization, that same civilization they wish destroyed.

To allow immigration to this particular political force is cultural relativism. It ought not be confused with religious freedom or tolerance. It is not rational, it is the sanction of the victim, to proceed otherwise.

Yes there probably are great individuals among the Islamists but they are too afraid to admit it. When they do perhaps they’ll qualify. The question is how best to extricate them.

“.. the men of reason, who act as their own destroyers, who transfuse to evil the blood of their virtue and let evil transmit to them the poison of destruction, thus gaining for evil the power of survival, and for their own values—the impotence of death.”

2011-08-15 12:58,, Oslo Today, London Tomorrow

[The above is what should occur in the context of the mixed economy. The mixed economy exhibits little progression towards a free economy, as Harry and Yaron know.. and that is whereby (in particular) Harry's rationalism (exacerbated by the fact that his friend Klaus could never gain US entry) clouds his opinions on the subject].


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Yaron Brook doesn't say what you say he says.

Yaron Brook Supports Unlimited Islamic Immigration

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Here is a March 2, 2015 response by Brook. He says that "all Objectivists" believe in open immigration. NOWHERE does he say it is legitimate for an Objectivist to oppose Islamic immigration into Europe, the USA, or Israel.


Yaron Brook, - Unlimited Islamic Immigration is Great

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A year or so ago I watched a video of Yaron Brook talk about immigration. Like Harry, he supported almost unlimited immigration and nowhere did he exempt Israel (as the receiving country) or Muslims (as the immigrants).

If Yaron Brook doesn't believe that Israel should open its borders to unlimited MENA Islamic immigration, then let him come here and say so.

Harry Binswanger - Unlimited Islamic Immigration is Great

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Harry Binswanger thinks that unlimited Islamic immigration would be a boon for America. I mean if 4 million are great, why not 40 million?


Immigrants are the kind of people who refresh the American spirit. They are ambitious, courageous, and value freedom. They come here, often with no money and not even speaking the language, to seek a better life for themselves and their children.

The vision of American freedom, with its opportunity to prosper by hard work, serves as a magnet drawing the best of the world’s people. Immigrants are self-selected for their virtues: their ambitiousness, daring, independence, and pride.


Nowhere does Harry say there should be any limits to the number of Islamic immigrants allowed into Europe, Israel or the US.

Now we hear ...

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... 100,000 Muslims are still being allowed to go to America each year to settle, legally. Americans, you are sooooooooooooooooooooooo stoopid. As for OrgOism ... shudder!

Slogans for a rational immigration policy while Muslims wage Jihad:

Not one more Muslim!

The only allowable Muslim migration is outward!

Death to Islam!

Secret Service

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Why does the Secret Service need these anyway?

Surely the US government should take away those too.

Maybe then they could give a few to the Marines.



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is trying to transform this nation through massive immigration, including Muslim immigration. And in addition to transforming the country, it will ensure permanent Democratic rule.

Gun-free White House?

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That military office was designated a "gun-free" zone, an advertisement that Islamist thugs could kill at will because the heroes who defend us from such thugs had been disarmed by their own morally degenerate thug-loving politicians. So Obama, if you don't like guns, how about making the White House a gun-free zone, and taking down the White House fence while you're at it?

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