Old Testament, Ku Klux Klan Doug. Afraid he's too much.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2016-11-20 02:30
Mahau Sound

Doug says: 'They saw that the libertarian movement was becoming saturated with pot smokers, promiscuous women, and hippie type men ...'

Give me pot smoking hippies and promiscuous freedom loving women any day over Doug's god-fearing, misogynistic, racist, Old Testament and lifeless hell. He's the other side of Sharia. There's no difference: he hates life every bit as much as them. You should've put a bomb under him a long time ago Linz.

I stopped blogging a year ago because I saw where things were going. My last blog explains all that. I'm winding down all social media now the SJW's have simply morphed into the alt-Right. It's all life hating shite. Doug's narrow little Conservative world is hell on earth.

We're in process of selling our Geraldine home for a permanent move to Marlborough Sounds, and then I'm out, looking forward to an early semi-retirement doing exactly what I want. Per my last blog post I mean to live as if politicians don't exist, or the Internet. I'm going bush (but with all the luxuries). I'm just doing my own thing, living life to my fullest (as Western society pulls itself apart by hate).

I will still be on email (you can find that on my blog - Life Behind the IRon Drape), so if ever around, Linz, drop in, we've got great friend accommodation, self contained with your own balcony over the sea: unfortunately we lost every bottle of wine in the 7.8 but it'll be replenished as soon as we're back up. You're my mentor in freedom always, that never changes, and loyalty, but I can't do *this* any longer. This has too much an alt-Right feel to it. I'm a loving, living, happy, peaceable Libertarian who still likes people.

Doug, please, keep your head up your arse and just shut the fuck up. You modern day God worshipping Americans ARE dreadful. I read your posts and I may as well be back in the Exclusive Brethren. Unmitigated evil. Seriously.


Doug, your mind ...

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... it is *the* Gulag.

I have no doubt you find women dangerous. You're missing so much (starting with living as a human).

That's me gone.

Clueless Mark

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The female franchise is going to be one of the major causes of the destruction of all the freedoms that you hold dear. And today's welfare state is largely a single mother welfare state which some are calling a "gynocracy". If you look at the data you also see that its basically white males that are paying the bulk of the taxes to support the U.S.. Women are net parasites when you factor in all the medical costs they incur largely because they are... women. Their bodies need much more maintenance.

But Mark you are clueless to biology and its consequences for society. And you obviously didn't read the Rothbard piece. I would rather have limitations on personal freedoms in our current context, if for no other reason than to demoralize leftists. Until people are willing to reject welfare statism female and sexual liberation is a direct threat to civilization. Imagine what will happen in Europe if Muslim immigration isn't stopped. And that Muslim invasion is in large part facilitated by the feminization of the European male. Another danger of allowing women to enter the political arena. I don't give a shit how it sounds to nihilist hippies like you, but women *are* dangerous. Their sexuality can undermine a society. Traditionalists understood this. Hippies don't.

The one true god is the god of bio-mechanics. Ignore it at your peril. So there, there is my theocracy for you.


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You have had some good posts over the years, some? Not so much.

My worst posts are better than 90% of standard Objectivist commentary.

This is hilarious grey old Doug.

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Doug (again):

'I think that all too often those pro-liberty types that really, really champion drug legalization, sexual promiscuity, gay marriage and alternative lifestyles are more likely nihilists rather than clear thinking liberty advocates. Also they don't understand that you can't have sexual freedoms and specifically female sexual freedom ...'

Yeah we can't have all these freedoms, can we. Especially not sexual freedom, and especially not for women. And I see I can add homophopia to your impressive hate list. When do you announce prohibition and the banning of dancing?

What a liberty advocate would petition for is the abolition of the welfare state, as I do, NOT for the abolition of freedoms (EVER), and certainly not the abolition of a women to do what she wants with her body (what a miserable existence turns you on - have you ever talked to a woman face to face?). It's individualism over collectivism, up versus down, living versus the living dead of your world.

Compare Doug's America to ISIS's Islamic Policing via the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice:

'They had the power to arrest unrelated males and females caught socializing, anyone engaged in homosexual behavior or prostitution; to enforce Islamic dress-codes, and store closures during the prayer time. They enforced Muslim dietary laws, prohibited the consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages and pork, and seized banned consumer products and media regarded as anti-Islamic (such as CDs/DVDs of various Western musical groups, television shows and film which has material contrary to Sharia law or Islam itself)...

 I don't see any difference. There's no sense of life in Doug's world. A joyless, captured, non-life. In my old blog my most attacked enemies became the advocates of wowserism for a good reason. That reason is Doug. The Alt-Right puritans are every bit as evil as the SJW puritans, because they are the same joyless monstrosity.

Here's one of my anti-wowser posts:

Political Subversion in a Wine Glass. Scarlett Johansson and the Context of Joy.




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I am Doug.  You need to seek your own happiness, find things to do that are constructive to your own life.  You have had some good posts over the years, some? Not so much.

Just to say...

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There is only one "respectable" way to be, I believe, when it comes to forming an outlook on modern society. And that is to think like a social scientist.

Can I give an example? I don't have an "attitude" or "conservative belief" when it comes to promiscuity. I don't give a flying toss what people do with their bodies. But I will look at the issue of 'free love' from a psychiatric outlook, which is where our thinking should go.


All this "misogynist" and "racist" and "[add here]phobic" accusational stuff is just an excuse to shut down the real conversations, as I see it.

And it's not hard to fight against all this stuff. You just keep it objective and come from more of a scientific/pragmatic outlook.

Right Wing Populism

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"Give me pot smoking hippies and promiscuous freedom loving women any day over Doug's god-fearing, misogynistic, racist, Old Testament and lifeless hell."

One could say this is the false alternative between intrinsicism and subjectivism but I think that all too often those pro-liberty types that really, really champion drug legalization, sexual promiscuity, gay marriage and alternative lifestyles are more likely nihilists rather than clear thinking liberty advocates. Also they don't understand that you can't have sexual freedoms and specifically female sexual freedom combined with the voting franchise in the context of any type of welfare statism. That spells death for your society. Throw in non-European immigration and it spells race war and the eventual end of the European genotype, which could be a holocaust of sorts.

In short, Mark Hubbard is one version of Peikoff's "D2 nihilist" to use the language. The left-libertarian version. I personally have a disgust for left-libertarians or similar types even more than leftists. At least Leftists don't claim to be lovers of liberty.

Murray Rothbard wrote this in 1992:


Its his famous "Right Wing Populism" essay. I wonder if Mark thinks Rothbard was a Ku Klux Klan dark age Christian too?

For those that like to listen rather than read:


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Really Jules? Really? I thought you were one of the saner ones.

That may be Doug

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But you still won't get laid..


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I am not a god believing man. I just respect the best elements of the Christian tradition which objectively analyzed were enormously life affirming. The idea that everything associated with Christianity is ahistorical and just plain small minded.

As for Conservatives, I like the Paleos far more than the Neos. The Paleos don't want to start WW3. That counts for alot with me. White nationalism of the variety I would like would be a 80% white country with the remaining 20% comprised of higher IQ lower crime people. All white and the country could get boring. Less than 60% then your talking the eventual loss of Euro culture. And 80 / 20 split would be fine under a free market libertarianism that had an alt-right leaning vibe. That would be cool. It would piss off the right people and give free reign to the creative types.

A movement with Milo, Molyneux, Cernovich. info wars, and some others would kick so much ass, it would a pure spectacle.

But mark my words: there will be an alt-right tv station at some time in the future. Its inevitable.

Doug's a white supremacist

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Doug's a white supremacist and a misogynist, Linz. His posts are awful.

I'll hold you to a stay, though. See you in the Sounds!

Sounds like a plan!

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Anddd that's why I go out and do wildlife photography.  No politics, no anger, just going out on my days off and enjoying life.  Sometimes I even get payed for it.  It's a cool feeling when someone likes something I have captured enough to hang it on their wall.  (I would still do it just for the joy of doing it though).

I bought the camera gear instead of the fancy barbecue Smiling


My gallery such as it is.

Shame about the wine collection Mark, glad that you are safe though!

Bro Hubbard

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I'll take you up on your invitation. Let me know when the wine's replenished!

I don't know much about the "alt-right," but Milo sure as hell doesn't scare me, and clearly loves life. Our battle has become Humans vs Filth. If preserving civilisation means putting marijuana legalisation on hold I can live with that.

And I say again, any opinions are welcome here. Even Filth could post, as long as it wasn't as rude as Doug was to Amy. If "alt-right" preponderates it's because "alt-righters" are more active. It's just silly to say Doug is KKK. That's about as dopey as Left-Filth calling Jeff Sessions KKK, and everyone else a racist to boot. When in doubt call someone a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe bigot, and all the rest. I think the Western world just said "F U" to all that. Great news for life-lovers!

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