The Personal Abuse Issue

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Tue, 2016-05-03 00:29

Objectivist cultism isn't just a matter of zealously censoring the words, and monstrously excommunicating the persons, of all who study Objectivist theory extensively and deeply -- and then dare to doubt and question various aspects of the philosophy or its leadership too much. Randroidism also manifests itself in almost limitlessly and joyfully savage verbal attacks upon dissidents.

Now, at times the Objectivist cultists and evil deviants of Rand really do permit freedom of speech. In certain respects -- against their will, and because they have essentially no choice -- these failed Objectivists actually do tolerate discussion and debate of some relevant and important issues, thru gritted teeth, and with darkly spiteful eyes.

But while a certain free-flow of ideas, and tepid back-and-forth, does take place under their stringent watch, all the while they radiate their social malevolence and personal depravity. All the while they quietly make clear just how foul is their spirit -- how rotten is their soul.

Ultimately, these Ayndroids aren't friends of reason, philosophy, rational exploration, and philosophical speculation at all. Rather, these are intellectual allies, and fundamental ideological practitioners, of religiosity, dogma, faith, and authoritarianism.

Most of their arguments consist of ad hominem. Rather than offer persuasive logic and systematic evidence for their beliefs -- instead of well-reasoned, carefully-presented propositions or claims -- they excel only at horrific insults and stunning personal attacks. Wild injustice and extreme immorality toward innocent and good persons is their leitmotif.

Disrespect and discourtesy is rife inside the dark, dank, filthy, noisome, pseudo-Objectivist, cult walls. Like the nazis and jihadis before them, Objectivist cultists are some of the most rude, malicious, hateful people in the history of man.