Squall of Shame

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2016-05-05 03:00

"Gosh, Story, a bit of notice would be nice before you flash naked people to my 8-yr-old on your 7 pm TV show. I know your CEO has stepped down but there are still TV standards, right?"

Actually, no.

That's the real answer to the question posed by an outraged tweeter after the "inadvertent" screening by a TV3 "current affairs" programme of naked bodies in a story about ... nude dining at a Hamilton restaurant.

Much sound and fury had already followed the resignation of Hilary Barry as TV3's leading news"reader". At the height of the furore, Chief Excrement Officer Mark Weldon in turn resigned, prompting speculation that Ms Barry might be brought (or bought) back. A coven of quackers was seen unloading champagne from the boot of a vehicle at the TV3 carpark.

Now, the question that needs to be asked of Hilary and all those who delude themselves that Weldon's retreat constitutes a victory for the Forces of Light is the same one asked by another nasal Hil[l]ary in another context: "At this point, what difference does it make?!"

The descent into sleaze and the abandonment of standards across the board long preceded Weldon and will continue apace in his absence. It is manifest not just in the obsession with naked bodies (actually it's rather reassuring to think that Hamilton, infamously the most boring city on earth, was host to this nude dining) but also in the grim determination to ensure that what comes out of the face-holes of seemingly human bodies is so ugly as to make the humanity of the ejaculators questionable. Especially in the case of women. I cannot think of a single female reader or reporter who can speak in the well-modulated, educated tones one should expect of a professional broadcaster, rather than quacking like a duck (and this is being unkind to ducks) in a series of vowel-mangling, consonant-killing upward inflections that, when they do finally descend, trail off into "vocal fry" (a practice I'm told is lethal to the vocal cords, meaning these silly creatures will ultimately become deservedly and mercifully mute). It's as if our TV channels (and schools) are on a mission to legitimise the very misogyny these PC adenoidal airheads claim to see under and in every bed—nothing could be better calculated to create the impression that all women are ditzes than the way most women currently "speak." Prime TV in particular should be called "Crime TV" for the crime against women and all of humanity it perpetrates in the form of the pretty but hapless lass who alternates with Eric Young (just about the last man standing for well-spokenness).

The War on Speech is going on all over the civilised world, of course. The mewlings of the under-dressed bimbos on Fox are, if anything, even more unendurable than those on TVNZ, TV3 and Crime. The War on Speech is part of a broader conspiracy to destroy all civilised values. It is a form of cultural terrorism that is doing more to undermine Western Civilisation than ISIS and Iran at the moment. It is part of the agenda of the Gramsci/Alinsky/Chomsky Axis of Evil that has infested all our institutions, public and private. The Culture of Sleaze is another part of it (most assuredly not confined to television—just see the tawdry tabloidism on Stuff and other online cesspits). Blaming all this on Mark Weldon is like blaming a Stormtrooper for Hitler. If anything, just as blame for Hitler rests on the voters who gave the National Socialists a plurality, blame for Weldon rests with the subhumans to whose quack-quack-quacking and lapping up of Reality TV garbage Weldon pandered. The moronocracy we have is the creation of the morons we have.

In this wartime emergency, I, a libertarian, propose, for New Zealand at least, an interim solution seemingly at odds with the libertarian contention that the state has no place in broadcasting. I advocate the indefinite retention by the state of Radio New Zealand and TVNZ (at least TV1—TV2 can be sold to the Weldons of this world) and their reversion into what they once purported to be and were: hotbeds of high standards both of unbiased journalism and gold-star presentation. "Journalists" who unabashedly push their own (Far-Left, "Social Justice Warrior") agendas must be purged (there will assuredly be a home for them at TV3). RNZ and TVNZ should do exactly what they once did do: on matters of contention, represent all significant points of view accurately and fairly. Any aspiring presenter who cannot speak educatedly should not be allowed near a microphone or camera. 98 out of 100 applicants for an announcer's job at the old NZBC were turned down. That's as it should be again. Well-spokenness should be taught in state schools on a par with grammar, punctuation and spelling. It should be taught in Parliament also, to all MPs from our unintelligible Prime Minister on up.

The taxpayer money required to restore these institutions to being bastions of professional excellence and integrity should be treated as reparation payments to ourselves for war crimes against ourselves. In allowing the construction of the Squall of Shame that is contemporary broadcasting, we have all been criminally negligent. Some more than others, but we're all guilty. May the Barry/Weldon debacle be an occasion for atonement.