Panama Papers; Medicinal Cannabis - Free Lives.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2016-05-09 04:43

Never one to miss an opportunity.

The extract below, from my NBR comment here, sums a portion of my thoughts on the hysteria surrounding the Panama papers.

Quoting myself:

'Albeit taking this piece at face value, and Panama Papers per se, it's significant post Enlightenment circa 2016 that all reportage assumes some sort of misguided honour among thieving governments sacking the private wealth (property) of their citizens, trumps those citizen's privacy and right to be left alone. That the inner lives, goals and aspirations of individuals must be sacrificed on that long-bloodied altar of the common good, and this is apparently, ethically, beyond question. Even if the remaining enlightened of us, so very few, understand that civilisation is a movement toward privacy, an Orwellian surveillance state the opposite. That we are, in other words, living in the ruins of Western civlisation, as it devolves, via hubris, back to the barbarism and brutality of the totalitarian state we have the history of the 20th century to have learned better from and have been warned against. Because with the OECD 'golden standard' on 'automatic' information sharing among the West's tax surveillance states going live from 2019 - that is, GATCA - that whole freedom 'thang' we became briefly enamoured with, is gone without trace. The mob already would be issuing 'rich pricks' and entrepreneurs with little yellow stars to wear if they could, making them scapegoats for every ill created by dependency on the state; and unfortunately, especially out of the EU, I can see politicians tapping into this soon enough. '

And if you want to know what the reference to medicinal cannabis was - noting I want full legalisation, but small steps, small steps:

'And now Minister of Everything is no longer Revenue Minister, the terminally ill and chronic pain sufferers just wish he'd invest some of his massive ego, and time, into securing them easy, preferably pharmacy, access to medicinal cannabis. After all, as he has just told the United Nations, the issue of drugs is a health issue, and politicians need to be progressing on this much more quickly *as* a health issue. Because if you've got chronic pain, if opiates like morphine don't work, and you have no (illegal underworld) contacts to source you medicinal cannabis, then you don't have the luxury of time: you're just sitting there in pain. The Fortress of Legislation is being monstrous on this issue (as with euthanasia).

No hang on a minute. I forgot. Because Mr Dunne believes, quote, 'the stridency of the cannabis lobby does them the most disservice' (tweeted), that is, they dint his ego thus must be punished, I fear we will have to remain listening to this irrelevant stream of pontifications and self-justifications rather than the Minister actually representing us on issues of importance *within his purview*. So it's the big middle finger to the terminally ill.'

And better finish this off with my final remark:

Qualification: also per his tweet, Mr Dunne has no respect for myself.