Eco-Extremists After the Democratic Meltdown

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Submitted by Ed Hudgins on Sun, 2016-11-13 17:20

Eco-Extremists After the Democratic Meltdown
by Edward Hudgins

Perfect meme for the Democrats: Sec of State Kerry, who’s out in 2 months because of Hillary’s and his party’s election meltdown, in an old shack while visiting frozen, desolate Antarctica to highlight “climate change,” an issue voters couldn’t care less about. Question: What will be the role of eco-extremists in the party’s future?

The Dem coalition consisted of: 1) Corrupt cronies; 2) Hacks claiming to represent union members, minority groups, etc.; 3) Folks struggling economically who the Dems claim to represent and ply with handouts while making their lives economically miserable; 4) Hard-core ideologues, esp. eco-extremists, whose policies create economic misery.

In Wisc., PA, Mich., etc. many Group 3 strugglers revolted against Group 1 cronies and Group 2 hacks. The cronies and hacks now need a strategy to appeal to strugglers. Sanders socialists in Group 4 will fight for that role. But what of the eco-extremists? Polls consistently show that voters don’t care about or buy eco-extremist “climate change” nonsense. And Hillary no doubt lost votes in PA and elsewhere by signing onto a “down with fossil fuels, especially coal!” agenda. And eco-regulations demonstrably harm the strugglers, destroying businesses and jobs.

So in the Democrat Party civil war, will the eco-extremists be thrown under the bus? Will Kerry in his parka be the poster child for the the Dems should NOT be? We shall see!

Sam I hope so!

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when the new POTUS throws climate change into the dustbin of history

And what a man for doing so. And outlawing CAIR, vetting Muslims, and putting his country first. Self interest. "Nationalism" Yawon--another of yesterday's men--calls it.


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Yep, yesterday's man. How puzzled he must be trying to figure how it all changed on him so quick. Still, pic will look nice on his wall at home..

My bet is the eco-stuff's going under the bus, despite the outrage protests coming when the new POTUS throws climate change into the dustbin of history.

Here's the photo! Frozen Kerry.

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Here's the photo! 

Kerry AntarcticaKerry Antarctica

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