The Prescience of the Ex-President

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2015-12-02 07:43

The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University—a private Christian institution—has just told Moronnials to grow up. This, after a student who attended one of his sermons complained that the homily made him feel guilty about not being loving enough.

The president, Dr. Everett Piper, responded:

Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic! Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.” ... Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a “safe place” but rather, a place to learn: to learn that life isn't about you, but about others; that the bad feeling you have while listening to a sermon is called guilt; that the way to address it is to repent of everything that’s wrong with you rather than blame others for everything that’s wrong with them. This is a place where you will quickly learn that you need to grow up!

This is not a day care. This is a university!

Presumably because this is a private university which has not yet capitulated to PC commufascism the way the public system has, the president's courageous riposte has not triggered demands for his resignation or destructive rampages by dinky little savages with hurt feelings. What a refreshing contrast with Missouri State University where a president, Tim Wolfe, confronted by PC trash making racist demands in the name of anti-racism, cravenly surrendered to it and stepped down. The braying mob, of course, just became more hysterical, egged on by a screeching feminazi media studies assistant-professor who called for "muscle" (male muscle?!) to remove a student journalist who was covering the antics of the sub-humans.

How prescient, then, was the observation to a group of young student humans twenty-two years ago by Ronald Reagan, five years after leaving office (and one year before his Alzheimer's diagnosis—how decisive a disproof of Bill O'Reilly's mercenary lie that Reagan's Alzheimer's kicked in after he was shot, seven years before he left office. Reagan delivers his script better than O'Reilly could, and far better than any illiterate Moronnial could). Here the former President notes that, though freedom won the Cold War, a new adversary has replaced communism, in the form of Political Correctness. Twenty-two years later, it's clear that PC is far more clever than communism ever knew how to be, and, by guile and intimidation, is winning. Free speech has all but vanished, in part because those who could speak out, dare not, for fear of being labelled racist or some other ist or phobe from the PC police's list of capital thought-crimes.

Reagan invokes the time-honoured tradition whereby universities were an open, free marketplace of ideas. With their supremely skillful Orwellian twisting of words to mean their opposite, the Moronnial commufascists have all but closed that marketplace down. A "safe zone" is now a place where one is safe from ... freedom!

Reagan at 1987 Press Conference ...

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... a year before leaving office. Alzheimer's? Gimme a break!!

"Love story for the Ages"

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Sent this to O'Lielly

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Don't expect him to read it out! Smiling

No one should believe anything in your books because you lied about DeMohrenschildt and so we cannot believe you about anything.

Your claim is that Reagan was fast-tracked into Alzheimer's by the assassination attempt in 1981, not 1987. Your riposte to George Schultz today was mendacious blustery typical of you. No one denies Reagan's performance dipped in '87 under the pressure of Iran/Contra. But he went on to bounce back and accomplish some of his greatest achievements.

As a serial liar, you are the elephant in the Fox Newsroom.

George Schultz Debunks O'Lielly

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They can't hear Lindsay...

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they are too distracted with silly biological reasons for why darkies are intellectually inferior to whites. Don't you know that's the biggest problem in the Universe right now??

Brava Olivia!!!

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And are you hearing this, you American manhood-deficient mega-fuckwits??????????????????????? What the hell does it take to wake you up and get some testosterone flowing?????????????????????

As I said, Reagan gave you a sense of life that you never understood and don't deserve to see again. Enjoy the next Islamo-bomb that gets you. And understand that my only effort to put out the fire that is engulfing you will be to piss on you.

Have you no sense of what you are enabling???????????????????


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This is the American sense of life at its best. I doubt we'll see it again, and I don't think you lot deserve to see it again:

The Alzheimers criticism is bullshit on stilts. No person suffering years into the illness can collect their thoughts in the spotlight like that. Clinton, Obama, Bush(es) and the rest of them were never that articulate, sharp or salient, even in the very prime of their manhood. (Not that Clinton & Obama ever got to manhood.)

It seems sense of life doesn't count for anything anymore, most of all to Objectivists, who ought to recognise it when it's in front of them. When a president can restore something of the American spirit to his people by way of their strength, pride and identity, that is just pure gold. Reagan's very language speaks greatness, something we have never heard since from any leader bar Thatcher, and boy do I miss it!! It's the kind of language that wins wars.

A similar thing will happen to Trump IF he becomes the nominee. He will want to face the biggest issue in the world, the Islamofascist threat, head on and offensively, with swear words in tact as he sees fits, since what we are seeing is worth cursing and killing. But all we will see and hear is hatred for him for closing down mosques, limiting freedoms, or using surveillance, or being a blowhard, or being a demagogue, or his hair, or boasting about his wealth and great family, or not having full knowledge 100% of the time about every detail of geopolitics. We all know that we should criticise our leaders, that's par for the course of liberty, especially when they're in power, but the anti-conceptual mentality these days always fails to understand context, therefore fails to think in terms of a hierarchy of values.

Therein lies a great error of thought, and it makes me very angry.

Oh for God's Sake

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Are you Americans really going to go after your greatest president in living memory for mistakes we would have easily made ourselves in his time? Is no one getting my bigger point about him? You all remind me of that stupid screeching bitch "Kennedy" on Gutfeld today who, right after Gavin McInnes made the only decent point anyone made on that programme re Islamofilth, "These are monsters!" said, "But what happened to the baby?" Talk about anti-conceptual mentality!!!!!

I'll try one more time. This is a man, according to Bill O'Lielly, twelve years into Alzheimer's (when anyone else would be long dead from it by then). Is no one else outraged by the mercenary, base, viciously unjust dishonesty of this claim??!! You're just going to bang on about his misguided amnesty when, were he here, he'd now be the first to acknowledge it was misguided (or at least not properly observed: the borders were supposed to be secured)??!!

This is the American sense of life at its best. I doubt we'll see it again, and I don't think you lot deserve to see it again:

1986 Amnesty

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The Republicans won every presidential in race in California from the 50s through the 80s, with the exception of 68. Thanks the 65 Immigration Act and the 86 Amnesty, Reagan couldn't be elected dog catcher in California today.

And Objectivists such as Biddle, Amy Peikoff, Binswanger, Brook, etc. should understand that the Republicans did worse among Hispanics after Reagan signed the Amnesty. (And it's a myth that Bush got 44% of the Hispanic vote in 2004).

If you look at public opinion polls, Hispanics have voted Democratic for as long as such polls have been taken. In fact, Republicans do better on the issue of immigration with Hispanics than on other issues. Working class Hispanics and Blacks have the most to worry about from a flood of low skilled immigrants depressing wage rates.

1986 Amnesty = Massive Failure

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I can't speak for Mark, but I think the reason he thinks Reagan was so bad was because of the 1986 immigrant amnesty where Reagan showed himself to be a typical race-blind mainstream Conservative. Reagan foolishly thought that appeasing Hispanics would get them to vote Republican. They didn't. They still vote Leftist by about 80%. So Reagan's amnesty basically sealed the death of America. Now if Reagan had overturned the 1965 immigration act, then he would have been the greatest president in the 20th century. But Reagan was a race blind right liberal.

I'm mixed on Reagan. On the one hand I think that he went as far as you can go within the Overton Window of modern politics. Philosophically he didn't challenge sacrificism or egalitarianism so he was going to be limited in what he could do. But he had better instincts; ie he did want to abolish the Fed until that scumbag Greenspan turned him from it. On the other hand, the fact that he couldn't see how dangerous Hispanics were to America and that he couldn't understand that the Left was hellbent on changing the racial demographics showed him to be blind on the subject of race and culture. Reagan didn't see that if whites became a minority then the small government society he so often talked about in his speeches was doomed.

Reagan showed the problems with a race blind Conservatism. Either you are going to have to go down the path of some principled libertarian position on anti-welfarism and total 100% self-sufficiency including total freedom of association (so no "anti-discrimination" bullshit) or you have to go down the path of an ethno-nationalist approach to Conservatism (the Paleo Right). Mainstream Conservatism is a completely unworkable framework for society and certainly for dealing with the Left.

What I dislike about Reagan's legacy is that he is a legend for mainstream Conservatives who actually think he accomplished something. They mythologize him completely ignoring his failure at defeating the Left and his failure in preserving White America. They don't understand that his version of Conservatism is a FAILURE. Now I hate when Objectivists align themselves with the Left on anything. But when the more right leaning Objectivists think that Conservatives are part way to the solution, they are also misguided. Mainstream Conservatives have a delusional, quasi-religious belief that somehow the American Constitution can overcome all racial and cultural differences and make everyone on earth into "Americans"; even Muslims. There is a disturbing race denialism in the Conservative movement which makes them capitulate to the Left on the most important things like immigration (the nonsense that "legal immigration is fine, what we oppose is illegal immigration", that just aids the left). Reagan was yet another demonstration of that.

I don't know why Mark thinks Reagan one of the worst Presidents ever, but not understanding his failures allows Conservatives to think that there was some golden age of Conservatism. There was not. In any event, Objectivists or Objectivishes should not mythologize Reagan. The 1986 amnesty was a major failure. America is now on the unavoidable path to being an Hispanic, mixed race country. Reagan contributed to that.

Finally, let me risk being somewhat of a bully but... if Olivia likes Reagan and his legacy so much then let her move to San Bernardino California where she will be part of the 16% white population and she can live in a Mexican dominated city and enjoy its vibrant culture complete with mass shootings and bomb factories (not to mention drug gangs). But it has all the tacos and Latin music she and her lovely white daughter can desire. She can then thank Reagan for that.

Unless she is rich enough to live in Harry Binswanger's 94% white, average 850k per home, gated community, with 24 hour security check...

Olivia willfully

Mark Hunter's picture

Olivia willfully misunderstands my posts.

I like that old song “Accentuate the Positive.” I wasn’t making fun of anyone.

Calling Reagan what he was – one of our worst presidents – doesn’t denigrate the idea of praising someone for their virtues.

I don't have time to write more.


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"You're both insufferable bores." - What, they're not the same person?

Smallness of spirit

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I occasioned extraordinary hilarity at TAS (then TOC) a few years ago when I pointed out that were certain Objectivists standing behind Tom Jefferson when he wrote the Declaration of Independence they would scream "Intrinsicist!" when he got to the words, "We hold these truths to be self-evident ..." The folly of faulting giants of history for what we can, with hindsight, identify as philosophical shortcomings by our advanced Randian standards was not lost on my audience. Now I see pygmies attacking the giant Reagan for this or that failing. It reminds me so much of the attacks that went on against someone I love as dearly as I do Ronnie, Mario Lanza. Yes, strictly speaking, they might be right on this or that note or performance—but how pathetically wrong and irrelevant when it comes to the big picture. Reagan didn't fully grasp the evil of Islam? Who among us did at the time? He liberated Grenada from Marxists? Good for him! He liberated America from the malignancy of Jimmy Carterism. He let govt spending increase in spite of his own rhetoric and against his own better judgment, for political reasons? He knew this and acknowledged it—see his farewell to the nation speech, or read his autobiography. But Jesus H. Christ, the guy brought the top tax rate down from 70+% to 28%—against Tip O'Neill's boast that his tax proposals were "dead on arrival"—and unleashed an unprecedented economic boom. He destroyed the "evil empire." He got his brilliant "Star Wars" up and running. More than that—and this is the part the small-spirited don't get—he projected exactly the kind of radiant, optimistic, self-confident, funny joie de vivre that American values need now more than ever, just as Mario expressed the sheer joy of singing as no one did before him or has done since.

It especially incenses me that O'Lielly claims that most of the time he was doing all this, Reagan was afflicted with Alzheimer's. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE TO SPEAK OUT ON THIS?????!!!!!!! (Screaming caps intentional.)

Here's the patient in 1985, having just been re-elected President in a 49-state landslide, four years into his Alzheimer's, according to O'Lielly, displaying all the characteristics for which I love him ... in abundance. Find me one single solitary Objectivist who could match this for sense of life or presentation skills. The hideous irony is I know no one will watch it because it's more than 20 minutes long—200 times longer than any Moronnial could concentrate for and a good deal longer than Reagan's critics could concentrate for—yet the Alzheimer's sufferer himself could hold it together for that long:

Ye Gods....

Olivia's picture

...yes, praise for someone's virtues is just so terrible isn't it.

Doug and Mark, you boys (and I mean boys!) typify the nit-picking neurotic spirit so often in play with Objectivish thinkers. I would wager that if Thomas Jefferson himself walked onto the world stage at a time like now, all you'd do is fault find (probably with his miscegenation, like the Left does).

You're both insufferable bores.

You gotta

Mark Hunter's picture

You gotta ac-eeeeeeeeeee-ntuate the positive,
Eeeee-li-mmmmmm-inate the negative, ’latch ooooooo-n to the affirmative,
Don’t mess with Mister In Between.

— from the song Accentuate the Positive.

Still, I think America would have been better off without Reagan.

Some good some bad

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

I think Regan also bailed out Arafat in Lebanon. He never understood Islam and helped arm the Afghans in their war against Russia. Regan was not an evil man. He was a misguided Conservative. But his legacy is mostly hyperbole. His rhetoric was often excellent, but he caved to the Left many times.

But then he did get taxes down to 28% and he did want to abolish the Fed. But he was talked out of it by Greenspan and Friedman believe it or not. I think Linz praises him too much imo but I understand the need to look for the heroic in men rather than just dwell on the filth (like today's Left).

There are positive and

Mark Hunter's picture

There are positive and negatives about Reagan. The post-presidency PC speech is a small positive. Four of the big negatives about his presidency that come to mind are:

• The 1986 amnesty.

• He brought the Neocons to Washington by choosing Bush Senior as his vice president.

• Despite his anti big government rhetoric he massively increased government spending.

• He invaded Grenada (1) without Congressional approval, (2) when Grenada had nothing to do with America’s self-interest.

So come on!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Who's going to watch the Reagan video and claim this is a man 12 years into Alzheimer's as claimed by O'Lielly?

And if you agree that's a preposterous and vicious assertion, feeding the "narrative" of the Left exactly as George Will affirms, will you say so?!

Is there such a thing as standing up for your values?

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