Obama: "Nobody . . Ever . . More Qualifed" To Be President Than Hillary Clinton

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Thu, 2016-07-28 20:57

Yep, he said it.


Hillary Clinton is more qualified than George Washington to be president.

The Left is evil.


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No thank you.


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So -- What makes our beloved Wicked Witch of the West "qualified" the most -- her near utter lack of political footprints and accomplishments, or her almost complete mental arrestment in the 1960s hippie era? Sticking out tongue If she was a man, Hillary would be known as a massive political hack and mediocrity, as well as someone totally corrupt and criminal. Her only true "qualification" is her genitalia. Anybody wanna see that? Barf!


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In college, Zero was too busy reading Franz Fanon and other such trash to ever study the country's history. What little he did imbibe was Marxist boilerplate from Columbia University and the gutters of Chicago.

I have always suspected that Obama...

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has never read American history.
Now I know he hasn't.
Enough to make one sick.

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