Tibor Machan 1939-2016

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2016-04-01 22:06

I am greatly saddened by the death of Tibor Machan. Though our friendship became a casualty of the PARC Wars, I retain and cherish superlative memories of the time he spent under my roof, being in New Zealand to deliver a SOLO lecture and talk to student groups and anyone who wanted to listen to him. His conversation was incessant, diverse and endlessly illuminating. His curiosity and joie de vivre were boundless. It was similarly edifying to have him present at SOLO in Newport Beach, California, in 2005. He was a frequent contributor to The Free Radical and SOLO when things were good between us, and his loss is a nostalgic reminder to me of how high we soared before sectarianism struck. There was no better man to have in one's corner: KASS, erudite and indefatigable.

There's a nice tribute to him here:


I didn't know Tibor...

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but met him very briefly for five minutes when he came over for the Solo conference here in NZ. We had stopped for lunch and were due to reconvene... he was walking in and out of the conference room wondering where everybody was and commented to me that "Kiwis had a very strange concept of time and were they always this lax about it?" I reminded him that we lived on an island or two. Eye

So delectably true!

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David's piece captures Tibor perfectly. Especially this:

Tibor was a handful. He was excitable, voluble, sometimes running on in streams you could hardly take in—until he paused and you could digest it all, usually for insight. A prolific but often hasty writer, he counted on editors to spin his prose into gold. As one of those editors, I can say it wasn’t always easy.

Hahahahaha! Tearing-out-of-hair not always easy! And when did Tibor ever pause??!! Smiling To quote a cliche: a force of nature! Sadly missed.

RIP Tibor Machan

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Here are David Kelley's thoughts on the passing of our friend:

RIP Tibor Machan

Paul Gottfried vs. The Left

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You tell me if Yaron Brook has more interesting things to say than Yaron Brook:


"The PARC Wars"

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I don't recall Tibor ever posting here. I think I coined the phrase "PARC Wars" and also "humanity diminisher." Of course, the PARC Wars came to end an end when I exposed Valliant for the joke that he was.

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