Turnover King Canute - David Pocock

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Submitted by gregster on Sat, 2015-10-31 04:47

David Pocock cannot be said to be a hero for his chosen sport of rugby, a sport which has served him well. “There’s much more to life than chasing a rugby ball” he explains. That is the talk of a broken spirit, a tortured soul.

What does Pocock find more important than rucking and mauling his opponents for a fat pay check?

He has found religion. He'll take another bruising on the pitch then retire and wreak revenge against every citizen via his own guilty conscience for being human. As self-flagellation, David redirects his unearned guilt against supporters by siding with thieving politicians and Eco-lunatics who prefer caves to luxurious changing rooms.

To be charitable, it is probably nerves causing “the breakdown king” a breakdown. He is certain he is to be humbled by the All Black tsunami, and seeks to make himself acceptable to his countrymen by nailing his altruist colours to the mast, as a Gaia-worshipping, humanity-deriding, Earth-saving Eco-warrior.

How has this “World Cup superstar” lost his marbles? Monotonous gymnasiums, stadiums, same guys in sheds? Time on the team bus has been put not to best use. David’s sanity is perilous through not sifting through propaganda in papers, and poor advice.

Not a good look David fronting for Green humanity-diminishers. “You see guys retire from rugby and they fall apart a bit because that’s all they have” and all David has is delusion.

He doesn’t have the facility to realize that each man has differing abilities, and to excel is not something for which to feel guilt. Pocock lifts his head from the sports section: “If you live on earth, which all of us do, climate change is a pretty big issue,” not quite dementia his acknowledging he’s on the same planet.

“We need action and we’re not seeing action. Our politicians aren’t going to do it and it’s all of our futures.” His future is to be King Canute! Fighting a chimera! Assuaging his self-hate across the planet vastly improved by human activity.

He deserves to lose what remains of his self-respect, beginning tomorrow.


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Yaron, and many of us, need to define what is meant by "open immigration" and that may be where he doesn't respect the loaded questioner. You say you have a hard time taking him seriously-are you still a ghost-believer?


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I have a hard time taking the guy seriously. On FB someone asked him why he didn't support open immigration for Israel and he refused to acknowledge the question. Also, someone asked him to name a single place that had become more free market oriented as a result of immigration and ditto.

I think his knowledge of Objectivism (and immigration) is slim. He knows enough to throw around the claim that his critics don't believe in free will or have self esteem, but that's about it.

"Obleftivists embracing

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"Obleftivists embracing illegal, philosophical aliens, the "credentialled" culture, the imperative not to offend trash, and all the rest of the contemporary PC bullshit."

Its sad that it has come to this. With the exception of old man Peikoff saying something borderline insane and possibly brilliant no one is saying much of anything that isn't milquetoast. If I were young, I would not be moved by OrgOism today. It has none of Rand's fire. Whatever she can be faulted for, lacking fire is not one of them.

If New Zealand Rugby really has such heroic virtue than it stands head and shoulders above American pro-sports. Pro-Sports in America have essentially been commandeered by the Left. Leftist propaganda is regularly featured during NFL games. There is no escaping the "narrative".

No institution that has not been infiltrated by Gramsci/Alinski/Frankfurt inc. America, land of ... Pajama Boy (google and puke).

Objective sporting achievement

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"Will we ever see life on the level?"

Exactly Lindsay! And real, results-based sport exposes the egalitarian rampage of leftist educationalists in their twilight zone of rewarding participants regardless of merit. Many young people must see through their façade. That is great.

Despite academia, teachers unions, and envy-driven redistributionists, athletes strive to win. Why does a team wish to coordinate to win together? Because it is each individual’s foremost value in his chosen field: it is the pinnacle. The All Blacks, and other similar sports teams, know that reality cannot be evaded. Black is Black.

In fact ...

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Sport is one of the few areas nowadays where one can find the heroic virtues writ large. Forget Pocock, who lacks the courage of his own talent (which, paradoxically, was on abundant display in the RWC final). Richie, Danny Boy, Beauden, the hyphenated Scudder boy, Sonny Bill ... so many Roarkian athletes out there on the field. It's no contradiction to say their team spirit and discipline were exemplary. Remember Roark's solidarity with all those who shared his values: Henry Cameron, Steven Mallory, Dominique, of course; even Wynand who wasn't quite there ...

OrgOism suffers from the lack of that solidarity. Just a bunch of talent-bypassed exhibitionists jerking off and thinking that's what "individualism" means. When push comes to shove, they're Peter Keatings: Obleftivists embracing illegal, philosophical aliens, the "credentialled" culture, the imperative not to offend trash, and all the rest of the contemporary PC bullshit. The rugby field is one of the last bastions of raw and authentic, where what counts is not a tertiary pseudo-qualification acquired through regurgitation of crap, but actual skill. Heaven forbid!

"Will we ever see life on the level?" Ayn Rand asked. We saw it at Twickenham two days ago.

Duly despatched ...

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... by the All Black tsunami! Smiling

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