The Nice Atrocity—Islam Strikes Again

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Fri, 2016-07-15 05:41

Islam and the Muslims have been at war with Western liberalism and Westerners for almost 1400 years now. The Islamics openly seek to enslave or murder every last Western liberal in existence. Yesterday's stunning massacre in Nice, France is just the latest atrocity perpetrated by the monstrous philosophy of Islam upon the relatively virtuous and civilized philosophy of Western liberalism.

Normally, properly, and healthily, when some sheer horror like this occurs, the relatively-innocent victims respond with hatred and fury toward the bestial ideas and people who perpetrated it. But the Western liberal peoples of today have been so thoroughly brainwashed, and turned against themselves, that this normal, proper, healthy reaction simply doesn't take place.

Westerners nowadays are simply petrified of counter-attacking the wantonly-evil philosophy of Islam, lest they be called "Islamaphobes". They're petrified of counter-attacking the wantonly evil people of Islam, lest they be called "racists". Their 300-year-old virtue of "tolerance" of human diversity has been converted into a toleration of open evil in ideas and persons. And so Western Civilization is mostly defenseless against this easy-to-defeat enormity and enemy.

Instead of legitimately and effectively defending themselves, largely self-hating and self-destroying Western liberals today have been almost totally indoctrinated into fighting against a fictional adversary known as "radical" Islam and Muslim "extremists". The rank inability of the West to see, think, or speak clearly about this war upon it means that the extremely weak forces of evil will continue to ravage the West for a despairingly long time to come. The philosophical incompetence of today's Western liberals is truly depressing and amazing!

And Islam is not just against

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And Islam is not just against Western liberalism. It is against all things unIslamic, liberal or not.

It will be taken out of their

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It will be taken out of their hands, Kyrel. Ordinary people are going to take up arms and there will be civil war in Europe. It's only a matter of time.

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