3 Reasons Why Women Shouldn't Vote

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Submitted by Doug Bandler Th... on Tue, 2016-12-20 01:47

This is an info packed video (not by Molyneux) of three empirical reasons why women shouldn't vote. All three reasons are pro-liberty; these are not conservative arguments but right-libertarian ones. If you watch this video, you will hear 3 good reasons why the female franchise underminds liberty and promotes welfare statism. Besides accusations of "determinism", I know an Objectivist criticism will be that if we had a rational philosophy underlaying our culture then women couldn't vote for statism. But Objectivsts think that they will be able to persuade (via reason and intellectual argument) the citizenry to peacefully adopt liberty. So long as women can vote that will never happen.

"Generation Airhead" is as much a consequence of female suffrage as it is of Kant's epistemology.

Misogynist Bandler

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You think of yourself as an intellectual, yet are so blocked by your hatred of women, and everything un-Bandler, that you couldn't analyse a godddamned thing.

Perhaps I'm not a Leftist.
Perhaps I'm not an Objectivist (I have at least one point of difference with Ayn, despite my respect for her - which is high).
Perhaps Olivia's not a snowflake (anything but - that's your misogynistic block; you're incapable of reading her).

Perhaps you're just a caveman cock with some sort of mental disorder from your childhood. Your hatred of women is deep-seated. If I was the sort to recommend counselling I'd recommend it. But I couldn't care less about your welfare. You're sub-human.

Delicate Little Snowflakes

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I don't watch clips that Doug posts

You can do whatever you want, but you are placing form over substance. These videos are information packed; they're empirical. And they deal with an important part of the human condition that Objectivists are ignorant on; ie human biology.

Also, that "I can't immerse myself in nihilism" thing makes you sound like a delicate snowflake that's too fragile to have her ideas challenged. When are Objectivists ever going to grow a thick skin?

To our eternal shame, Mrs H

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To our eternal shame, Mrs H and I just finished watching Love Actually.

It was the brandy! Smiling Would never happen on a martini night.

Merry Xmas to you and Linz.

(Not the creatures though Smiling )


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To be frank with you, I don't watch clips that Doug posts - if I ever click on them I get assaulted with the most hideous sounds known to man and titles like "Turd Flinging Monkey." They swiftly get shut off and I remind myself that's why I don't click on clips that Doug posts. Eye I don't have anything to learn from nihilists who frame their commentaries that way.

so, Olivia, are you really going to let this creep publish a post that puts you in a cattle truck with those poor sods under burquas without saying a word? Parille and Bandler despise you. Seriously, they hate you. ... read them.

Call me a narcissist, but I don't think their words apply to me - ever. I have always hated the Suffragette movement and deeply despise the emotionalist voting criteria that women use to make up their minds (apart from the likes of Ann Coulter whom I view as a true heroine, though I'm sure when it comes to men, she's bound to be a bit nuts ) - I hate it enough to take the issue up in my book on Western Values in the chapter titled the Emancipation of Women and Sexual Freedom (thank you for treasuring it and saying so).

Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Hubbard. Try to relax - extra brandy helps.

I've no more time for

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I've no more time for majoritarianism than you Linz. I'm a minarchist viewing anarchism these days (though still a minarchist). And for every PC woman I'll mark you a creature such as Bandy and Puerile. They're vile creatures.

Slouching beasts.

On the Xmas brandy here Smiling Raise my glass to ya.

Bro Hubbard

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Here's one unassailable reason women shouldn't be allowed to vote. This ditzy fry-quacking moronnial is a clear and present danger to my freedom, and an insult to anyone's intelligence:

They're not sexist as such,

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They're not sexist as such, Mark. They just believe in meritocracy before democracy. This means restricting voting rights to broad groups who will vote better.

I myself wouldn't target women (even though the proposition in slightly hilarious, knowing the reactions you'll get), but I would certainly use an IQ test and block anyone with an IQ less than 100 from voting. Because like young children they don't (usually) have the head for it. Note that dumb people tend to vote for their own poison.

Shallow as a puddle

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yet they have as a misogynistic view of women as Islam for fucks sake.

This shows your complete lack of intellectual depth. Women gained the franchise in 1920. Are you seriously saying that America prior to 1920 was as bad as the Islamic world? Do you even know the history of the suffrage movement? Of the women who opposed it? And did you even watch the video and see the DATA that was presented?

You have a leftist psychology. You get "triggered" by anyone who holds an opinion different than yours.

Anti-empirical. Anti-biology. Anti-intellectual.

Typical Objectivist.

Bro Hubbard

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You're right. I'm appalled at Doug. Only three reasons women shouldn't vote? I can think of one hundred and three!

Actually, I am in favour of restricting the franchise to those who pass a political literacy test. That would undoubtedly eliminate many women, especially of the fry-quacker variety, and many men too, though their gender wouldn't be the point. Pre- and sub-humans shouldn't qualify for the vote. Pre- and sub-humans are dangerous for my freedom.


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So now we have Parille and Bandler, both evil, bilious monsters, purporting to support Western values - fucks sake - yet they have as a misogynistic view of women as Islam for fucks sake. They are that human evil that resides in dark places and torture chambers from the beginning of time, always waiting for the call to spread their insanity.

Okay Linz, you say you let anything go in comments, fair enough, but this misogynistic white supremacist (with a severe mental disorder) has here turned this shit into a header post.

Are you, on whom these header posts reflect, whether you like it or not, going to state yourr position on this vile crap? Why do you allow your reputation to be shredded by association with these swine? Love and respect mate, but you are my mentor in freedom and I don't like seeing you with no seeming respect for yourself here. And I'm wondering what your beliefs are anymore?

Now go at me!

And while I'm at it, let's offend everybody. Olivia's been writing some stunning posts in here. I'll cherish her Western Values primer in my library forever, so, Olivia, are you really going to let this creep publish a post that puts you in a cattle truck with those poor sods under burquas without saying a word? Parille and Bandler despise you. Seriously, they hate you. ... read them.


[Despite the promise to myself to leave, I can't let shit like this go, ever.]


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I agree with Doug that women should not have the right to vote.

Who was it who said about women ministers, "I don't marvel that's it's done so badly, I marvel that it's done at all."?

Doug's Ultimate Woman

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