Drinking Drivel

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Submitted by PhilipD on Fri, 2015-08-14 02:24

So, David Seymour’s bill allowing bars to stay open between 4am and 8am for Rugby World Cup matches without the need for a ‘Special Event' licence looks like it will pass.

Doff your hat, lick their boots and kiss their backsides, New Zealand’s politicians, in a rare show of solidarity, have, we are told, put aside their differences and worked together for ‘the common good’ to ensure New Zealanders can watch World Cup games in a bar.

For this, it appears, most Kiwis are grateful. Yep, grateful that their political masters have deigned to let them have an early-morning drink while watching a game of rugby down at the bloody pub!

Pathetic! Where is the outrage that any privately-owned business cannot open it doors at any time it damn well pleases without having to make an application to government? Where is the outrage that a bunch of Beehive jackasses, small-minded bureaucrats and jack-booted policemen can tell you when you can and cannot have a drink in a bar?

Silly me, of course New Zealanders don’t do outrage or even much in the way of gentle discussion on matters of freedom. No, not only do they lay down and receive a good old whipping at the hands of their lawmakers, they actually seem to enjoy their flailing and having someone control every corner of their lives.

New Zealand Liquor Laws? What a load of freedom-robbing nonsense. A bar or pub should be able to open at anytime it likes, promote itself in anyway it wishes and sell alcohol to its patrons in any quantity it chooses.

And if that means multiple $1 vodka shots sold at 6.40am on a Tuesday morning by a topless barmaid in a nurse’s uniform to patrons watching slow-motion footage of the shooting of Cecil the Lion, then so be it. What the hell does it have to do with you?

Loved this, Philip

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Shared it with a Libertarian friend in England who loved it as well. Great work!

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