Why elitists utterly hate persona-Trump

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Submitted by Andrew Atkin on Thu, 2016-11-17 05:33

Forward: This article articulates something that I felt from the very beginning of the Trump show.

The royal middle-class of western society despises Donald Trump from the nucleus of their souls. Because, as they relentlessly cite, he's crass and vulgar and racist and...all the other lovely words that have become too boring to repeat.

Bullshit. They care about Trump's idiosyncrasies about as much as they care about Bill Clinton raping people. They don't care at all. What they care about is their personal ego's and identities getting wounded. And Trump, just by being Trump, is actually overtly laughing at their cherished world of elitism, of which they've spent their entire lives working so hard to be a part of.

Now Trump, for all his virtues and vices, is everything that the self-identified elite usually are not. He's incredibly courageous, rich, his own man, talented, has a sexy wife, and now...holy shit...he's Mr No.1 of the free (albeit over-regulated) world.

But that in itself is not the problem. The problem is the character and the attitude that radiates behind it. Trump, believe it or not, a full-blown non-elitist.

Note: When I say 'elitist' I'm talking about the psychology - not the professional status. Yes, I know Trump's proud and loves to show off, but that is very different to feeling like you're fundamentally made of something that others are not. Elitism is something else. Elitism is true arrogance.

Trump talks in a way that suggests that the idea of "big people/little people" does not even exist. He talks to and about people like they're just flesh-and-blood humans, no matter who they are. Trump, I reckon, could just as easily have a drink with a street sweeper as a prime minister if that street sweeper were "his kind of guy". And no it wouldn't be a publicity stunt and there would be no condescension.

In Trumps world there is no such thing as "big people"...not really. People are just people. His central attitude is if you're wildly successful then well done and good for you...but then yeah, whatever. And THAT, I believe, is exactly why elitists hate him.

Elitism is a fragile thing specifically because it is abstract. A great man or great woman is great because we think their achievements mean that. But it's all subjective, at base. Hence, it's ultimately possible to evolve a culture that really does shrug its shoulders at the meaning of accumulating wealth, climbing a corporate ladder, or solving bizarre scientific problems, etc. And when Trump acts before the world as though all of us, big and small, are mere humble mortals and that's all there really is, he then threatens to spread this disease of 'humble interpretation' towards the elite.

So the elite hate him. As nothing is more precious to them than their social standing. Or more specifically, the implicit idea that their standing means so much. And Trump, being Trump, is the ultimate insult to that end; because his mentality, persona and professional status completely contradict what modern elitists want to believe.

No. Trump is not the joke. The joke is on the elite. Trump is laughing at you - and don't you know it.

That's my rant!


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Victor Hanson's (an amazing historian) opening statements are referring to the massive snob factor that infused everybody from the moment Trump came down that escalator. Snobbery is a strong emotion because it bespeaks a deeply felt contempt, but in this election, that contempt was of a particularly second-handed nature and many people held their silence because of it. The worst type of eltism.

Additon: It is exactly for this reason that we had to rely sheerly on the American spirit to hear Trump's message. Sense of life trump's intellectual vanity.

Interesting talk reviewing the USA election

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I suppose the word 'elitism'

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I suppose the word 'elitism' can be seen in different ways. My sense relating to the article is just the 'looking down your nose' brand of it. Maybe I should just say 'arrogance'?

I too celebrate humanity at its best. I love human brilliance - and the kind born out of real individuality.

As for FB likes, I think you get those not by making a constructive contribution, but just by saying what people want to hear and reaffirming what they already believe. Nothing to be proud of!

The elitism of excellence

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I'm all in favour of the elitism of excellence. That's an entirely different thing from the elitism of the number of likes fuckwits receive on Faecesbook, the #1 enemy of excellence in our contemporary world. It's the difference between Roark and Keating. Trump is an honorary Roark, in that he doesn't understand any of this stuff, but embodies Roark nonetheless, most of the time (allowing for some awful Keatingesque lapses). In this context, ARISIS and its shills are Ellsworth Tooheys, knowingly—i.e., with full, conscious, deliberate malice towards the good—advocating for Roark's destruction and the beyond-evil Hillary's triumph.

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