Personal Liberty & National Well-being

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Gareth Morgan is a NZ investment advisor, world traveller and father to NZ's richest internet entrepreneur, 29 year-old Sam Morgan, who just sold his online auction company, TradeMe, for $700 million. Although Sam took the lion's share of $220 million, his father as a minor investor reaped a cool $47 million.

Gareth has undertaken a motorcycle trip through the back-blocks of America. Typical of many New Zealanders, he is taken with many aspects of US society but doesn't quite get the whole picture. This leads to some quite superficial and cliched commentary as part of a diary he's publishing during his journey.

Here's one of his most recent entries, and his best so far.

Personal Liberty & National Well-being

Contrast this with his views on Martin Luther King and the Amish.

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