Olympics = Bread & Circuses

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Submitted by Doug Bandler Th... on Sun, 2016-08-14 18:21

Here is Stefan Molyneux conducting a very libertarian analysis of the Olympics. He destroys the entire modern phenomenon. As usual, his is a very empirical analysis.

I can recall reading essay after essay written by Objectivists throughout the years (especially by Robert Tracinski) that defended the Olympics as the "pursuit of excellence" and "spiritual fuel" and "individual achievement", etc. But did those Objectivists ever ask "at whose expense?" Or "why should we care about a sport like field hockey or ping pong or vollball if they are not even supported by a private market" (they may or may not be, I don't know)?

And also, I thought Objectivists hated nationalism. Trump is a nationalist!! Well what is the Olympics if it is not nationalism? Did you give a crap about women's field hockey last month? Then why now?

My point is that I see no insightful commentary coming from ANYONE in Objectivist circles. At least with libertarians you get an actual attempt at pro-liberty analysis. From Objectivists, all I see is the repetition of Randian language but without any art or depth. Its mindless sloganeering.


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The Olympics are magnificent! Yes, they need to be privatized, and the cheating barbarians like the communists, Muslims, and tribalists kept out. But the Olympics -- unlike the United Nations -- are a noble endeavor which shows mankind at close to its best. They're a tribute to human excellence, achievement, and greatness. The human race is better for holding them. They uplift all of humanity. It's not surprising that a smug mediocrity like Molyneux doesn't see that. They're naturally vivacious, dynamic, and heroic -- unlike him. This high quality event -- and its values and ideals -- will live on long after the lazy, meandering, poor, malicious analyses of intellectual weaklings like Molyneux are forgotten. The semi-competent, hazy, mediocre values that create and reflect Molyneux-style Rand-bashing and anarchy aren't found at Olympic events. Almost all the values found there are implicitly or explicitly those of liberalism.

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