Linz among the Moronnials!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2016-08-12 09:20

Next Generation Debates

Auckland semi-final

Moot: This house would ban religious symbols in public.

Panellists: Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy and former TV journalist Lindsay Perigo.

Date: Monday 15 August

Time: 6.00pm

Location: University of Auckland Business School

Register here.

Wow. Can't wait to watch

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Wow. Can't wait to watch recording of this.


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Resolved: This House should ban public asslifting.

Resolved: This House should ban public beheadings.

That would upset the Mohammedans. I'm sorry to hear that you have them in New Zealand.

It will be ...

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... but not here. I'll provide the link when it's up.

The organisers have told me a lot of people with "Arab-sounding names" who don't normally attend their events are signing up for this one. Wonder why? Smiling


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Will this debate be recorded and uploaded for our viewing pleasure?

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