Operatunity's 'The Great Mario Lanza' Tour, Oct/Nov 2016

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2015-08-29 05:36

"We celebrate the life and artistry of the colourful, charismatic Mario Lanza whose portrayal of the Great Caruso inspired the Three Tenors and untold others to pursue singing careers. We are delighted to welcome the broadcaster Lindsay Perigo, a world-renowned authority on Mario Lanza. As we sing his greatest songs, Lindsay will share with us anecdotes and insights into this great artist."


The two women...

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whom I brought with me absolutely loved the show too - one of them was so inspired that she has now become an Operatunity member (or whatever their equivalent is).

While I was there, I bumped into others whom I knew, who said it was the best Operatunity show they had ever been to. The sheer quality had them in raptures - and one lady is a die hard, true blue Junior Whopper Flopper fan - singing the praises of the talented Perigo clan! Smiling (She thinks he has great taste in shoes too.)

This was actually a spiritual experience, free from two-bit mysticism, with Lanza’s voice of God inspiring the audience. Who needs church?

So well put!! Talent, passion, sentimentality and beauty... these are the things which make art great. Very much in play with the culture of Mario himself and I found it just so lovely to be around people who respect and value this. The best of the Baby Boomers!

Thank you, Greg and Olivia!

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We, the cast, are enjoying Labour Weekend off after the rigours of touring, before resuming in Rotorua on Tuesday. Our audiences have been large and rapt. They have enjoyed the "spiritual experience" of which Greg speaks, and succumbed often to the tears of joy, laughter and grief of which Olivia speaks. The contrast between the culture of Mario's time and ours could not be more stark, without a word to that effect being spoken.

Very well done!

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I was pleased to see two friends, by chance, had come to see Lindsay's Mario Lanza tribute. Though on time we were among the last to get upstairs into the venue. It was full, a sea of grey, just a few seats at the far side, less of a distance for the walking folk. I was looking forward to this because from the set list there were many I really like.

Bonaventure, Susan, Karl and Lindsay presented an excellent show. Penny Dodd excelled on the keyboard especially with the delicate Lamento di Federico. The show is a warmly pieced together professional performance. Perhaps so as to not yield any casualties, around dramatic sequences was strategic light-hearted banter allowing a costume change or two. Every number was a hit.

I heard from a staffer “Many would give standing ovations, if they could.” This was a time capsule glimpse of a more innocent era when the culture wasn’t in such blatant decline. This was actually a spiritual experience, free from two-bit mysticism, with Lanza’s voice of God inspiring the audience. Who needs church?

I highly recommend this event; for the music, the singing, the hero worship. We wanted to take Lindsay along to the Irish bar but his after-show book-signing precluded it.

Beautiful, funny & touching...

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from A to Z!

I went to the show today - what a treat it was!
Lindsay didn't tell me much about the format or how proceedings would go because he didn't want to spoil the effect or element of surprise- and I'm very glad he didn't. I absolutely loved the whole show. Typically, I came undone quite near the beginning - as soon as I heard the wonderful young tenor Bonni sing 'Vesti la Giubba' I found it hard to recover emotionally from the sheer emotion he put in - very much as Mario did whenever he sang it. Fortunately the show offers much levity in the form of all the artists' antics, including Linz, so I couldn't stay totally undone for the whole show. Smiling

But Gaw blimme! Barely a dry eye in the house at the end - as there shouldn't be considering the utter miracle that Lanza was, and his tragic, early death. To be with a whole bunch of people who actually felt those feelings along with me today was a wonderful, life-affirming experience. Thanks Linz! You, Karl, Bonni, Sue and Penny were a fine tribute and memorable salute to Mario, The One Tenor.

The tour continues all next week around the North Island - if it comes to a town near you, for goodness' sake go see it. Smiling


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See you in my neck of the woods tomorrow.

Can't wait to see this show...

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I'm going next week. So glad to hear that the show is such a hit! Smiling

Faecesbook comments

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Wotta way to spend Easter!

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On tour!

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My nephew's update on Faecesbook:


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