Let's Supporrt Stefan

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sun, 2016-11-06 23:47

Folks, he has been fighting the good fight. I just sent $100.00.

Putting out the high quality content he does isn't cheap.

It will make Amy Peikoff, Start Hayashi and Yaron Brook angry if nothing else.


Has he deFOOed you yet, Neil?

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Has he deFOOed you yet, Neil?

Moly is better than the entire O'ist Movement

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I would love to see any "high ranking" Objectivist debate these issues or even discuss them intelligently with Stefan. Stefan has been doing Yeoman's work on politics. He is showing how the WikiLeaks dumps shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Left is a criminal enterprise and corrupt through and through. Although this should have been common knowledge to Objectivists. But no it isn't because after all "left boot right boot"; which is what you will hear from 90+ percent of O'ists (from what I've seen on-line).

Molyneux is in search of truth whatever flaws his personal philosophy might have. Objectivists overwhelmingly are a sterile, impotent echo chamber. They have come up with nothing new or interesting since Rand's own commentary in the 60s and 70s. Peikoff occasionally shows promise but he is such a social constructivist that his conclusion end up nutty. Molyneux has that level of empiricism which I wish Objectivists would have, especially to balance their insane rationalism.

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