Pope Francis = TAS

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2015-10-03 09:51

Pope Francis = TAS

Turns out Pope Francis met up with Kim Davis, who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. But now the Pope is trying to deny it, or at least, downplay the meeting. Now, as a gay person I think Kim Davis's position on homosexuality is as ignorant as Ayn Rand's, but I admire her (Davis) immensely for having the courage of her convictions. And I loathe the gay mafia, the Pink Swastika-carriers, to an extent where I wish I had nothing at all in common with them, disgusting sub-human nazis that they are. Pope Francis is rather like Objectivists who can't bring themselves to call themselves that, but change their name to "Atlas Society" or some such. He's a coward. I despise him. Interesting, too, that he clearly was unmoved by the greatest moment of his US trip, Lanza-inspired Andrea Bocelli's rendering of The Lord's Prayer in Philadelphia.

No one got it at all. Then we got the mass murder of Christians by this guy in Oregon who was a lover of punk rock. No one gets that connection either.

Top Ten Tasks

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Lindsay strangely changed the subject from gay marriage to Muslim immigration. Whatever. I look forward to his list of top ten "achievable" tasks the average American can add to his weekly task list to improve the American culture toward a more Objectivist orientation.

"You're being done, and you deserve to be!"

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The Islamosavage invasion of Europe. Next stop, USA. 200,000 young, mad Islamofascists:

"You stupid fuckwits."

What on earth is the matter with you that you are so nonchalantly suicidal? Franklin Covey Syndrome?

Last Word Lindsay

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Enjoy your last word, Lindsay.

We obviously will never agree about how to live life optimally without wasting energy tilting at windmills in the name of "courage."


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Luke—please show where I claimed that her courage was not misplaced and was consonant with reason. Courage wrongly applied is still courage, and much more edifying than marketing check-lists that require zero courage and enable one sanctimoniously to refrain from taking a clear-cut position. The PC pieties of the "Objectivism of nice" perversion make me shudder with revulsion, and I am redoubling my lone rearguard action against them. They're what cause jellyfish to spurt about "sweet Muslim nannies." You stupid fuckwits! You're being done, and you deserve to be.

Courage Wrongly Applied

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Her courage was misplaced and divorced from reason and purpose.

I agree with your assessment of the Pope.


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It seems to elude you that I was not arguing that Kim Davis achieved anything; nor was I even agreeing with her—I don't know which part of "her position is as ignorant as Ayn Rand's" is unclear. My point was that she displayed courage. None of your marketing check-lists can take that that away from her. I'll always admire courage: a quality singularly absent among Objectivists. The Pope would have displayed it had he met with Kim Davis with great fanfare. Instead, he snuk her in the back door, and then, when it leaked out, tried to pretend it hadn't happened. Tawdry, cowardly little weasel.

Did She Accomplish Anything Productive?

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What exactly did Kim Davis accomplish worthwhile with her chosen course of action?

  • Did she ultimately stop and reverse gay marriage? No.
  • Did she discharge her obligations to execute the law even if the law changed after her election? No.
  • Did her civil disobedience further a civil rights movement a la Martin Luther King in a Birmingham jail? No.
  • Did her "martyrdom" amount to anything other than public spiritual masturbation?  No.

I repeat and elaborate:

Any public servants unwilling to discharge their obligations under the law should choose resignation as their first and most viable option.

Lindsay, do you think any civil servants should be able to act officially on their personal convictions, whatever those may be, rather than discharge their assigned duties?

If so, what stops a Muslim civil servant from de facto implementing Sharia law in the discharge of his duties?


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The law was changed after she was elected, quite summarily by a Supreme Court that has lost sight of what it's there to do. There should have been some sort of conscientious objection provision. Throwing her in jail was an outrage. But that's not the point. The point is the utter lack of courage in public life, especially from OrgOist organisations that have become paragons of pantywaistness. Right or wrong, the Pope was gutless in how he attended to this matter. Cowardice and mealy-mouthedness are everywhere.

Kim Davis Should Have Resigned

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As a public servant, if she was unwilling to serve the public as the law demanded, she should have exercised the "courage of her convictions" by resigning her post.

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