Reality Trumps Trump

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2015-09-24 07:08

There are two types of people in this world: TDTWs and anti-TDTWs.

TDTW stands for: [Mr. Gorbachev] Tear Down This Wall. The two types are: 1) those who would have urged President Reagan to go ahead and deliver that line in his 1987 speech in Berlin; and, 2) the milksops who would have been horrified by it and pleaded with him to delete it (they were myriad at the time, but fortunately did not prevail. Hard to imagine these days).

I was one of those entranced by Donald Trump when he entered the US Presidential race. Here at last seemed an exception to the sickening mealy-mouthed weasel-wording that is the curse of public discourse, nowhere more than among would-be Republican nominees. No teleprompter, no con-artist consultants, no public relations reptilians, no spin-slime, no marketing maggots ... "tell it like it is" was here again after a long, excruciating absence. Murdering, raping, looting illegal aliens were called just that, and a clarion call went trumpeting forth for their irrevocable deportation. Enemies of freedom—the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians—all would be given short shrift. No prisoners, no apologies. Trump's daughter kicked his campaign off by proudly proclaiming his Political Incorrectness. This was not a mere breath of fresh air; this was Typhoon Trump, promising to lay waste to the pussy-footed, the weak-kneed, the limp-penised, the lily-livered, the gutless, the spineless. Who with a beating heart could not be entranced? TDTW was back!

Trump's rivals were forced to depart from their insipid, robotic Romneyesque talking points, to sound at least semi-human with at least intimations of courage and things at least resembling convictions to have the courage of. The Fox and CNN debates became irresistible theatre as candidates who otherwise would have spent hours trying to say nothing did their damnedest to say everything, and to say it memorably. Establishment darling Jeb Bush, taunted by Trump as "low-energy," showed flickers of animation and even mustered up the wit to tout "Eveready" as his likely Secret Service moniker.

Alas, lighting a fire under the rectums of his opponents may prove to be Trump's one enduring contribution to the 2016 campaign. Watching the Establishment's panic has been priceless, but on things that matter, Trump has had little to offer—and what he has said has often been "terrible" (to use a word he chronically over-uses in his chasmic distance from the English language). End the crony-capitalist games he brags about having played so well? There's been no sign he won't revel in them still, only from the favour-dispensing side this time. Deport the illegals, all eleven million of them? How exactly? Blank-out. And then bring most of them back in again, expeditiously? Why exactly? Blank-out. Obama's Munich, the Iran deal? A "disaster"—but Trump wouldn't tear it up, he'd "make it better." How? Blank-out. Why negotiate at all with filth? Blank-out. Syria? Where's that? Islam? "I love the Muslims!" (This, remember, from the guy who faulted Pamela Geller for holding a Mohammed cartoon competition, but not the filth who tried to kill her and other participants). Putin? "I think I'd get on well with him." Why would anyone want to get on well with a Stalinist tyrant? Blank-out. Taxes? Billionaires can afford to pay a higher rate, so they should. Bring manufacturing back to America from China, Japan and Mexico? How exactly? Tariffs and quotas? Blank-out. De-fund infanticide? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Partly. Maybe.

So much for short shrift to all the world's bad guys!

What has become depressingly clear as the campaign has progressed is that Trump has no moral or philosophical compass. He seems to be exactly what Governor Bobby Jindal called him: a shallow Narcissist. He is like some caricature from some "reality" show (maybe one of his own, but I've never seen one to know for sure). Contrary to his original proud and inspiring assurance that he wasn't driven by polls, it is clear that he is transfixed by them, and will disintegrate when they start to go badly for him. He is an older version of a "millennial," fixated on what other people think of him. His opinion of others is dictated by theirs of him. If someone disparages him, that person is "terrible"; if someone praises him, that person is a "great guy"—were Adolf Hitler around saying nice things about Donald, he'd be a "great guy." (If you doubt any of this, dear reader, just visit Trump's Twitter page!) When Trump attacks RINOs like Karl Rove he is right, but by accident—he attacks them only because they've criticised him, not because they are contemptible, bloated shills for an Establishment that is unprincipled on principle.

It has been left to Ben Carson to take on the Muslims, and Fiorina and Rubio to spell out a strategy against the Russians and Chinese. Rubio especially has started to shine, resolutely refusing to talk trivia and being about the only candidate to condemn Obama's and the Pope's snuggling up to Castro (where Reagan and John Paul II collaborated to defeat communism, Obama and Francis are collaborating to resurrect it!). Cruz's lines have been good, but he must do what Trump has forced the others to attempt: let it come from the heart, not off an over-rehearsed script. Jindal I'd vote for in a heartbeat, but evidently I'd be the only one. (Rand Paul has been dismal, failing utterly to articulate the libertarian alternative on issues where the conservatives betray freedom—e.g. drugs.)

Typhoon Trump has turned out to be a hot-air balloon, easily punctured. Contrary to my initial euphoria, he is an anti-TDTW. This, to invoke his idiom again, is "huuuuuuuuge." Why? Because on the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders is a third type I forgot to mention: an RTW (Mr. Gorbachev, Rebuild This Wall!). Bernie is overtaking Hillary because Hillary is being shown up as the despicable liar, steeped in treachery, that she is (Benghazigate, the e-mails, the server, etc., etc.). Now, even if Bernie doesn't beat Hillary, some other RTW will. "Millennials," in their capacity as dumbed-down socialists-by-default, adore RTWs, and will vote for an RTW Democrat nominee in hordes (like, OMG, they so totally, like, will). The Republicans are going to have to come up with a truly Reaganesque TDTW to stave him/her off. Two terms of Obamarx have arguably destroyed America; a third term will place the matter beyond argument.

Trump, the crony capitalist, is not the one. He's an IBAW (I'll Build Any Wall)—FTBS (For The Biggest Subsidy). Oh, and FTLA (For The Loudest Applause).


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Looking at what you write, I am in agreement.

Trump is not bad

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Trump is anti-GOP. He represents a threat to mainstream Republicans and their orthodoxy. I know Randians are looking for John Galt, but any hit to the GOP would be good. It would widen the Overton Window and allow for non-mainstream ideas to influence the Right. I don't get how O'ists think Trump is some evil monster. That's insane to me. He could pave the way for the removal of the mainstream Republican political machine; arguably a bigger threat to American freedom than the Left.

He's pro-gun at a time when the Left will use every mass shooting to push for gun control (and there will be more mass shootings in our current PomoWanker "Generation Airhead" culture). He's opposed to the stupid foreign policy that has been in place. The f**king Republicans want to start WW3 by going to war with Russia. Whereas Trump understands that Putin is right and that the Middle East needs strong men to stabilize Muslim nations that will always be corrupt and despotic (especially Arab nations - average IQ of 84 AND Islam lol). Trump also seems sane on Israel and doesn't have this Israel worship that Conservatives (and O'ists) have. You should read why Evangelicals love Israel so much. It has to do with Revelations. Do you want to keep American foreign policy forever beholden to Revelations? Israel has nuclear warheads. They can take care of themselves. Plus, Trump will ship the Syrians back when ObaZero starts importing them. I doubt any other Republican would do that. Trump won't be perfect but he won't be a suicidally stupid Republican (President Bush, John McCain, etc) or a treacherous Democrat. Trump's tax plan while far from perfect has significant cuts in key places and it is less onerous than core Conservatives would like. Sadly, core Conservatives poll high on tax hikes for the rich. I hate that but it is what it is.

But most importantly, Trump is significantly outside the typical altruism mentality that pretty much all mainstream politicians are affected by. He has a much better psychology than all of them (he has been hugely successful in business despite the eminent domain stuff which is sadly part of the cultural terrain). And if he fulfills his promise, he will close the border. To me that is NUMBER ONE. America needs to stop non-Euro immigration or it will become Brazil. If whites become a minority, forget about pro-liberty politics or small government. O'ists never understand this. Even Yaron Brook himself doesn't care despite the fact that he knows non-whites heavily vote Left. That's allegiance to ideology over facts. Suicide.

I think O'ists are terrible in their analysis of politics. I mean look at their track record. Vote DemScum across the board anyone? lol


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Didn't know much about Trump before. Now I know that he's a complete crony.


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He is everything you point out, and WORSE. I question everything about the man. He is the private sector equivalent of his public sector opponents: a consummate career opportunist. Much more Toohey than Reardon. Never fell for him.

Who knows?

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We might take it around the world after that. Some of Operatunity's shows *do* go around the world.


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Is this in October next year only?

You're already on notice! :-)

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Will you be coming over for all 24 shows Hilton? Smiling

You're just a hopeless romantic Linz

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Please put me on notice when you do that show, and break a leg with that.

Snapshots, good and bad

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I flew to Auckland Sunday afternoon for a preliminary meeting Monday re the Mario show I'll be part of next October. The flight attendant (female) on the trip up was a classic quacker. Quack, quack, quack, quack. Unfit to live. Air New Zealand made a deliberate decision some years ago to employ quackers in what had hitherto been regarded as a glamour job. No glamour about the quack! When one hears that noise, it's impossible to be optimistic about the future.

On the return flight yesterday, by contrast, the attendant was a well-spoken, beautifully groomed young man named Johannes. (!) He was such a professional I even took the trouble just now to fill out one of Air New Zealand's tedious online forms to show this passenger's appreciation of his good clear speech and classy deportment. Such a contrast with the sullen slag from the day before. Johannes, whom I gleaned was from Cyprus, made me feel a tad optimistic, especially at the end of a day where the Mario meeting had gone splendidly. We'll do my hero proud. Smiling


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Having to make peace with the fact that all the stock seed required for the establishment of a society based on Objectivist ethics now being mould-infected (Comprachico'd) depresses me.

I keep thinking that there should be enough potential for raising another 100000 of your ilk during the next 10 years if it's done right.

Yaron Brook seems to be making the kind of encouraging gains we need, but am I delusional to sometimes imagine it's possible to swing this thing around?

It's like we either have to pay the price to make our world, or keep paying the price for not doing it.

Even 1000 more O'ist crusaders will make a major difference to the culture

You see, there I go again.


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Just think—those creatures have the vote!

Why was the Cold War called that? Because Russia is cold. Oh dear. Yes, very reachable. Smiling

Did you ever see this one?:


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Been meaning to buy the two other Lanza CDs that McGovern oversaw. But I just moved, to Bergen, the hometown of Edward Grieg, who made beautiful music back in the day. Will buy when next paycheck arrive.


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I do love your avatar. Makes my day to behold it.

I'm keen on Trump again after he said he'll send the "refugees" (make that—ISIS) back. The only one with the guts to say it.


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I shed no tears when cretins die, and in major cases like Nathaniel Branden and Bin Laden, I celebrate. I bake cookies! As one ought to...


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It's true that the airhead masses can't be reached; they are Ayn Rand's "drooling beast," than whom only weasel-worders who want to "reach out" to them with "marketing" (anti-TDTWs) are worse. It's also true that we happy few who are human should have a good time while we wait for death. But we are morally entitled to postpone death as long as possible. We should encourage the airhead masses to commit suicide—or murder each other—which they glorify in their anti-music, and celebrate their suicides/mutual murders when they commit them. See my essay on the two Lanzas, Adam and Mario. Life is the prerogative of those who love it.

An anti-life "millennial" (ugh!) once asked me why I didn't commit suicide, given the prevalence of anti-life pomowankery which I loathe beyond my capacity to express. I replied that suicide is what the pomowankers should commit, in line with their premise—the onus is not on me to top myself, but them to top themselves. Similarly, we should celebrate the demise of pomowankers and their virulent appeasers, just as Christopher Hitchens celebrated the demise of the disgusting Jerry Falwell. The only sad thing about Muslim suicide bombers is that they kill others in their otherwise-admirable self-extinction. It's good that the Brandens no longer pollute this world. Every rapper who ends his own life does the world a service. The best thing about Hitler was his suicide. The only good Muslim who takes it seriously is a dead one. Etc., etc.


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The airhead masses cannot be reached. They do not think like you and me; they're entirelly different beasts altogheter. I'm with Nietzsche on his views of the "sheep". Kudos to him for seeing this as early as he did (maybe a "hail" to Nietzsche would be more appropriate).

I have found that the only thing that one can do, is find out what one likes for himself, do those things, and have a good time while we wait for death. That simple. It's an axiom for me.


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Linz, I know you hate the airheads unspeakably, but their prevalence merely shows what a huge job we have.

Most of them are innocent airheads, having had nothing but airheadery fed them since birth.

I too would probably have been an airhead had I not discovered Rand (some even think I still am one Smiling)

The challenge is to reach those airheads, despite the mushy vacuum surrounding it.

What other option do we have ?


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Reynoldus Magnus had to pander to the sacrificial-ism of the "compassionate conservative" culture as much as anyone in order to win office.

The relatively high level of support enjoyed by the "Pauls" does show that the culture is changing, albeit like treacle.

Even the surge of Trump is proof positive that the electorate is evolving

Further to that, you have Atheism or Agnosticism growing faster than any other segment, and then you have the relentless progress being forced into the global cultural awareness by means of massive exposure to hundreds of thousands of hours of knowledge and alternative ideas consumed every week via youtube and social media, etc.

I know it is intolerably slow, but it is changing day and night, and I think we will win eventually.

I for one am chipping away at the brainwashing out there everyday, even if its on as facile a medium as faecesbook.

I occasionally even delude myself in imagining that I'm making a difference Smiling

Trump is buying us time, and if we can have ten of the likes of him lined up to run that joint in succession, we may just have enough time to start a critical mass of brushfires out there.

Well Hilton

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I appreciate from your previous post that you simply love "crack ho"s, so now get that you like Trump. Smiling So do I. But why do we have to go through all this, time after time? Wouldn't it be nice to see a Carson or Cruz just take them all out in one fell swoop? After Reagan, I thought we could could all breathe easy. No greater testament exists to Rand's perspicacity than *that* delusion on my part!

And we *cannot* win the "culture war" when our own people are touting tattooed airheads and their anti-music!!

I am thinking of becoming a Catholic. It's becoming obvious to me that there is an active agent of evil in the world, independent of human beings. His primary playground right now is music.


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"I" think he is unwittingly buying us some time to hopefully influence the culture war.

I may just be optimistic again, but it appears that the current crop of freedom loving intellectuals are systematically spawning a large enough "broadly Libertarian" electorate to bring pollies the likes of Rand Paul out of the woodwork.

Trump seems to be the first catalyst responsible for turfing out the establishment RINOS and CINOS.

If we can have an electorate demanding the next round of candidates more closely advocating the "individual rights" messages of Rand Paul and the like , it would be a great start, and it may indicate that we have a real chance of turning the tide in the next couple of decades.

Obviously Trump is as pragmatic as a "crack ho", and rather than attacking any leftist or conservative "values", he seems to be counting on bringing about a much needed boost in economic performance by means of his tax breaks, and by forcing the playing field level for the US with hard-line retaliatory mercantilist "negotiations", and then...given the rotten state of the playing field he is in, one would almost have to concede that where ignorance is bliss it may be folly to be wise...until the rapid slide to the abyss has been shored up a tad.

In an unprincipled world, he perhaps is the best man for the job of getting the keel slightly level again.

I appreciate the fact that he understands the importance of "positioning" in any negotiation, and appears to be willing to bolster the perception with military might...something that may be crucial in the current power-vacuum sponsored by Obeyme and his penis-plaiting cronies.


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You're letting your gonads cloud your judgement. Vocally she's little removed from the ordinary. It's the legs that are causing you to ejaculate. The music is utterly prosaic, and the tattooed airheads jerking along don't help her cause one little bit, as far as I'm concerned. Ayn Rand's socket-less ones.

As for "flouncers," I'm not aware of any in the last couple of years. I didn't think there was anyone left to flounce. There must have been people I failed to offend, and for that, to them, I apologise.

But I'd hope, seriously, you realised, Hilton, I was never in this for popularity. As you say, the best content is here, and my own work is as good as ever. I'll settle for that.

So what do *you* think of Trump's tax plan?!


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I have been listening to Mario Linz, but some of my attentions have temporarily been diverted by a blues singer from Oz.

Dont know how she'll measure up for you, but to me she's uuunbloodybelievable

Here she is 3 yrs ago when she was discovered

PS! I lurk here occasionally, and even though it's thin from the flouncings, your spot still has the best content.

Your stuff is as good as ever.

Have to say ...

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... I like the tax plan Trump announced today. He doesn't say it, but he'll have to cut spending like blazes to make it viable. Great! As an old-fashioned journalist, I wish the practitioners existed who would go after him rigorously on this and get him to acknowledge it. Alas, there's no one.

So glad to see Carson thriving after his comment that he wouldn't advocate a Muslim in the White House. (The current occupant might not be one technically, but he is one, to all intents and purposes.) Why on earth should it be contentious to say that a President of *any* religious persuasion must commit to subjugating his religion to the Constitution?! This does, however, preclude *any* Muslim, because one of the tenets of that vile set of beliefs is to triumph through deception. We must take the filth at their word and not let them anywhere near political power.

Hilton—have you been following all the Mario threads?! Smiling

Great analysis

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And to think I found it on Faecesbook

I had the same high hopes

Thoughts on Donald Trump

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Beautiful article! This should be in The New York Times.

You're exactly right that: "Trump has no moral or philosophical compass." None at all, seemingly. And definitely no solid and sound pro-libertarian, pro-liberty, pro-capitalist, pro-live-and-let-live philosophy to stand upon. Trump is evidently a go-getter and winner, with lots of intelligence, energy, and competence. But is this enough? Without a definite philosophy -- or with a generally populist, bullying, and fascist one -- he's hard to trust. It unclear what he would really do, freedom-wise, as president. I thought Bill Clinton (1993-2001) was very smart and hard-working, and thus he ended up being implicitly and generally libertarian, which was sweet. But I don't know if a President Trump would be thus.

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