Further proof of living in the fag-end of a long dead civilisation that once held free lives up as the standard.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2016-05-02 23:52

Hattip Lindsay Mitchell, a quotation from New Zealand's cheerleader of the totalitarian state, The Morgan Foundation, and the excrement who leads it, Geoff Simmons:

"Instead of a facile debate over whether a sugar tax would work or not, we should be discussing which we value more – living in a free society where you can eat what you like and burden the state, or whether we value having a healthy, productive society"

Read it and weep: http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominio...

Pretty damned stark. There's so little hope left to cling to.

And for his inability to reason, even within his own narrow terms, take the prize as the thickest bastard who has put mind-numbing stupidity into print today Geoff. You cock.

Ahem. Have spent some good

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Ahem. Have spent some good deal of past three days copying (or ripping, as the modern youth would say) over thirty of my classical and opera CDs to a USB stick to listen to in the car.

[You sitting?] Only one Bach CD. That surprised me! Probably (approximately) 40% are Pavarotti and Callas equally.

... Mind, almost out of the accountancy now. Five months this year 'working'; the balance of the year doing my own projects. So, depressed about the West; chuffed about my personal life finally getting to plan A Smiling

That's pretty fuckin' bad!

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You tell him Mr. H. But don't go getting all depressed again. You're too much fun for that, even if you are an accountant who likes Bach. Eye

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