My Questions for Americans after the Dallas Cop-Shootings

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2016-07-10 06:36

1) Where are the Sons of Liberty?

2) Why is that piece of Islamexcrement still in the White House?!

3) I am reliably informed that a successful attack by Islamofilth (or anyone) on the US electric grid would cause nine out of ten Americans to perish. Is there any respect in which such an outcome is not deserved?


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The wanton assault on standards of any kind in all areas is part of it.

That's what I was getting at. Yes, the destruction of *objective standards* has led to the destruction of *all* societal standards especially civic ones. That was Auster's point too. And in that environment women *have* run wild without restraint. And female vocal fry and sluttiness are manifestations.

Your point about cops being better than average is right too. I have mixed feelings with cops because I have encountered good ones and real bastards. But you're right and I shouldn't have agreed with Kyrel. Your point that libertarians ape the Left with the police issue is right, and Deist did it too in that video which I didn't like. (Although I did like is point about Andy Griffith.) But once again libertarians have this knee jerk anti-cop attitude largely because cops are "agents of the state". As much as I like the Austrians, they are inundated with that market Anarchism crap. Even really good guys like Woods and Murphy. They have so much to offer but market anarchism is the great limiting force of the libertarian movement. It keeps it disconnected from reality. That is one thing Objectivism doesn't suffer from but it has its own Albatrosses.

And BLM is a terrorist organization in cahoots with the Left (and probably funded by Soros). Its every bit as dangerous as the Islamo-Filth. I'm waiting for an Objectivist to call it just that: black supremacist terrorism acting in unison with Cultural Marxists to wage a proxy war against white America. Show me one god damned O'ist that sees that.


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Its not that simple. When you scale for IQ the differences in income inequality go away but crime rates are still disproportionately black. Its NOT poverty that causes crime. The Great Depression saw a much greater increase in poverty and no rise in crime. Crime is almost exclusively related to the number of blacks in an area. More blacks = more crime; which is why "white flight" is such a national phenomenon. And the Left is intent on stopping white flight by putting blacks in every white area through the use of "fair housing" laws and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As for Objectivist economists. I've yet to see one worth a damn. They don't even understand Austrian economics let alone create some new and improved economic school.

As for state education causing crime, that's nonsense too. Whites and Asians also go to state schools. Why are their crime rates not the same as blacks? Why are IQ scores so damn predictive of crime rates if it were just the state schools. Look at the bell curve for blacks and you'll understand why black crime rates are so high. You're argument is that if they had more education they would have less crime. But that is exactly the Progressive approach of the last 60 years.

I've seen credible data that shows that even with today's social welfare state model, if you just take white and north Asian Americans, we would be running budget surpluses. Blacks and Hispanics are parasitical at the population level. Both groups don't pay in as much to they system (as flawed as it is) as they take out. I'm not defending the welfare state model, but an all Euro society (or one with some north Asians) could probably make that system work for a while. How long is debatable. But a mixed economy welfare state *with* blacks can not work. And the crime in that society makes living in that society dangerous. It can make it hell on earth depending on how close you live to blacks and Mestizos. The data shows that NYC crime is almost all Black and Hispanic. If NYC were all white, it would be one of the lowest crime megacities in the world. You could get by on a skeletal police force. This is the reality of the *combination* of welfare statism and low IQ equatorial region peoples.

Now show me the Objectivist economists that will acknowledge that reality. They don't because they have a flawed race-blind, blank slate, social constructivist view of human nature at their base. They could still argue that laissez faire could overcome the higher crime, lower productivity nature of blacks but they would have to acknowledge that fact. That they don't and at this late date really pisses me off. They're afflicted by the same disease as the left.

You could still be a libertarian but be one who understands that humans are not distinct from nature. We too exhibit the type of intra-species bio-diversity that is found in *every other* animal on earth.

That's all I'm saying...

"The color of crime in America is largely black."

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Doug II, this is a symptom. Blacks figure in crime stats because of largely having been marginalised by an anti-freedom culture. I've said this before, you won't engage with any serious objectivist economist by attacking the results of the welfare state and thereby not identifying the root cause. It is the Demscum, and all statists who are responsible for coloureds' regular appearance in crime statistics. Combine that with the state education they've received and you get what you see.

And it's petty crime, relatively speaking. Look to your technocrats for the real horrors.


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I stopped listening when he started to sound like Left-Filth.

You can't blame cops for the fact that there's a lot more welfare-trash around now behaving badly, and Kyrel's generalisations about them (cops) are demented and deeply stupid. Most cops are better than merely decent, though that's a value Oists don't recognise—they are brave. Guts. KASS.

The War on Cops is as much a part of Obafilth's agenda to "fundamentally transform America" as his War on the Military. I spit on anyone who supports it.

Andy Griffith was top of the viewing charts in the same era Mario Lanza was top of the listening charts. 'Nuff said. I looked at the world's tailspin into aesthetic depravity in my essay comparing two Lanzas, Mario (musical Galt) and Adam (filth).

I just want one person here to get the connection between all this and Kimberly Guilfoyle's "speech." I'm serious. Kimberly as reflecting the way all women now "speak," I mean. Terrorism occurs in many guises. The wanton assault on standards of any kind in all areas is part of it. Women's fry-quacking is part of that assault, a civilisation-destroying atrocity. Justice is already occurring. Quacking, leg-spreading Gretchen Carlson is now suing creepy Roger Ailes, CIA "asset" and Bush shill, for sexual harassment. Seems her games didn't work out so well, so now she's the woman scorned. Maybe now all the other quackers will put some clothes on and try to read the news as professionals, rather than fry-quacking sluts.

Watching Bill O'Reilly's recreation of the writing of the Declaration of Independence and its subsequent reading aloud to the soldiers fighting the British made me reflect anew that no moronnials today could concentrate beyond the first few words, and they wouldn't grasp even those.

There will be a cataclysm, and Airhead America will have deserved it.

We must insist that Black Trash Lives don't matter, nor those of any other force-initiating trash. Civilised Lives Matter—no others.

Pretty good comment

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The police in America are not racist. They abuse everybody. But they abuse blacks, males, and young people the most because these are the criminals.

This is very true and its supported by mountains of data. The color of crime in America is largely black. The internet has been very good at making this information known. Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux are just two of many, many sources for the realities of American crime.

But the cops are virtually all mean, nasty jerks and petty tyrants who treat relatively good and innocent people like crap.

I'm tempted to say this is an overstatement because I have known cops in my life and they were decent people. But I think there is truth to this. Largely because of this:

The police are lowlifes because their job is to enforce the tyrannical fascist welfare state. This makes them bad guys in their official activity, and it corrupts them personally and overall.

The massive growth of the American state and its involvement in everything; ie the progressive social welfare democracy model has resulted in an increasingly violent police force. Also, the fact that this welfare-statism is occurring in the context of a multi-racial society (post 1965 Immigration Act) that has large numbers of low IQ blacks, hispanics and now Muslims makes things exponentially worse.

Here is a good discussion on the modern police force by an Austrian:

Jeff Deist talks about today's police and he uses a great frame of comparison: the 1950s TV show 'The Andy Griffith Show' (starring Andy Griffith and a young Ron Howard). If you think about the way police were portrayed in that show to the para-military force they are now, you can't help but think of how much we've lost. Black violence is definitely involved. But it goes beyond them. The culture has rotted from within.

Lindsay, if you listen to the Diest video I'm curious as to what you think has been the leading cause of the end of Andy Griffith's moral world. The same world and time frame Ayn Rand was writing 'AS' believe it or not. Imagine what she would think about today.

Dallas Police Massacre

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The Dallas Police Massacre is a hard issue for any Westerner to deal with, including Objectivists. It features two separate issues which virtually everyone is ignorant of, or chooses to overwhelmingly lie about: 1) The police are scum, and 2) Blacks are racist and highly criminal. So it's a battle between two truly loathsome groups which richly deserve each other.

The police in America are not racist. They abuse everybody. But they abuse blacks, males, and young people the most because these are the criminals. There is no racism, sexism, or ageism in play here. But the cops are virtually all mean, nasty jerks and petty tyrants who treat relatively good and innocent people like crap.

The police are lowlifes because their job is to enforce the tyrannical fascist welfare state. This makes them bad guys in their official activity, and it corrupts them personally and overall.

Blacks are lowlifes because they virtually all subscribe to a "hate whitey, kill whitey" philosophy which demonizes whites with deliberate and extreme injustice. Blacks are also remarkably illiberal in general: religious, altruistic, socialist, bigoted, unprincipled, culturally equivalent, etc.

So who do you want to win in the war between these two animal groups -- these two monsters?


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I thought I'd answered in the style you asked ... but in plainer English:

- the sons of liberty have given up liberty for hypocrisy
- the Anti-American-President is still in office because they re-elected him 4 years ago - none of those voters will make a big fuss now kicking him out a few months before he's replaced by someone even worse - maybe the one good deed he did in 8 years (keeping worse out)
- though cyberwar (as described in Russinovich's novels) can indeed 'kill' the entire U.S. (your electricity scenario was one of them) everybody is ignoring that little fact (including my customers for whom I'm building interfaces on large corporate systems), just as they are ignoring terrorist wars or political diarrhea or Airhead America ... then again it doesn't much matter if it's the bearded men or the yellow peril that starts the next war or that Alpha Dog on the other continent - they are either ignoring the threat and hoping for the best that someone else will save their asses (as in the novels I mentioned) or they simply don't care any more if any of those scenarios actually become real - they don't understand reality anymore

As for the 'deserving' aspect: isn't it more like comeuppance for the inbred violence in the human race? Gotta get out somehow somewhere - just a matter of degree where and when and who.

I'll leave the parenthesis to the Dougs and Grants here - I'm sure they'll fully agree ; )

Couldn't resist what exactly?

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Vera, I have no idea what your post was meant to convey. But I should convey, in case I hadn't already, that I'm in no mood for ditzy, deliberately enigmatic posts from females (or males—it's just that females are more prone to "enigmatic": part of their evil congenital manipulativeness). State your point explicitly. Does it relate to my primary post?

Couldn't resist :D

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- running after the Daughters of Hypocrisy
- two bigger pieces of excrement coming up the pipelines and he's sitting on it as a last act of mercy to this world
- no worries 'Jeff Aiken' will save their precious electricity from China and Islam click

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