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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2015-10-08 06:52

Much hilarity today as Fox News celebrated its 19th birthday with clips of current anchors on Launch Day looking preposterously young. Bill O'Reilly with hair. Sean Hannity with even more hair. Neil Cavuto looking like a male model with brains. Women no longer around, at least on Fox (no hyperventilating quackers back then). It was an occasion to reflect thankfully on the fact that but for Fox, the tsunami of Political Correctness that has given Hitler victories he could never have imagined on the battlefield would have engulfed all of the West by now. As it is, Fox has been the sandbags that have contained the illiberal tide, even as some of those sandbags have been contaminated by the filthy waters.

Who but Fox would be highlighting stories about "playground consultants" being paid a fortune by unwilling taxpayers to monitor school playgrounds during recess to ensure that no child's feelings were hurt in the paying of games like King of the Hill and Four Square? Who but Fox would have drawn our attention to forbidden "micro-aggressions" at the UCLA such as saying that people should be appointed to jobs on the basis of merit and America is the land of opportunity? Who but Fox would be defending Ben Carson when he says those in the line of a crazed lefty loser's gunfire should try to take him out before he takes them out? And that no Muslim should ever be President of the USA—at least, no Muslim who believes in the supremacy of Sharia Law? Who but Fox would have exposed Obama's thralldom to the anti-American fanaticism of Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Who but Fox would persevere in holding Hillary's feet to the fire over her Benghazigate lies and treachery? Who but Fox would give us the libertarian John Stossel, frustratingly inarticulate and all as he may be in his appearances with O'Reilly?

Fox's illiberal critics, shills for Islam, communism and all other PC sewage, would rush to avow that if all the above be true, Fox can't possibly claim to be "fair and balanced"—its mantra. But, conceding for a moment the premise that "fair" means "giving equal opportunity to freedom's foes," it can. Fox gives air time to the enemies of liberty in a way that CNN (Communist News Network) and the BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation) never do to liberty's friends. It gives Geraldo Rivera his own show. It sports illiberals Tamara Holder, Kirsten Powers, Lis Wiehl and Alan Colmes (surely the most slimy of them all). It rescued black illiberal Juan Williams when he blotted his copybook with, and was fired by, National Public Radio for saying passengers on aeroplanes wearing Muslim garb made him nervous. Fox is a living embodiment of the notion that the battle for civilisation is ultimately a contest of ideas—so we should hear the ideas—all of them.

Above all, Fox gives us Bret Baier—quite genuinely neutral and inscrutable, as the best in the business always were. Never a flicker or nuance to indicate where he might stand personally on the matter at hand. That kind of professionalism cannot be found anywhere else now, alas.

Of course, libertarian purists, especially Objectivist ones, will argue that Fox's embrace of Christianity is a lethal contamination of the sandbags. In a different context, I might agree. But when atheists are disgracing themselves with their attempts to eliminate any public evidence of Christianity's existence—with their own 21st Century Inquisition—and Islamosavagery is running rampant (with the silent acquiescence of Organised Objectivism) I am not in the least concerned about Fox's being in the bosom of Jesus. (If OrgOism has a problem with it, it should put up some spokespeople with charisma and the passion to die for their cause if it came to that.) In fact, I just wish the professed adherents of Christianity would display some testicularity in opposing Islam—Organised Christianity's capitulation to Islam and Political Correctness is one of the surest signs that Christianity is not the repository of timeless truths that it claims to be, or any truth at all. Anti-human, all too anti-human.

On their 19th birthday, I'd urge Fox to iron out some real wrinkles. O'Lielly should fess up over his lies about hearing George de Mohrenschildt's suicide shot—Fox cannot claim to be a "no-spin zone" with impunity while leaving that matter uncorrected. They should teach their female anchors to speak rather than quack, and encourage them to wear clothes. They should learn that louder is not necessarily better, and stop assaulting our ears with all those clanging and crashing noises when leading into interviews. They should not insult their overseas viewers such as me with those ghastly headbanging caterwauling intermissions in lieu of the American commercials. They should—as we all should—stop calling freedom's enemies, the purveyors of Political Correctness, "liberals," and refer to them always as illiberals. That is what they are. Fascists. Hitler's Army.

All of that notwithstanding, I extend a hearty birthday salute to Fox for being an unafraid friend of liberty in a sea of liberty's enemies—and getting itself to Number One in the process! May it long continue to be at the top of illiberals' hate list!

Ditto for me

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You nailed it.


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I wish Fox had some network t'v' competition. And at some point there needs to be a solidly libertarian news network as well. I bet it would do well ratings-wise. Maybe something light and upbeat -- but relentlessly reasonable and right.

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