We're all ophans now - Umbrage Taking.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2016-05-06 00:01

To quote Lindsay's last post:

'The War on Speech is going on all over the civilised world, of course. The mewlings of the under-dressed bimbos on Fox are, if anything, even more unendurable than those on TVNZ, TV3 and Crime. The War on Speech is part of a broader conspiracy to destroy all civilised values. It is a form of cultural terrorism that is doing more to undermine Western Civilisation than ISIS and Iran at the moment."

So ... in Herald this morning:

'Farmers has issued an apology for a Mother's Day email that may have caused offence to its customers.

The mass email went out to customers this morning with the subject line "Your mother sent us her wish list.


The subject line may have upset those without mothers. [Authorial intrusion ... snort!]

One customer, Sally Lewis, told the Herald that she complained to Farmers over the email. "I said, 'My mother died 16 years ago, and stop this please', then later I received another email to apologise."'

Let me pass comment simply by pasting my tweets:

Welcome to the asylum.

Oh dear...

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Turning the whole culture into one big grievance industry. Farmers, as a brand, apologises for everything and anything. Next she'll complain that the word "mother" is ever used, since she lost hers. Yep, another loon let loose by Cultural Marxism.

Taking Offense at Nothing

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People go far out of their way these days to be "offended" -- no matter how unoffensive the remark or act, and its intent; and no matter how good and great the "offender" is as a person. Toward their fellow human beings, almost everyone today is an open wounded dove and a secret malicious monster.

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