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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2016-04-27 10:41

Great to hear you’ve got a sequel in the offing.

An update, sir, on the matter of scarcity. Separate post as I didn’t want to hijack Olivia’s thread.

Since I bought ‘Total Passion’ I’ve had it sitting on my Kindle, but I’ve solidly been reading novels for two or three years (outside tax & the usual online econ articles, et al) as it seems to help with my own creative writing. Loved reading Olivia’s primer, however, so will stick to dead-tree novels during the day and will finally get to Total Passion at nights until I finish it [Kindle’s great for bed time reading]. Outside of that, as I said in Olivia’s Amazon review, I’ve taken a dismal view of stopping this civilisation’s current iteration toward the new collectivist Gulags, there’s too many dunderheads and thus no fix, so have been working on going bush (literally in the Marlborough Sounds), and just doing my own obsessive thing, but there was a joie de vivre from refreshing the ideals, so I must start reading more widely again.

Meaning that other than the mindless and frustrating Twitter – I can’t leave the damned thing alone, although am working on it - I’ve been scarce online for quite a bit; even stopped my own blog because I’d said all I needed to, was repeating myself, and worse, I wasn’t enjoying it anymore because it wasn’t getting me to where I want to be, which was writing (for whatever reason the act that gives me meaning and gets me out of bed) – and if I don’t steadily begin working toward that now, I’ll end up a frustrated miserable bastard like Neil. Currently it’s the big push on my novel. It’s been through many crises of confidence – huge crises of confidence - finished once, put down until I realised why I hated it, and now being completely re-written. [You get two cameos].

What a strange entry this is. My final blog post last year – Life Behind the IRon Drape - which ended up the summary of what individualism means to me, explains what I’m up to better. I’ve pretty well got myself semi-retired (working six months this year probably, like to get that lower) so from this point I can do the projects I want if I’m careful with the pennies we’ve managed to squirrel away. Which is another way of saying I’ve been scarce because of crawling out of the dead skin and time served in a career I shouldn’t have done, up into the light to live the dream. I’m 50, so reckon I got another 50 years to get it right (assuming all the wine I drink is more preservative than destructive. Anything that good can’t be bad.)

And have always been around these parts; just submerged. Direct people to my Gareth Morgan called Mrs H a wanker piece on here whenever I tangle with him on Twitter.

Oh. Lost a quarter of my body weight over last two years: no government intervention or tax was necessary, I just wanted to (and I never reduced the wine consumption, nor stopped eating great food. Because life without either would be pointless.) Have tried to update my pic in here by twenty something years - don't know if it's stuck.

Ba da boom. That’s it I think. Will put up my thoughts on Total Passion when finished - ain't promising a time frame - but otherwise will see ya next year Eye

Yes. Our own 'loose' form of

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Yes. Our own 'loose' form of Paleo around home: cooked breakfast (eggs, bacon, black pudding, etc), then lunch and dinners of meat/fish, veges and salads. Avoid processed food, sugar, grains, rice & potatoes. But when there is a hankering, say rice and curry, fine once a week. Plus we eat out (all the wineries in Marlborough) once a week to ten days and bury the rules on those meals, eating as we like (or when entertaining).

Sunday to Thursday try and restrict ourselves to one bottle of wine between us. Friday night is wine night, no rules. Saturday night martinis.

Walk once a day (because I enjoy it - and with the pooch), plus kayak a couple of times a week (again, I enjoy that).

Surprising how quick the weight dropped off, and easy to maintain. I'm too light at the moment, hovering lower 80kgs and I should be 84, however, a seven course degustation tomorrow night, then out again Sunday lunch should fix that Eye

Have been arguing on Gitter while watching Grand Designs, over the stupidity of having a chief censor banning van signage (and about drug taking for fucks sake). After the below reply I had a small nuclear explosion:

As I said header post: there ain't no hope left. Certainly reckon my Twitter days are numbered. Too many awful people like that.

Will probably annoy the hell out of Mrs H reciting 'The Passion' in bed while she's sleeping, but starting tonight Smiling

Ahem, reading; not reciting.

Bro Hubbard

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Thanks for the detailed update! Congrats on the weight loss without sacrificing alcohol, the only thing that enables a sane person to stick around on an earth teeming with moronnials, Social Justice Warriors, Obleftivists, quackers, Hillary Clinton and other such sub-humans. Low carb I presume?

I have a suggestion. Everyone should read aloud for a minimum of five minutes each day. That should be as much a part of a civilised person's daily hygiene protocols as cleaning one's teeth and quaffing red wine. It cannot be beyond your powers of time-management to spend five minutes each day reading aloud from Total Passion, beginning right now. Do it!!!!!

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