A Moronnial Fesses Up

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2016-04-28 10:29

If you can make out what this adenoidal airhead is saying, you'll realise she's not actually an airhead, merely adenoidal. Though she still hasn't learned to speak, she has tumbled to the fact that her generation is the antithesis of what it means to be civilised human beings—they are the equivalent of sub-humans eating humans they've killed, off the ground with their fingers. Their ilk are Obama-voters, Social Justice Warriors, entitlement-touters, mannerless, communists, cultural relativists, Islamapologists and the down-closers of free speech in universities. They are filth, like the editor of The Guardian who just announced that correcting someone's grammar is "racist." May they all be destroyed by the Islamo dirty bomb they have so enabled and so richly deserve! Karma!!

Mixed Bag

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There's far more hope in the world, and in the younger generation, than what she suggests. Mindless gloom and doom isn't the answer. Read Pinker 2011 and Shermer 2015.

The Rise of Feminism and the Decline of Christianity

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In her defense,

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We barely speak English in the United States anyway, if we ever really did. I like hearing this kind of confession and acknowledgement, even if it is in the barely intelligible variety of American "English" (of which I speak the California variation thereof, differing somewhat from her Texas drawl).

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