Penn Jillette and Objectivism

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Wed, 2016-08-03 04:08

Rebel magician and entertainer Penn Jillette's new book Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales came out today. He gave a talk this evening at a Manhattan bookstore to promote it.

I asked him if he was an Objectivist, and without hesitation or elaboration he said yes. Just to be sure, I asked him again, and he replied the same. I then asked him if he was an Objectivist "with any adjectives". He paused to think, and then said no. I told him I was a "free-thinking and non-cult Objectivist". He said yes to this, as if it described him too. I then asked him if he had ever taken any philosophy classes from Leonard Peikoff or David Kelley -- as I had previously heard -- but he said no. However, he said his magic partner Teller had, from Peikoff. I got the distinct impression that Teller was an Objectivist too. I finally asked Penn if he was a transhumanist, and he immediately said yes.


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Penn Jillette could be the world's biggest celebrity Objectivist -- equivalent to Tom Cruise's being the world's most famous Scientologist. Eye


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Jillette's a market anarchist; essentially a Rothbardian. I'm not sure about Teller. But they have been floating in Objectivist and libertarian intellectual circles for decades. 'Bullshit' was a good show so far as it goes. It was pro-market, anti-religion, pro-gun. Basically "fiscally conservative, socially liberal, pro-atheist". It was more anti-left than I thought you could get away with but of course they were only allowed to attack the Left if they attacked Christianity which they did.

Penn and Teller

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I've been a Penn and Teller fan for over 30 years. It shocked me when I found out these two were also atheists and libertarians. Now they both seem to be Objectivists and transhumanists too. Amazing. Their longtime t'v' show Bullshit! was basically outstanding.

I once saw

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I once saw a poster for a movie called penn & teller get killed. I thought, "i wish". They are annoying as hell. Their smug show "bullshit", was typical condescending crap you get from that crowd; just argue your case, and people will see the light and change their minds. Yeah, right.

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