The Latest From Yaron Brook - More Immigration

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sun, 2016-11-06 02:34

More Objectivist Filters on Display

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Assange comes across as a titan compared to Brook, especially in his awareness of world events. After watching this, I now consider Assange a very heroic man. In this interview he describes the military/corporate/media/banking complex and its relation to Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, etc.. This is like 'Atlas Shrugged' updated. But yet Objectivists will defend today's banks and corporations as if they represented "liberty". And they will defend today's military efforts as if we were being led by the likes of General Patton or Scipio Africanus.

The Objectivist movement has become a living parody. I can see why when people abandon Objectivism they end up hating it. It is filled with mindless automatons all the way up to the top.

More Nonsense From Yaron

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People who don't want to turn the USA into a 3rd world country and Europe Islamic are against
"the Oth-er."

Of course, Yaron exempts Israel.

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