The Left's Real Agenda

Doug Bandler The Second's picture
Submitted by Doug Bandler Th... on Fri, 2015-11-27 15:59

Is what I keep saying it is. To create multi-racial countries in the former White Euro world. Watch the video below.

Now understand that the left will not stop in their drive for this. THIS is the new "long march through the culture and institutions." When Objectivists and Libertarians push their open borders positions they are on the side of these Leftists who want to ultimately breed out the white race. Can you not see how this is going to cause pro-white ethnic nationalist movements to rise. How could it not? And even though I am sure I will disagree with the nationalist Right's economic policies, I do agree with them that race matters for social organization.

I both fear and hate leftists primarily because I know that they want to breed me out and have no problem inviting the most dangerous non-whites in the world to live amongst me and terrorize me (plus they will legally disarm me to boot). For that I would go to war, a real war, against leftists. And Harry Binswanger and his ilk would not be on my side. Types like him and Bryan Caplan would be across the barricades on the other side.

The stakes are high and the enemy is evil. Understand why the Left wants Muslim immigrants so badly. Its not their religion. Its their race. Leftists are inflicted with a racial self-loathing unseen in human history. Its a sin that Objectivists are blind to this. When Leftists speak this openly everyone should take note.