Move Over Brexit! Yoooooooge Setback for Filth in Australia!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2016-07-03 07:52

Move over Brexit! Pauline Hanson, reviled by Filth, has just won a seat in the Australian Senate, and will possibly pick up two more once this weekend's election results become more clear. Note the biased "reporting" here by Fairfax Filth, including the insertion of the words "respected scientist" in square brackets when referring to a piece of Eco-Fascist-Filth, but rejoice in how it must choke them to have to inform readers of this delicious affront to their Left-Fascist-Filth agenda:

Far-right One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is pushing for a royal commission into climate science and Islam and wants to abolish the Family Law Court, in an extreme policy agenda set to frustrate a future government trying to pass laws through the Senate.

The federal election has resurrected the political career of the controversial figure, whose party is expected to snare at least one Senate spot 18 years after she lost the Queensland seat of Blair.

Hanson has said her party will likely collect a second Queensland Senate position, and reportedly there is speculation she is also in the running for a seat each in NSW and Western Australia.

Whichever party forms government will have to embark on Senate negotiations with Hanson, who has called for Parliament to "start passing legislation that is right for the people and our future generations".

According to her party's agenda, that includes a royal commission into the "corruption" of climate science, adding climate change is "used as a political agenda by politicians and self interest groups or individuals for their own gain".

"We cannot allow scare mongering by people such as [respected scientist] Tim Flannery, who make outlandish statements and are not held accountable," it said.

"Climate change should not be about making money for a lot of people and giving scientists money."

The party also wants the Renewable Energy Target scrapped and would oppose any moves towards an emissions trading scheme.

One Nation, which came to prominence for its divisive immigration policies, also wants a royal commission or similar inquiry to establish whether Islam is "a religion or political ideology".

The policy claims Islam's religious aspect is a "fraud", and rather, it is "a totalitarian political system, including legal, economic, social and military components, masquerading as a religion".

The party would also cease the intake of Muslim refugees and other migrants, ban the burqa and niqab in public places, and mandate that surveillance cameras be installed in all mosques and Muslim schools.

No more mosques would be allowed to be built until the inquiry is held.

I personally delight in contemplating how horrified Obleftivists across the ditch in New Zealand will be at this advance for civilised values and human freedom.


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I hope that by now you've absorbed the fact that Turnbull is the equivalent of those Oists who've said we have first and foremost to make it all marketable, and not cause offence to those whom we ought to be offending in droves.

It's fifteen years since I started SOLO, with the injunction, "Say what you mean and mean what you say." I put that there because it was more honoured in the breach than the observance. For fifteen years I've been attacked for that very premise. Has anything changed in that time?! Have the experts in marketability made one skerrick of progress?

Election results

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Hi Linz

I've had to wait until now to get final confirmation that our fake conservatives have just scraped in, after just about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, under the guidance of our Labor-lite, Islam-appeasing toff, Mr Malcolm Turncoat...Uhh Turnbull I mean. How inspiring.

Pauline seems to have picked up 5 senate seats, and the lefties are screaming their little heads off.

Ha, Hilton!

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Thanks for the update from the heart of Strewth Mate!

To be candid, the Aussie election caught me unawares. I thought they just had one five minutes ago. Is it sorted yet? Do we know how many allies Pauline will have?

Obleftivists in Aus

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There are hardly enough Objectivists of any flavour here Linz

However, there are conga lines of them on Faecesbook, having conniptions about the possibility of Trump trumping Killary

Many of them even ascribe "Hitlerian" motivations as the evil force that drives Trump

As for Hansen and Australia..she and David Leyonhjelm of the Lib-Dems (who is still waiting for the outcome of preferences to see whether he regained his senate seat) are the only principled opposition to Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.. aka Turnbull and Shorten, one of whom represents the far left (Turnbull who pretends leading the conservative opposition) and Shorten (who pretends to pretend whatever the lefties and rent-seekers want him to)

The ship once called Australia has already tipped and sent the champagne sprawling. The pollies however are urging the band to play louder but I doubt even a Hanson or Leyjonhjelm could bring it to even keel again.

Even though Abbott won with a landslide he did not feel he had enough political ammo to even broach the subject of reforming the lefts' "industry-cide" IR laws that have by now completely white-anted the joint

Furthermore, despite Turnbulls' propitiating drivel which was the cause of having the fake conservative opposition (coalition) and the leftie union thugs (Labor) in a tie, it seems that the prospect of reforming our "medicare" ponzi-scheme has also flown out the window to Neverland, as the blatanly false 'Mediscare" campaign run by labor is now taking the heat for our bland standoff.

This is how bad it is. 2 weeks prior to the election Shorten actually fessed up to potentially driving Australia much deeper into debt for the sake of delivering the promised land to his rent-seeking accomplices. Many pundits proclaimed this to be his death knell, yet this admission from Mr Pondscum seemed to energise his minions who deemed this to be a true signal of his intent to rob even whats left of the pantry, in order to deliver their anticipated share of the loot.

At the moment Aus has to borrow $1Billion a month just to cover our interest payment due to the Rudd/Gillard vote-buying frenzy, and yet it's not even causing a pause. Centrelink (our welfare trough) is now making 14.6 Million handout payments a month (out of a population of 24 Million)

3 weeks prior to our election Leyonhjelm boosted this video post on facebook and it sent the lefties and our indigenous mob through the roof as one could expect, and now that Hanson has won enough senate seats to actually make a difference they are sparing no dime to destroy her. I put him onto your "New Freeland Constitution" and he loves it.

I never thought it would ever come to this, but it appears I'll have to come join you Ahmidans in the land of the longish white cloud soon. I've always wanted to come and make a firsthand assessment of lady-slapper anyhows. Smiling

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