Yaron Brook on Brexit

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Mon, 2016-07-11 20:20

Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute, discussed the Brexit referendum on his podcast two days after it passed. Those interested in how ARI uses its namesake’s language to help destroy Western civilization – not too strong an accusation – might find an analysis interesting.


Some good (clinically speaking) quotes, especially one about Israel.

Good article!

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And hilawious account of ORCON and scweaming Yawon.

ARI = Obleftivism.


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"We Three Kings" was one of Ed's earliest novels. It was completed in 1980. It's available at Ed's Amazon page. He told me that he did a lot of research on Islam for that book. I don't think he's had anything good to say about Islam for his entire career. In my opinion, he's always been a bit of an outsider to OrgOism.

Ed drifted away from OrgOism

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I was on Binswanger's List when Ed was and remember his commenting history. I noticed that as Binswanger pushed more and more for open immigration, Ed who was resistant to the idea, gradually drifted off. Ed began reading Gates of Vienna blog somewhere around 2007ish and, like so many others, starting being exposed to non mainstream right ideas, especially anti-Islam ideas. His gradual drifted away from Orthodox O'ism started then. His Rule of Reason blog posts would increasingly have a more anti-Islam, anti-left tone to them. Far more than you would ever see from a mainstream O'ist source. Its remarkable how obvious it is to see.

As Mark has shown with his writings, there is something about Objectivism that pushes its advocates leftward in certain areas. Whether or not that is Rand's doing or the current Leftist culture can be debated. But sadly there are far too few Ed Clines and far too many Ari Armstongs and Craig Biddles. Ron Pisatoro is another one who has incorporated strong anti-Islam and anti-Left themes into his Randian approach. But I can't really think of any others.


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Thanks for the correction. It must have been a short-lived association between ARI and Cline. I'm sure he was never invited to present a talk at OCON. Cap Mag did carry some of his articles - without pay, I bet. But, that relationship ended a few years ago.

Doug: Indeed, the anarcho-libertarians are kooky and they have strong leftist odor about them.

Ed Cline, OCON 2016

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At least one of the articles Ed Cline wrote for ARI describes him as “a writer for the Ayn Rand Institute” – see the blurb at the end of this article, accessed with the Internet Wayback Machine:
America's Non-Resolve to Fight Evil

He also wrote for the Capitalist Magazine website, a fellow traveler of ARI but not affiliated with it other than reprinting many of ARI’s articles.

It would take a bit of research to bracket the years he wrote for ARI precisely and count the number of articles but I think “guest writer” sums up the relationship pretty well.

I can believe the LewRockwell article about the recently concluded OCON 2016. This part – about a talk by Yaron Brook entitled “What Can One Do? – was humorous. I gather that by “support” Brook means support ARI. I omit the bracketed comment by the author in his quote of Brook:

... Brook shouted answers to the question posed in the title of this talk “What Can One Do?” Yaron’s answer: “LEARN, LEARN, LEARN. LIVE, LIVE, LIVE. SPEAK, SPEAK, SPEAK. SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT.” Pardon the capitalization, but I only wish to present for you ... the speech as I endured it, self-help seminar shouting and all. For the slow to process, Yaron provided an acronym for this: LLSS.

The Austrians Have Problems Too

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That Lew Rockwell article does give a glimpse of the problems with OrgOism. But then you get this criticism:

My conclusion: ARI and objectivism are great for those seeking a pseudo-intellectual basis for war, intellectual property, and government more broadly. But for those who care for peace, cooperation, and prosperity, one will need to look elsewhere

This is the problem with the Austrians; their obsession with anarchism and "peace". Throw in the stupid ideas on IP and sympathy with Islam ("if only we'd stop bombing them...") and in many ways there are more problems with the Austrians than with Objectivists. The saving grace of the Austrian movement though is that they have a legitimate body of sound economic knowledge to dispense. Its a shame Rothbard had to inject anarchism into the Austrian legacy.

There is no one solid pro-liberty movement currently in existence. Anarchism is toxic and it has destroyed libertarianism. Objectivism has deteriorated into a sterile Rand worshipping cult that does no original thinking. And the paleo and alt right movements despite better ideas are mired in authoritarianism and a fatalist view of human nature (they've gone too much to the other side of blank slate naiveté).

I guess it really is "earlier than you think".

Aloha Mark

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You've done an excellent job deconstructing Brook's latest imbecility. I have looked over your website, ARI Watch. There's a lot of great material there. I recommend it to anyone interested in hard-hitting analysis of the many ways ARI has gone off the rails.

I have one correction that should be noted. Ed Cline has never been affiliated with ARI in anyway. For whatever unknown reason, Ed Cline has been black-balled by ARI. Of course, the reason is unknown. Our intellectual superiors at ARI never have reason to explain their more daft decisions/policies to use mere "students."

Here's a link to an anarcho-capitalist's review of OCON 2016. It sounds just crazy enough to be accurate.


In other news:

"Israel will lend its counter-terrorism expertise to Kenya by helping the African country build a security wall along its border with Somalia, the UK’s The Times reported on Thursday."

If President Donald Trump has Israel build a border wall for the United States, then would it be a raaaaaycist xenophobic wall?


Good Essay

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Another quality essay showing the poorly thought out ideas of OrgOists. The thing is, Brook is not even good on economics. Even the Austrians, who know more economics than Brook, are against the EU. And a number of them are starting to describe that "globalism" is legitimately bad and it is not true free markets the way NAFTA is not really free trade. Its a corporate oligarchy type system supported by international Keynesian monetary policy (ie inflation).

Here is a very good discussion of Brexit with Jeff Deist and Godfrey Bloom (former British MP):

Note to Linz, Jeff Deist is better in this interview. He doesn't take the more Leftist position as he did with the police discussion. Here Deist and Bloom discuss how the EU is really a massive protectionist area; a "customs zone". They also discuss how open immigration can not work in a welfare state. Their level of discourse is way above Brook.

I'm seeing more and more that OrgOist elites really don't have any specialized knowledge about anything. They think a general understanding of Randian philosophy is good enough to be profound on any subject. That is so wrong. And it shows.

The Austrians are not perfect but they are consistently putting out material that offers more value than what you get from OrgOists. And Stefan Molyneux while leaning towards empiricism is offering informative videos that I have never seen the equal of from O'ists. The Objectivist movement is offering NOTHING at this point in time. They have no meaningful well informed economic analysis. Their foreign policy views can be thought of as NeoConservativsm on steroids. Their views on immigration are repulsive and suicidal. And they have no understanding of the culture; on why exactly Andy Griffith and Mario Lanza are no longer on the top of the charts.

How I wish the Objectivist movement offered something of value outside of Rand's original corpus. But I don't see it.

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