Glorious Alex Epstein! A Live Hero in Action!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2016-04-17 07:10

Rarely in this age of militant anti-heroism, of woeful appeasement of evil, of weasel-worded MBA-speak, does one have an opportunity to see an actual hero in action. Here is one: Alex Epstein, CEO of the Center for Industrial Progress, polemicising exemplarily in the very heart of evil, fearlessly truthful and deliciously Politically Incorrect. The unabashedly vile response of the sub-human Barbara Boxer, a low-life straight out of Atlas Shrugged, is itself worth the price of admission.

Thanx :)

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Finally a political discussion I actually enjoyed : )
Much as I admire Mr. Epsteins outspoken presentation I'd like to set three points right:

- Germany never had to invent the term energy-poverty. Complaining about energy prices has been an ongoing hobby for decades - especially by those social (I.e. middle) classes not threatened by poverty. That argument falls flat in the face of the oil abundance we are currently drowning in. Stick to the facts at home, though I found the Dakota example just as ironic ; )

- While I have no current data comparing energy cost in Germany to across the pond prices, Mr. Epstein argues that much (most?) of these tripled prices comes from Mama Merkels knee-jerk reaction to Fukushima. This is simply wrong. Most of the price increases came long before we shut down some of our nuclear powerplants and are based on a decades old state subsidy of feeding private solar energy back into the public net at twice the price of consumed electricity. Though this subsidy has been drastically reduced in recent years we'll continue paying for it the next 20 years for which these prices were guaranteed. Not to mention the ruinous coal subsidies just to keep some more superfluous humans fed and working.
Two ironic side-effects in the rural area I live in: farmers are literally growing solar panel fields instead of crops - riding by train through our valleys is like riding through a futuristic world where you grow food for machines, not for humans. Plus I live about 50 miles to the east of one of the last running nuclear plants - even if they were to shut that down, too, I still live about 70 miles west of the next nuclear plant of the Czech Republic. One point where the EU is fundamentally different from the US and what Dakota can or cannot do to Montana ; )

- I'm not overly concerned with the poverty of those barely able to sustain their lives. I'm not going to accept smokestacks covering entire regions like the Ruhrpott where I'm currently doing a project for Thyssen Krupp (and yes: I see the irony in that - different story) or nuclear plants that any bearded savage can blow up making this entire region uninhabitable for a thousand years (let's leave nuclear waste management to future generations who are certainly smarter than us and can deal with it), just so those poor souls don't freeze the next winter. Or so that those same desperate souls do not threaten civil war on us 'rich and greedy wasterels'. Nature is too beautiful to pollute it just so some barely living specimen of homo sapiens can survive.
Now if that other Senator (forgot his name - they are so forgettable) would ask how he and his politicians could create an abundance of clean cheap energy that does not stink to the high heavens and does not leave thousands of square miles dug open like festering boils, to produce better and cheaper products, I'd be all ears. Creating cheap energy at all cost just to save poor human life is like sacrificing sth beautiful to save sth ugly. But the masses of the poor has always been the feeding grounds of politics, no matter which political system prevailed. One more reason I loathe politics: they don't care about the best solution as long as the masses are fed and entertained - and keep electing them.

Nevertheless I enjoyed Mr. Epstein upsetting the coop - and especially that ridiculous woman Baxter - she and Auntie Nahles would be best buddies if they ever met : D

PS: why is that 'waste of natural resources' a senator and not Epstein? Speaks volumes about politics ...

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