Why Can't OrgOists and Republican Candidates Say These Things?

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2015-07-21 11:09

Here's a member of Generation Airhead saying non-airhead things—albeit, tragically, with a typical airhead's quack. This video has gone viral—another sign (as is Trump) that there's a thirst "out there" for words that are true and fearless: words that reflect a functioning moral compass, unfiltered by weasel-worded PC marketers, uncorrupted by the pathological consciencelessness of the dribbling, defecating monsters of the Occupy movement. In the asylum that is Airhead America, where a candidate has just apologised for saying "all lives matter" (vs "black lives matter," which he had in fact also said); where instead of arming marines post-Chattanooga the Defense Dept is telling them not to wear their uniforms; where Obamohammad won't lower flags in honour of the Chattanooga fallen; in that asylum, this 22-year-old TV anchor's words put older adults who should know better, especially OrgOists and Republicans, and of course virtually all her hideous fellow-"millennials," to shame:


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West is magnificent. A KASS orator in the best tradition of the art. OrgOism needs Allen Wests!

On O'Reilly today someone said the Republican candidates, Trump excluded, reminded him of dating a nun. Cruz was on Kelly, and was terrible.

Oh my!

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Wish Allen West was running for Prez. I certainly hope he becomes Secretary of Defense should the Reps win.

I'm loving ...

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... how Trump's immigration plan has sent the Establishment into demented chook mode. Deport people who are there illegally?! Oh my, we can't have that. With any luck he'll turn his attention to mosques, but I suppose after the Pam Geller incident there's not much chance of that. Pity. Trump seems the only one with fire in his belly.

Trump is no liberty lover.

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Trump is no liberty lover. Ever since I learned that he tried to get the government to kick an 80 year old woman out of the home she loved, because he wanted her property, I haven't been able to stand the man. And more recently, he stood for the Jihadists over Pamela Geller and Bosch Fawstin.

I just switched my vote ...

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... to Cruz. I just now saw Trump on Hannity capitulating to Planned Parenthood, on the grounds that the "good parts" of what they do deserve taxpayer support (contrary to his statement pre-debate that he'd shut down the govt if that's what it took to de-fund them). Obviously advisers and consultants, of whom he said he takes no notice, have got to him after the spat with Megyn about her period, that he has to redeem himself with women. Problem is, the creatures at Planned Parenthood are neither men nor women, they are monsters—and even if they weren't, what part of "conservatism" or libertarianism says they should get taxpayer money? And how exactly is he going to block Japanese- and Mexican-made cars? For all his bluster, alas, it's clear that Trump is no more principled than the rest of 'em. He's done a great service in lighting a fire under the Establishment, but his *anti*-Establishment credentials just evaporated. Cruz/Carly!! Or Cruz/Carson!! Or Carson/Carly!! Or any configuration of the above!!

I don't doubt ...

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... that Fox are in the tank with the Republican Establishment to take Trump down. Frank Luntz was masturbating over his half-wit focus group's tut-tutting about Trump's refusal to pledge loyalty to the ultimate candidate (good for him!!), not to mention the Rosie O'Donnell sequence. Krauthammer too was trumpeting "Trump's collapse." Seems not to have learned from having been so wrong up till now.

I liked 'em all except Jeb the Wuss. The Christie/Paul spat alone was worth the price of admission. Carson's wrap-up was price*less*.

Nothing too surprising....

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but excellent debate!

Carly Fiorina is formidable and focused. I'm so impressed and hope to see her on the mainstage.

Cruz was great - and such an illustrative lesson in what an asset good oratory is. I wish he wasn't such a bloody brown boots Baptist (as my grandmother would say)!

I think that was hard for Trump but he held his own. Megyn Kelly's "women" question was insipid in its political correctness, he was right to dismiss it with humour and take a swipe at her. Stuff that American women may be offended! They should get over themselves. Trump's authenticity about pledging support to whomever wins the ticket was admirable, but I can see the GOP are going to make mince-meat of him over that one, but he'll survive.

Ben Carson was good - he certainly stood out as a funny, warm, intelligent man - he has just got to be the most interesting man on that stage.

I thought Rubio was focused, eloquent and sharp too. Quite manly, but I cannot see him going all the way this time.

These debates certainly highlight the import and need for robust oratory as an art form that politics ought to demand.

Great to see ...

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... Carly run away with the warm-up act. If Trump shows himself to be a mere chameleon in the main event in a few minutes, I might be opting for Cruz/Fiorina. Not necessarily in that order!

Wild horses ...

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... won't drag me from the TV when the Rep debates are on. I didn't think America itself would make it to 2016, let alone sport some promising Republican candidates. I love Cruz's ongoing trashing of the "Washington cartel." Still enjoying Donald's consultant-free zone—hope he stays in it for the debate and puts more rockets under the flabby asses of most of the others. Rand Paul has been a disappointment—has sounded scripted (he capitulated to consultants, in other words). I've enjoyed Carly Fiorina—hope she gets into the top tier for the next one.

What one of them needs to say is that the current thing in the White House is not merely mistaken or misguided while well-meaning, but EVIL, through and through, and that his behaviour has been treasonous and eminently impeachable. No one will say that, of course, notwithstanding abundant and incontrovertible evidence. When Romney, last time, proclaimed Obamarx's record "disappointing," my heart sank, and I knew he was a wimpish abomination. "Disappointing"??!! How about "beyond contemptible!"?!

Someone ought to write a book tracing when it became "cool" to speak in weasel-words, when mealy-mouthedness became the fashion. And prescribing an antidote to this poison, like The Total Passion for the Total Height. I loved hearing Cruz yesterday invoke Reagan's "bold colours, not pale pastels" dictum. Let's hope that will be the way of it, that KASS will rule!


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has made them all man up for a change.

I'm finding the media coverage absolutely delightful for the straight talk which is now becoming common, and about time too.

Trump's response the other day to Frank Luntz about never asking for God's forgiveness was so priceless I laughed out loud. Just great to see the christian Republicans up in arms about that one! He's worth his weight in gold. It's also so great to see a candidate as powerful as Trump go on the offensive with such ease and so unapologetically. Big balls are back in town.


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Given Huckabee's apposite comments about the Iran deal leading Jews back to the ovens, and Cruz's delightful attack on the ghastly Mitch McConnell, it would seem there's a rush to out-Trump Trump. Perhaps indeed "the era of weasel-worded mealy-mouthery is coming to an end." Among some Republican candidates, at least. Now, about OrgOists ...

Three factors

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We would hope for three factors in our political candidates:

First, candidates should have principles and foundational values that guide their proposed public policies. Very few have them and some have the wrong ones; see my discussion of Bernie Sanders on another thread.

Second, candidates should understand audiences, the values, priorities, assumptions, expectations, and even misconceptions that audiences hold and through which they filter a candidate's words and messages. Candidates who don't start from such an understanding might as well talk to a brick wall.

Third, candidates should be skilled in rhetoric, in bringing audiences around to their way of thinking at least enough so the audiences will vote for the candidate. (The candidate is trying to get elected, not conduct a philosophy seminar.) This does not mean lying or flip-flopping; indeed, integrity (authenticity!) is one of the factors voters seem to value but see too rarely. It does mean appealing both to reason and to the emotions and moral sense of the audience. Both! And it means focusing on essentials and picking ones battles.

We see a Reagan or Churchill once in a lifetime, but we would hope candidates would look to these giants for lessons and inspiration.

Allen West ...

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... is not an OrgOist or a Republican candidate for the presidency, more's the pity. But given the way Trump has put a fire under the flaccid asses of the other candidates, dare we hope that the era of weasel-worded mealy-mouthery is coming to an end? Or will it remain the #1 sin, in public and in private, to say what you mean and mean what you say?

Allen West on Atlas Shrugged

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Allen West doesn't mince his words..

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