Hahahahaha! The Revenge of Les Deplorables

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2016-11-10 02:43

"It's morning again in America," said Ronald Reagan when running for re-election in 1984. The facts and the voters backed him, and he was returned to the presidency in a landslide.

America in 2016 has endured a dark night far longer and blacker than that inflicted by Jimmy Carter, but the reinstatement of morning should be no more difficult for Trump than Reagan given The Donald's astounding sweep of both Houses of Congress as well as the Electoral College.

What is most gratifying is to tote up all the disgusting things that voters repudiated yesterday, contrary to the pontifications of the usual insufferable suspects in the media. I have been toting them up all day and laughing non-stop. The media in fact are foremost among the disgusting repudiated. Their brazen abandonment of any pretence of a distinction between reportage and commentary, their explicit avowal of a duty to root for the inexpressibly corrupt Clinton, their shameless ignoring of her criminality, their comprehensive unprofessionalism—in all of this the mainstream media have written their own epitaph and earned the contempt towards them evinced by voters yesterday. Journalism is dead; long live journalism.

Trump's victory is also a rejection of the cult of milksoppery in the Republican Party. Milquetoasts Mitt and McCain lost, just as surely as one of their kind would have failed this time, where Trump succeeded, boldly staking out controversial positions and standing by them through pathetic wailings from namby-pamby mealy-mouths. One hopes that in the world at large in this age of weasel-words the lesson will be learned: conviction not only matters, it succeeds; cowardice is not only repulsive, it loses.

The tyranny of Political Correctness was set back yesterday (terminally, one hopes). No matter how loudly and relentlessly certain gargoyles of the Social Justice Warrior variety screeched "bigot, sexist, racist, xenophobe, misogynist" and all the rest of that tiresome litany of the PC totalitarians' bromides, none of it stuck. "The American common man," Ayn Rand once wrote, "is uncommonly wise." It would seem, after decades in which it has appeared to be touch and go, the common man has decided he's not going to be intimidated and neutered by the demented shriekers after all.

The leading repository of PC, academia, took a hit too. One college exempted students from sitting exams because of the trauma occasioned by Trump's victory, thus exposing itself and its moronnial charges to withering nationwide ridicule that one hopes will be mortal. [Edit, December 21: this was written before the veritable tsunami of therapy dogs, play dough, colouring-in books, counselling sessions and other moronnial snowflakery, which I hereby acknowledge.] Enough of the lunatic asylums of micro-aggressions, safe zones, imaginary racism and real hatred of whites for being white, males for being male, etc., etc.

It seems the swamp may be drained of ditzy "celebrities" as well, since so many have announced their intention of leaving the U.S. in the event of a Trump victory. Let's hope the likes of Miley Cirus and Whoopi Goldberg cart their empty heads off to somewhere appropriate, like North Korea or Iran. (Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has threatened to come to New Zealand. Please, no! We have enough career feminazis here already!)

Hijacking the Supreme Court, nurturing the evil that is Islam, dismantling the military, Marxist medicine, Sanctuary Cities for rapists and murderers ... all these cornerstones of Obama's demonic agenda also took a battering from which decent human beings must hope they'll never recover. Donald Trump must remember the electorate did reject these abominations and not pander to their perpetrators in the name of "unifying." Good and evil are irreconcilable.

Civilisation has been given a reprieve. My own projection of the inexorable, irreversible decline of the Land of the Free into "Airhead America," defined by Jesse Watters' vox pops, has been shown to be too pessimistic, at least for now. The Deplorables have struck back. May their blows be lethal. May it soon be morning again in America.

In the meantime, to every swamp-dwelling supporter/enabler of Hillary Clinton, arguably the most evil person ever to run for the White House, I say ...


Draining the swamp

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There Is No Joy In Mudville

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Magnificent photo, Ed! I guess all those Big Brotherites no longer get to run and ruin all of our lives. What will they do now? My heart breaks! Sticking out tongue


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Up here on the hill we are going to celebrate this rare event of an anti–politician steamrolling over every obstacle and promising certain improvement for the West. This is going to be a great 8 years.


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Wishing the new President, and leader of the free world, every success, and may his opponents continue to underestimate him! MAGA!


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Good photo. Pack of miserable bastards alright.

...but then, most politicians (types) come off as boring, miserable or heavily repressed. Which is why the public usually doesn't want to listen to them.


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You've sent the page spastic again with the size of the image, but it's so delicious I'll leave it up. Such joy to see such evil so disconsolate! Smiling

Gratuitous sad-sack Obama staff photo

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Faces of soon-to-be-unemployed Obama staff on the day President-elect Trump visited Obama at the White House.
 photo Obama staff_zpsobw8ozsn.jpg

Corrupt Zealots

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Luke -- Wonderful image and point by Ayn Rand. But...evil can also be a crazed fanatic. That isn't Satan with a fiery sword, but it is a person with some intellectual knowledge and moral goodness, which is corrupted by a solid amount of dementia and lunacy. There's more to evil than AR's slovenly louts.

Ayn Rand on Evil

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"[Evil is] not Satan with a sword, but a corner lout sipping a bottle of Coca-Cola ... not fire and brimstone, but goo." -- Ayn Rand from The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged

The point is ...

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... people's "perversions" are their own private business. I'll bet CNN reporters fuck corpses, since they're so obviously into death. It's when they try to impose their anti-values on everyone else it becomes a problem. And the stuff about Trump is 100% lies. The purveying of it now passes as journalism. I was once a journalist in the true meaning of the word, who kept his own opinions scrupulously out of his reportage. Now the scum at CNN think they're entitled to advocate for communism with impunity. Look at the unspeakably smug Anderson Cooper. Wotta skunk!! If he's the epitome of gay, I, who am gay, am a homophobe. I hate Anderson Cooper and all his detestable ilk. And those within OrgOism who patronise CNN. Jesus H. Chwist!!


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Fun is fun! Eye

Let Trump be golden

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Personally I don't care if Trump does get into Golden showers. What I like about perverted people is they're honest with what they feel, and can act out on it. And golden showers seem harmless enough...I think?

There is no depth ...

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... to which those with Trump Derangement Syndrome will not stoop. "Golden showers"?!

Golden showers ought to be deposited on CNN, Buzzfeed ... and their enablers, especially those within OrgOism who have TDS.

The world has totally lost its moral compass.

We Have a Winner!

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Congratulations to Greg Davis for scoring in the "atta boy" bonus points challenge!

We all need to be especially vigilant in the coming months as this weasel word "yellow journalism" pisses more and more!

I have never read Saul Alinsky, but I saw this quote attributed to him today, and it strikes me as quite appropriate:

To avoid being caught in a lie, use ambiguous statements whenever possible. Most people will "fill in the void" mentally and accept that you are saying what they want to hear.

At least Breitbart is calling them on this.


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Good idea, so here goes, before I look at the link:

Classified documents (says people with classified clearance huh?)
presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations (allegations rather than evidence)
that Russian operatives claim (claim rather than demonstrate, are these alleged Russian operatives or are they real Russian operatives?)
to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN (multiple US officials but they can't be named due to being in the know obviously, direct knowledge of classified briefings narrows it down but we won't get to the bottom of this and these 'claims' will probably remain as allegations by the Clinton News Network.)

Weasel Word Time

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Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him


Bonus points to readers who can spot each instance of weasel wording in the opening sentence:

"Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN."

"Tolerant" face of moronnials:

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Turns out Hillary won the popular vote in the People's Republic of California by 4 million plus (many no doubt fraudulent). Her nationwide lead is 2 million plus. So Trump won the pop vote by 2 million if you take Cali out (a good idea, actually: let those sub-humans secede, as they're now proposing, then nuke the place as a clear and present danger. Though I suppose it's not, really—they're dumb as ox from weed or from Obleftivism originating from Irvine! Still, it would be worth it, just to be rid of San Francisco. Beautiful city; just such a shame about the sub-humans).

Not so quick on the Popular Vote

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"Hillary got more votes than Trump"

I don't know if this is true. There are an estimated 3 to 4 million Illegal votes for Hillary. Take those away and I don't think she would have won the popular vote. But that just underscores what OI Objectivist refuse to understand; ie that the Hispanization of the US will result in Leftist political domination and god only knows what that will lead to. This is something Brook is totally clueless about; racial demographics.


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The calamity is, it's for real. Hillary got more votes than Trump. Snowflakes rule. Airhead America. Thank Galt for the EC!

Look at this twat, a professed journalist, from Newsweek:

Save the Snowflakes!

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How a Businessman Takes Over a Government Department

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A blogger kindly deciphers and examines the incoming administration's approach to managing the Department of Energy and how it has consequently alarmed the climate change alarmists:


Most encouraging!

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I suppose the Washington Post think that's a way to smear Trump. If only they knew how encouraged we all are! Smiling

Yaron, please note! Smiling

"Ayn Rand-acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow...

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This Washington Post story certainly overstates the situation, but it's great to see them scared of Ayn Rand's influence!

Ayn Rand-acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow objectivists

Total Meltdown

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I am daily astonished and dismayed as the anti-Trump forces concoct ever more bizarre explanations for the outcome of the election and attempts to overturn it.

I feel like I have stepped into an Orwell novel.

January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough.

Honest philosophy professor strikes back!

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Quintessential moronnial

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The perfect combination of style and content. Quack quack quack quack quack! Appalling bitch who should be thrown from a helicopter.

Funny as a fart! And as devastating!

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Will be hilarious to watch the contortions of ARISIS if Trump brings Allison in in some way. No doubt ARISIS will be having kittens over "government intervention" in Carrier!

Inspired today to see Trump in Ohio. Playful announcement of Mad Dog Mattis. Attacks on the media, part of The Filth.

Even more inspired to see the 16-year-old lad in the bow tie speaking coherently, vs the way a moronnial quacks, in defence of Trump, and an even younger girl who'd defied her teacher, who'd threatened her with lower grades, in supporting him. The Spirit is still there, somehow, even after decades of brainwashing. The Filth is in retreat. For the first time in years. This is a great time to be alive. Reminiscent of this, at which time I was a newsreader, and loved nothing more than intoning "President Reagan ...":

John Allison

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I couldn't open your link re John Allison, Luke, but below is another news item on a meeting between Trump and Allison. The hits (to the rotten statist Establishment) just keep coming!


Listen to this evil bitch ...

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... and recall my warning that quacking and upward inflecting—ditzspeak, which makes one sound merely dumb and naive—are accoutrements of diabolical, calculated evil. This quacking, upward-inflecting bitch is pure evil:


More than Illegals, Its Hispanics

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The more Hispanics there are the more Democrat voters there will be. Its actually worse than that. The more non-whites there are, the more Democrat voters there will be. When whites are a minority, or a plurality, the Republicans will NEVER win a national election again. Hell on Earth will then commence.

Which is why I say no matter how much Objectivists and libertarians say they love liberty, the presence of non-whites threatens that vision. And I see NO way of transferring those values to non-whites in any type of time frame to stave off disaster let alone create the fully free society. I actually hope the Unites States is broken up at some point because it has become too large to be a liberty republic. And despite the blank slate ignorance of virtually all Objectivists, a multi-racial society is a massive danger to everyone especially whites. If multi-racialism can work it is only in the context of liberty and that is a project for another century (if ever).

So of course "illegals", ie Hispanics, voted for Hillary. If you are red pilled on race you know that non-whites are far more collectivist than whites. And they start from a much lower IQ base so their societies are far more violent. Its not racial hatred to say that it would be better if there were NO Hispanics in the US. Yaron Brook could mow his own lawn. That is if he were even allowed in the country.

Millions of Illegals Probably Did Vote in 2016

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"Specifically, the authors say that illegals may have cast as many as 2.8 million votes in 2008 and 2010. That's a lot of votes. And when you consider the population of illegal inhabitants has only grown since then, it's not unreasonable to suppose that their vote has, too."


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I judge that this, and anything else Trump does in the direction of freedom won't shut up ARI people or many of its flock of followers. Both appear to have a real syndrome--the Trump derangement syndrome. But more than that it’s a reality detachment illness. These types are adrift in their context-free Mary Celeste lifeboat, so far out that there can be no rescue. A vote for or a positive mention of Hillary confirms the diagnosis. Some said they preferred Hillary!

The epistemology classes they have attended need urgent revision so that their application of Objectivism regains its purpose as the philosophy for living on Earth rather than its presently orchestrated philosophy of a race to the bottom. Yaron Brook has a talent for self-made anti-concepts such as “nationalism.” With regard to a country’s issues, and many things, it’s not that hard to ask a simple test question, “Is it for life, or is it for death?” Brook too often opts for death. As does Binswanger and Ghate. That is by their sneaking altruism and a failure to contextualise the Muslim Cold War hijrah. Then there was Brook’s bet that Brits wouldn’t opt for life, but would, and for him—should, choose the objective threat of an immigrant overrun death. He has lost the plot.

Leonard Peikoff:

“Certainly [New Zealand] is not obligated, it is obligated to prevent that situation, which is just what Europe is doing the opposite of, and is soon going to disappear as Europe. The proper government has the right and the duty to defend the nation against the use of force, at home or abroad, whether that threat is actual, or there is evidence, objective evidence that it is possible. ... [If a] sect or religion is backed by governments ... and has a slew of terrorists representing those governments ... who have declared war on the West as is true today, then all right of immigration from any part of that world or anyone subscribing to that viewpoint is terminated. ... [Regarding prospective Muslim immigrants] there has to be extra scrutiny to see if there’s any history of association with the terrorist governments or terrorist groups ... If it’s merely they believe in the Koran then that is not a problem, but if there’s any suspicion that they are going to support Sharia, that in itself disqualifies them from rationally being allowed into a country. ...

“Now properly speaking, this type of problem should be solved by war, not by immigration.”

Again, Peikoff, from that ARI Watch article:

“I am against the [Rubio-Schumer] immigration bill a hundred percent, not just one clause or another, for one very simple reason. It happens to be the case that we are teetering on the edge of dictatorship. It happens to be the case that if the Democrats continue to have or grow their political power we will be over that edge. And it happens to be the case, whether you like it or not, that of all Hispanics in America, whether they are rich or poor, self-made men or anything else, 80% are reliably and continually Democratic..”

So Peikoff once said it wasn’t right to let a country die by purposeful immigration for which the outcome will be communist dictatorship. That is no longer consistent with the Onkars and Yarons, with the detached from reality derangement, like Jews awaiting the Messiah, who will accept no less than John Galt.

Not to associate this directly, but on a similar note, I see Bosch Fawstin is very happy that (another anti-concept) “alt-right” Trump trumpeter Milo Yiannopoulos has rated his art: “My personal favorite is artist Bosch Fawstin, who won Pamela Geller’s “Draw Muhammed” contest.This guy is amazing! Where are all the artists like him hiding?” We don’t know where but we know why. Pamela Gellar also supported Trump.

John Allison Possible Trump Pick

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I hope he gets the job.

Maybe this will shut the traps of the ARI people who keep dissing Trump.


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Hillary will end up with even less...


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I don't know about martial law, but we shouldn't underestimate the extent to which The Filth is filth, and will stop at nothing to retain power. Since Trump's election I have been saying to myself, watching the wonderful appointments and seeing his statement on Castro, "This is too good to be true." I hope I'm wrong. Maybe I've just become too used to The Filth winning.

By all accounts these recounts are a complete waste of time and money, but they could be used as a pretext for something diabolical. We should not be complacent.

The Filth Turns to FUD

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The Filth has turned to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) via recount in swing states as their latest tool of choice.


"If none of the states are able to certify their vote counts in time for the deadline, which comes six days before the December 19 Electoral College vote, Trump could lose a total of 46 electoral votes, leaving him with 260 — 10 short of the required 270. ... Of course, if the recounts were completed in time and all three states went to Clinton after all, she would end up with 278 electoral votes and Clinton, not Trump, would become the 45th President of the United States. But neither Clinton nor anyone from her campaign has made any public comment on the recount effort."

Will this ever end?

Conspiracy theorists will have us believe this is all a ploy by George Soros to create so much chaos that Obama declares martial law and keeps himself in office indefinitely. I am not that paranoid. But I can see how those with inclinations to paranoia could interpret the current situation this way.

Jesus. That interviewer was

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Jesus. That interviewer was extreme.

Best bit: "You're on a morality vanity trip like you wouldn't believe".

Yep. And welcome to the true motivational basis of the modern political far-left. They care about nothing more than the image they see in the mirror, and that is why for all their moral grandstanding they're so completely socially ineffective. It was never about achieving results. Disgusting people.

I presume ...

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... this hilawious tosser is a member of ARISIS?

What an airhead

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But Amy supports violating the freedom of contract because liberals deserve to lecture

Is she out of her f**king mind? Jesus Christ, can you imagine if some stage actors had done the same thing to Obama in 2008; lecturing at a play that Biden was attending that Obama was a threat to their freedom? The Left would have gone ballistic. We would have never heard an end to it. (Now in reality they would be right to denounce Obama but that's beside the point.) This is a case where Leftists are denouncing Trump because they think he is a racist, which is just an escalation of the race war I have been talking about. Soon any white person who disagrees with Leftist thought will be branded a racist. Where will that lead?

Amy is so blind to the cultural dynamics at play that she should feel embarrassed at the crap she spouts. Also, she is totally ignorant of the contract issue that Neil mentioned. So much for free markets.

My God, Objectivist commentary is beyond useless. It is actively hostile to legitimate rationality and liberty. Ron Paul is a titan compared to these ARISIS airheads.


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I hope you debate Amy.

Follow the Money

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Linz asked us to follow the money. I lack the immediate wherewithal to do that, but I found this observation somewhat telling:


Interestingly, organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI) routinely condemn bribery and discourage doing business with anyone who demands it.

I have noticed idealists like ARI types routinely ignore empiricists like PMI in their pronouncements.

Amy Is So Upset Trump Thinks Hamilton Cast Should Apologize !!!

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Mike Pence bought a ticket to attend "Hamilton" before he was named Vice President Candiate. He didn't buy an insulting lecture. But Amy supports violating the freedom of contract because liberals deserve to lecture conservatives.

Ed Powell Debates Amy on the ghate piece

Neil Parille's picture

starting at 44.

Amy belives in the polls about racists supporting Trump even though the polls were wrong.


The intellectual dishonesty ...

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... of Bwook and Ghate is so obvious it has to be a case of "follow the money." Where's it coming from? Who's paying them to be Obleftivists? Remember Peikoff's outbreak of honesty where he did a fatwa-in-reverse and said "Vote Republican across the board"? Wot happened to that?

These treasonous bastards are part of The Filth.

From my F**ebook buddy Rogan

gregster's picture

"Why Ghate's article was pathetic: It was detached from reality. It dropped context. It addressed problems that don't exist, and ignored actual problems. It sought to justify voting for Clinton, an evil, corrupt nihilist, by indulging in groundless fever dream fantasies about what Trump might do. It was a rationalists litany of cognitive errors and discredits ARI, which seems to have become a haven for rationalists who claim to speak on behalf of Objectivism."

Rogan Hazard

Yawon's wavings

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... as welayed in Mark's article are pwoof positive that the AWI has become an enemy of weason and fweedom. The wemarks quoted are the demented wantings of an hystewic, flailing awound in a fact-fwee awea. Scawy, scawy, scawy.

ARI Watch's new essay

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Is excellent. It shows that the Trump vs Hillary election was an updated version of the Nixon vs McGovern election in which Rand's arguments for Nixon apply today 5 fold. Well worth reading.


Doug Bandler The Second's picture

I know Brook, Binswanger, Peikoff, and others get high visibility, but that does not mean the "undercurrent" of other work the ARI does lacks merit.

There is a sense in which this is true. But the political element of ARI is undermining the legitimate attempts at spreading Rand's philosophy and encouraging philosophic thought in general. Luke, you probably will disagree but I think it is a legitimate question to ask if ARI should be using politics in the way it does to spread its pro-freedom message.

Take foreign policy. I can think of no harder subject with which to apply philosophy than foreign policy. You need detailed knowledge of both historical and recent events, military knowledge, and knowledge of domestic political realities. There are legitimate differences of opinion on this; and I don't mean that to push relativism. But even within a group of principled defenders of American freedom it can be debated what our foreign policy should be. The ARI has come down on the side of a NeoConservatism on steroids.

The NeoCons think that you need to control the world in order to trade with the world and then conduct that trade under trade agreements that amount to corporate welfare. ARIans think that you need to bomb hostile countries into oblivion all the while allowing open immigration, especially of Muslim which they don't consider an existential threat, only "totalitarian Islam" what the hell ever that is. ARIans have far more in common with the NeoCons they claim to hate then the far more sensible PaleoCons (Buchanan, Coulter) and Paleo Libertarians (Rockwell, Raimondo) that they also demonize for unjust reasons (not that those people are without flaws).

Domestically, ARI has basically allied itself with the cultural Left and in the process demonstrated no awareness that the Left is a totalitarian movement that aims at the utter destruction of everyone that disagrees with them; especially white, heterosexual males who are Christian and Conservative. In this way, ARIans show that they hate Christianity and Christians more than they love the good. Mark Hubbard on this very site is an example. "Give me those pot smoking promiscuous hippies over those dark age Christians!!!" he says. Diana Hsieh says "give me those Marxist college professors over all those Christian moms" she says (probably very aware that many of those Christian moms are actually sexy females unlike her).

So it is legitimate to say that I like and appreciate Rand but HATE the ARI. I'm at the point where I wish that David Kelley had been successful and become the dominant force in Objectivism. He seems to have been motivated by a search for truth rather than ideological purity. Maybe Lindsay can say if I am right about that. I think that Linz himself was always more at home with Kelley, Bidinotto and that gang than with the ARIans.

But in any event, it is my opinion arrived at after over two decades of observation of political movements and having been immersed in a few of them (unlike 99% of O'ists) that Objectivism did not need to be involved in politics the way it is to spread Rand's message. All Objectivism needed to do is champion laissez faire by explaining what it is (and here they would have to rely on the Austrians because without Austrian economics there is no serious, well developed free market tradition) and why it needs an egoistic foundation. They did not need to engage in Christianity bashing. The also should have staid out of any serious foreign policy discussions because there is no clear "egoist foreign policy" on any side. Just attack socialism, social democracy and NeoConservatism and show how traditional Conservatism is flawed but well intentioned and that's it.

They should have let Rand speak for herself.

Work of ARI versus TAS versus Others

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I see a great deal of criticism of particular notables at ARI here. What fraction of the dollars donated to ARI goes to support their salaries versus other work the ARI does? I know ARI has the Free Books to Teachers Program, the Annual Essay Contest, informative sites posting free media streaming of rare Ayn Rand footage, an ongoing archival effort, etc. I have always considered those worthwhile enough to make a small monthly donation despite my disagreements with some of their other output. A brief Web search was not much help. Perhaps someone can point me to an analysis of how the money is spent.

I know Brook, Binswanger, Peikoff, and others get high visibility, but that does not mean the "undercurrent" of other work the ARI does lacks merit.

I could ask the same question of other organizations such as The Atlas Society, the Cato Institute, and so forth.

For those who donate financially to causes for liberty, please share with us how you make your selections.

Turning Galt's Gulch on Its Ear

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In The Bubble, life continues for progressive Americans as if the election never happened.

If only we could somehow corral them all like this. Evil

New Essay From Mark Of ARI Watch

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Oh dear. Lifeless, grey, Old Testament, KKK Doug. I'm out.

Mark Hubbard's picture

Sorry, I have no right to disrupt this thread ... I've moved it to it's own thread.

ARISIS Strikes Again?

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My review of the Journo / Ghate book, Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism: From George W. Bush to Barack Obama and Beyond, was taken down from Amazon!

You can see the review here: http://www.solopassion.com/nod...



No Debates Allowed

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how long can a free market last? And: when free market advocates are predominantly nihilists, ditto? And in that I include nihilists who militantly uphold headbanging as music when it is nothing of the kind.

There are a number of Rothbardian anarchists that have become alt-right wingers because of this thing. They saw that the libertarian movement was becoming saturated with pot smokers, promiscuous women, and hippie type men who wanted open relationships. It is driving many former libertarians to the far right. One guy I follow is Christopher Cantwell. He is still a Rothbardian but a very alt-right one. He has a Youtube call in program that is very entertaining. He is like the Howard Stern of the alt-right. He hates the left and uses the expression "throw them out of helicopters" all the time. That hippie libertarianism is terrible for the movement. IMO, the same thing applies to the O'ist movement. So many Objectivists are obsessed with gay rights and legalized marijuana and their fear of the "religious right" that they end up similar to the hippie libertarians that Cantwell lambastes.

There is a legitimate debate on this and it would heavily involve immigration. Not happening in Brook and Ghate's Objectivism.


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Classic image indeed. You might even agree that it could be straight out of Atlas Shrugged?!

I love the way the transition team has just moved out of Trump Tower New York to his New Jersey Golf Club. Symbols of human achievement and heroism. Washington be damned! What have the salaried losers without an achievement to their name at ARISIS to say to that?!

There's a rich vein ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... of debate in the area of: in a culture of nihilistic assholery, how long can a free market last? And: when free market advocates are predominantly nihilists, ditto? And in that I include nihilists who militantly uphold headbanging as music when it is nothing of the kind. I suspect Bannon and I would be on the same page here. Of course, there'll be no debate on such matters within OrgOism. I just got a thing from ARISIS bragging about its contribution to free speech. Orwellian!!!!!

I remain thrilled at Bannon's appointment.

In other news, here's the stellar new head of the CIA interrogating The Witch a few months back. Bear in mind as you watch this that The Witch was supported by ARISIS. Ding, dong, they're all now dead!! How delicious. As I keep saying, hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Bannon could be worse

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

No wonder OrgOists are going bonkers. He ticks all the wrong boxes. He makes powerful points, however, about asshole behaviour of "capitalists" steeped in lefty-nihilism. OrgOism refuses to think about such matters.

I disagree with Bannon's explicit views but Bannon is a traditionalist Catholic. They are usually very bad on economics. As I said in another post, Bannon is not Tom Woods or Bob Murphy (Catholic pro-free market Austrians) but he could have been much worse.

With regards to Rand, sadly that is the view that has been popularized about her; ie that she represents "transactional human calculus" and the "commoditization of humanity", etc. I think that's wrong. Rand was offering a view of moral virtue. However... Given the Objectivist movement and some of the things Objectivists say, I'm not surprised that Bannon holds the view he does. It also doesn't help that Paul Ryan, a god-damned big government welfare statist, shoots his mouth off about admiring Ayn Rand (when he clearly doesn't have a clue). Talk about guilt by association. But this is why I say it would be better to have anti-libertarian Paleo Cons to go up against then NeoCons like Ryan that spout free market rhetoric.

One last thing about Objectivists. After the 2004 tidal wave that hit Thailand and did all that damage, The ARI published some op-ed that denounced guilt induced charity as selflessness and anti-human. I'm talking about a few weeks after the tsunami when the death toll was being tallied. I mean, what were they thinking? Yes a guy like Bannon is not a deep philosophic thinker but he takes tally of things like that and arrives at the conclusions he does. Not surprising.

Trump Goes Down Elevator

Neil Parille's picture

Will be a classic image of America. Can't find a better beginning to end.



Lindsay Perigo's picture

Imagine if there were an Objectivist Milo?

Such a thing is unimaginable and impossible. OrgOism could never accommodate a Milo. That tells you there's something wrong with it right there.

Look at the way Milo goes into lions' dens and takes on Filth with relish. OrgOism can't even stand debate within its own ranks! (Not forgetting what happened right here in Auckland when I took on the Race Relations Commissioner and Muslims.)

Just read Lady Slapper's link about Bannon. No wonder OrgOists are going bonkers. He ticks all the wrong boxes. He makes powerful points, however, about asshole behaviour of "capitalists" steeped in lefty-nihilism. OrgOism refuses to think about such matters.

I am thinking of writing a piece called "We're All Christians Now." Of course, I'm not remotely a Goblian, or goblinist of any kind, but I'd expect smart humans to understand why I would say such a thing in the context of current events. ARISISians by contrast would go bonkers. That tempts me all the more to write it. Smiling

This guy Rick Grenell on Fox right now is KASS. Hope he gets a cabinet job.

Doug (qwoting Gweg)

Neil Parille's picture

Many objectivist commentators have the basic complaint that Trump, not being truly capitalist, will give capitalism a bad name.

If the public is so stupid that they think a mixed economy led by a "capitalist" is not a mixed economy, then we all might as well jump out of helicopters.

I've also heard Objectivists say that electing Clinton would result in things being so bad that  in 4 years from now we'd get a decent Republican president.  I'd like to know when "the worse the better" strategy has ever worked out.

Ghate's article...

Olivia's picture

is truly awful - I saw it pop up on Faecesbook where there is a debate raging between some who love it and others who hate it. It read like wet behind the ears, childish idealism to me. The greatest threat of dictatorship was just averted - Hillary was that dictator with her extension of Obama's tyrannical ideas and chaos, and the chronic revisionist history of America they were in the process of writing.

Bannon is hated because of his apparent anti Rand views: http://nymag.com/daily/intelli...

Silly OrgOist Argument

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

Many objectivist commentators have the basic complaint that Trump, not being truly capitalist, will give capitalism a bad name.

This is a stupid complaint by OrgOists. I think it would be better if the Conservatives were openly anti-free trade and free market. This would make them that much easier to debate and discredit. But when NeoCons, who are really Progressives at heart, mouth platitudes to the "free market" like every mainstream Conservative does, then it gets harder to distinguish genuine free market advocates from NeoCons. Sadly, most people think that today's trade arrangements are "free trade". And Leftists think that Bush was a "free market ideologue" (a guy like Krugman really thinks this).

If the dominant right does become a Buchanan PaleoConservatism, I don't think that would be a bad thing. PaleoCons are much better on foreign policy and if they do stupid things in economics then they can clearly be criticized for being economic interventionists. For me it would be a GREAT thing if the NeoConservative influence on the mainstream Right died. If Trump leads to that, then that is a good thing.

But all of this is beyond Ghate or OrgOists. They have a very narrow worldview. They're basically blind ideologues at this point.

Brilliant, KASS appointments by Trump so far: Bannon, Flynn, Pompeo and Sessions. America is back! The Filth is in retreat! Eight years of unmitigated foulness are over. No wonder ARISIS are hysterical.

Yes, all these appointments make Leftist heads explode which means they are hated by the right people. I hope he doesn't balance it off with appointing Neo or establishment Conservatives. But we'll see.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I never did not see why you regard OrgOists as part of the cultural left, and I never did not understand your anger at them. This new piece by Ghate is of a new magnitude of evil, however.

Brilliant, KASS appointments by Trump so far: Bannon, Flynn, Pompeo and Sessions. America is back! The Filth is in retreat! Eight years of unmitigated foulness are over. No wonder ARISIS are hysterical.

Yes, Doug

gregster's picture

The backtracking by Peikoff on the religious theocracy, combined with his initial opposition to Muslim immigration (for which he was 'shouted down' by Bwook, and fell into line with his ARISIS troopers), are moments which have caused a further schism in objectivism. I too read that Ghate article linked from Peter Cresswell's Friday blog, probably approvingly. It is a fucking disgrace.

Many objectivist commentators have the basic complaint that Trump, not being truly capitalist, will give capitalism a bad name. This despite his millions. They could also level that accusation at Gary Johnson of course. In fact objectivists, it seems to me, have gone for leftists at every chance. They'll let you smoke dope while stealing your wallet.

More later.


Doug Bandler The Second's picture

This is the original Hsiekovian fatwa all over again, folks, only with even less excuse.

Objectivists hate Christianity and Christians more than they love the good.

Now do you see why I call OrgOists cultural Leftists and hate on them so much? Because of Auster's influence, no matter what his positive philosophy, I have been sensitive to Leftism in Objectivism (and libertarianism which is in many ways worse excepting the Austrians) since 2007. The Objectivist movement has been in line with the Left culturally and the NeoCons in foreign policy. They really do believe that religious theocrats are the bigger threats to America than Leftists. They are taking this from Peikoff's "M2" theory that America is heading towards a Christian dictatorship. I see this all over the Objectivist internet universe. They don't understand that white Christians voted for Trump not because he is a true Christian, Jesus Christ he is not, but because Trump might stop the war on white Christians from an increasingly totalitarian Left.

But Objectivists just do not understand today's Left and they sure as hell don't understand culture. They are like teenagers that have no understanding of the world. Ghate is a teenager with a phd and no worldly sense at all. I find both him and Brook unlikeable. And I am glad that you are calling the ARI evil. They need to be denounced. They are destroying Rand's legacy or at least making it much, much harder for her to gain any influence.

Imagine if there were an Objectivist Milo?

The ARI Jumps The Shark

Neil Parille's picture

This has to be read to believed. The ARI is now as leftist as Slate or Salon. Ghate repeats the lie that Trump advocated sexually assaulting women.

ARISIS weighs in ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... and it's tragi-comic-evil:

On November 8, 2016, the United States took its first step toward dictatorship. If that statement strikes you as blatantly false or as at best hyperbolic and unconstructive, I urge you to read on.

This is Onkar Ghate, who goes on to denounce Les Deplorables in a manner that makes Hillary Clinton seem like a "Don't Let It Go" regular American of the type on whom Ayn Rand relied.

He then accuses Trump of wishing to impose "a Christian variant of Sharia Law" (when did ARISIS ever get exercised about Sharia Law?!).

This is the original Hsiekovian fatwa all over again, folks, only with even less excuse. This is vicious, cosmic evil posing as a "voice of reason." By all means read on. Read the whole contemptible, rationalistic monstrosity and see for yourself. I'd just add one observation: Trump = one small step towards dictatorship? As if under Obama, about whom ARISIS are mute, countless huge steps weren't taken, many of which Trump will reverse??!!

Pure Obleftivist evil. Note how ARISIS doesn't allow for comments on its crap:


The Filth on The Filth

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Some black Filth beat up a white man for voting Trump:

This video, along with footage of all manner of anti-Trump Filth looting and burning, has gone viral. The Filth was given the opportunity today in Germany, standing alongside Islamofilth Angela Merkel, to tell his fellow-Filth to stand down. Here's what The Filth said:

"I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests. So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent."

Did he go on to say something like, "However, being vocal does not mean being violent, and those who have been violent should be prosecuted"?


This was Obafilth's nudge-nudge wink-wink to The Filth: carry on!



Lindsay Perigo's picture

I posted on his Faecesbook page just now. It needs not to succumb to kumbaya, which I fear John will. It also needs money, policies and a leader. A tall order for 2017. Right now there are forces in New Zealand First I think could better deliver. Post-Winston.

Lindsay: The 'drain the swamp' party...

Andrew Atkin's picture

With a courageous subheading..."We'll tell you what you need to hear - not just what you want to hear!" (I think people would get it).

And a party policy of brutal (though graceful) honesty - and 'polls be damned' as the operational attitude, as honesty must come first. And also have honesty in terms of topic. Talk about what's real and at times uncomfortable. Not just what's easy.

That's my ideal anyway.

Also I noticed John Ansell is looking at resuscitating his project...which you might have noticed, Lindsay?

Ref, FB: https://www.facebook.com/john....

Good point

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

Looks like the future is center/right nationalism in the West, ending crony capitalism, reasserting the nation-state & confronting radical Islam.

I think this is possibly true and I also think it is better for liberty in the long run. The welfare state conservatives that mouth lip service to free markets have been horrible for true liberty. However, the Objectivist movement thinks that center-right nationalism is worse than leftism and will lead to the next Hitler. I think that's not reality oriented. The next Hitler will emerge if the Left keeps its social/cultural dominance of the West.

Bannon is a traditionalist Catholic with free market sentiments. If you actually understand how bad on economics that Traditional Catholics can be, Bannon is pretty damn good. He's not Tom Woods but he's not a Chesterton or Belloc type Distributist.


Sam Pierson's picture

Transcript here of Q&A with Bannon, back in 2014. Insight into his thinking, and where US might go from here given his influence.


- sees what's happening (& happened) as rebellion against 'Davos Man' by middle class people (Tea Party). Sees it as global: UKIP, France, South America
- response to 2008 was crony capitalism (corporates & government in league), which has hindered benefits of real capitalism for the middle class
- partial to much libertarianism, but sees 'Ayn Rand, Objectivist libertarianism' as commodification of people
- wants a capitalism rooted in Judeo-Christian tradition; 'enlightened capitalism' (He's Catholic)
- West is in beginnings of global war with radical jihadist Islam; it's not going away
- biggest fight of the Tea Party is with Republicans, not the left

The guy's a serious thinker, and pretty accomplished.

The left/progressives have been so aligned with 'Davos Man' that they've missed the real revolution.

The fashionable 'Davos Man' agenda, seemingly unchallenged, was stopped dead last Tuesday. It's over. Boom!

Looks like the future is center/right nationalism in the West, ending crony capitalism, reasserting the nation-state & confronting radical Islam.

'Davos Man' had nothing to say on any of that, and has been given the flick.

BBC = The Filth

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The BBC once was what it claimed to be: an incorruptible reporter of (not commentator on) the truth, without fear or favour. Contrast that with this piece of garbage, which sounds like something coming out of ARISIS, the difference being that the BBC has influence:


Doug Bandler The Second's picture

I include Breitbard as the alternative media because they have moved to the right since 2009 (largely as a response to Obama). And Bannon is fine, he's the non mainstream pick. But Trump packaged him with Priebus who is thoroughly mainstream. I wonder if this is going to be a theme with Trump. Give some to the non-mainstream right and balance that with NeoCon insiders? Of course the non-mainstream right is a mixed bag at best but the Beltway Republicans are pure shit.


gregster's picture

Doug --I have seen some acceptable content at times at Breitbart. I haven't looked into this in detail yet, but in your opinion, what is the problem, if any, with Steve Bannon?

Alternative Media is the future

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

You'll know there is a move towards objectivity in journalism when the massive black on white crime phenomenon is openly discussed and when the race and religion of the perpetrators is given when the crimes / violence is being committed by blacks / Muslims which is the overwhelming percentage of the time.

Right now you can't get objectivity in journalism. You have to go to alternative media for that. For all his philosophic flaws, Stefan Molyneux has been doing CNN's and Fox's job for them. He has provided that actual data on so many subjects that you just won't get from the MSM. And of course Objectivists with their leftist slant on pretty much everything reject him.


Jules Troy's picture


To me this one LOOKS like he is actually looking over the whole country.  :)

Can Reporters Handle the Truth?

Ed Hudgins's picture

David Kelley nails it in his classic piece, Can Reporters Handle the Truth?

Objectivity in Journalism

Luke Setzer's picture

I know Peter Schwartz's name is mud here, but I was just curious if anyone has listened to his lecture on objectivity in journalism:


It looks interesting, but maybe someone here can offer a brief review before I spend any time and money on it.

Can anyone recommend a better resource on the topic?

"Just another one of THE BANNER's smear campaigns!"

Jmaurone's picture

Speaking of the smear campaigns, (and the recent NYT renewal of commitment to, [ahem], "the truth"): I guess Howard Roark isn't the only one who can survive one of The Banner's "smear campaigns." Whatever else one might say about Donald Trump, he's got fortitude. Not since Howard Stern was "Crucified by the FCC" have I seen someone take such a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

"I never knew anybody to survive one of the Banner's smear campaigns. Everything was against you. How'd you break through? "

What'd you think of the Banner's campaign?"

"It was a vicious appeal to fools."

"Haven't you answered your own question?"

-From The Fountainhead (film)


"Gail Wyand Expects Results!"

Jmaurone's picture

Luke wrote:

"By and large, talented reporters scrambled to match stories with what internally was often called 'the narrative.' We were occasionally asked to map a narrative for our various beats a year in advance, square the plan with editors, then generate stories that fit the pre-designated line."

Hah, brings to mind a certain scene from THE FOUNTAINHEAD film...

Alvah Scarret- "It's all right for you to make cracks. But I'm in trouble! We need some excitement to boost circulation.
I've got to invent a crusade and I don't know what on earth to crusade about!"

Ellsworth Toohey- "We start a campaign against street car monopolies?"

Alvah Scarrett- "We did that two years ago, then we had a crusade against canned vegetables. And a crusade against Wall Street. Now, what else is there to be against? You're a smart woman, couldn't you...?"

Dominque Francon:-" Sorry, I'm not good at that sort of thing."

Alvah Scarret- " Gail Wynand expects results! The Banner's got to be active. I've racked my brain, and I can't think of anything to denounce!"

CNN is fun

gregster's picture

CNN has been fun to watch, when I get the chance. I noticed how Clinton News Network gave a whole lot of out-of-breath coverage to the bussed-in professional rioters. Falsely, Trump was to blame of course. Are the Marxist organisations who pay these protesters breaking the law? Fox was hardly showing it, but had lots of advertorial and unimportant stuff.

I was at my nephew’s 12th birthday and had to pay up my promised $50 if Trump won. I altered a birthday card to say Happy Trump Day. Most liked it, they knew I was gloating. We were told the kids were watching the election and getting quite excited. That’s the way to start them positively, young. I (almost) feel sorry for children of left liberals—how much hand wringing, and reality-faking before it affects them?

“The polls showing Hillary so far ahead backfired,” I said to a brother in law whom I know to be liberal. (He was hoaxed by AGW.) He quietly started on a thankfully brief leftist theory and explained that the pollsters weren’t wrong. They did it on purpose—New York Times actually didn’t want her to win. All rubbish. I declined to comment when he described it now to be as if 1936, and this in front of his kids. Not getting a bite from me, he regurgitated another typical liberal Chicken Little view that we’d be heading for nuclear war. I didn’t waste my breath.


Jules Troy's picture

I now enjoy CNN not for the news but for the sheer joy of listening to them mope and cry.  Eye

Former NYT Reporter Shares What We All Knew

Luke Setzer's picture

"By and large, talented reporters scrambled to match stories with what internally was often called 'the narrative.' We were occasionally asked to map a narrative for our various beats a year in advance, square the plan with editors, then generate stories that fit the pre-designated line."



Ed Hudgins's picture

Schadenfreude might not be an Objectivist virtue. But as I watch the elite control-freak Democrats, the disconnected and self-deluded media, the purveyors of cultural degeneration, and melting little campus snowflakes who are literally being given coloring books and play doh to help them "deal" with the Trump victory all in utter shock--well, my emotions are just plain undeniable!

The mainstream media does NOT give truth

Neil Parille's picture

That is so true. Just look at Muslim crime in Europe. The media there has been actively involved in covering it up (often with help of the government as in Rotherham). Now in the US things might not be that bad, but they are getting there.

Remember the case of George Zimmerman, whose mother was Peruvian and (if I recall correctly, part Black) was described as a "white Hispanic"? The media never used that term before. If he discovered the cure for cancer, does anyone think he would be called that?

Brook even said that Trump is more "anti american" than Clinton. Yes, he really said that.

The Randroid Bubble

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

he gets his news from the New York Times and National Public Radio

Same with Binswanger. It seems that over 45ish O'ists are still stuck back in the 80s. They don't understand that the mainstream media is as bad as Pravda was back during the Soviet era. But this also reinforces how race blind they are. If you have been following the unfolding sad story of black on white crime (or any non-white crime including Muslim violence) then you know that the media does not give the race of the perpetrators. And it doesn't give the religion of the killers when it is Muslim. Over the last 10 years this has sparked an outrage among the right which can be seen in the comments sections of all the major news sites.

Neil will remember that 7-10 years ago there was no recognition of this (Auster was one of the first sites to regularly document the black on white crime intifada that has now manifested in the BLM movement). But every year since then the comments sections have become full of people that would, well, be saying the same types of things I say. So much so that many news sites *close their comments sections*. The mainstream media does NOT give truth. This is why the alternative media has become HUGE. Stefan Molyneux and Mike Cervenovich and Alex Jones / Info Wars get MORE media traffic than mainstream tv. Young people do NOT watch Fox, CNN nor do they read the NYT. Now sadly many of them do watch Leftist assholes like John Stewart / Leibowitz and his replacement. But the right wing youth do not follow the MSM.

Once again Yawon and Harry are clueless on many levels. And of course since these people don't follow the alternative media they don't know the reality of immigrant crime and welfare usage. They're in a bubble of their own making.

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