Could be anywhere in the world ...

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Submitted by VSD on Wed, 2016-12-21 15:44

my apologies for the German text - it's not really relevant ... shows pictures of Aleppo before and after the war - could be anywhere in Europe ... to me it brought home what homo sapiens sapiens is really about: the greatest creation possible in this jungle but also the greatest destruction imaginable ... on a scale that goes far beyond Aleppo ... and it doesn't matter if it's girls/boys, blacks/whites, geniuses/imbeciles, christians/muslims or savvy businessmen and politicians vs. silly girls that bring about this contradiction - they are all HomoSaSa and each and every one of them made this possible.

Happy Human Holidays ... and keep telling yourself that your salvation/saviour is just around the corner of the next picture ...


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Well I certainly don't believe in faith in the sense of..."Don't do anything, because it will all sort itself out".


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Not "faith," never have faith in anything.

It's not just the demons ...

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since the dawn of mankind humans have kept destroying everything beautiful, admirable, worthwhile they ever created ... I don't have causal proof for this being hardwired into mankind but the slate does not look good and it's usually not deprivation that leads to this destruction - they wouldn't have the resources for such large scale destruction ... however in the end it does not matter if this creation was destroyed by evil in an orgy of violence, by leftists in an orgy of goodness, or by Galt himself stopping the motor of the world - in the end Manhattan will be just a pile of rubble for tourists of the future to marvel at man's creation and destruction - destroyed by man...
if that's the future of mankind then scrap the species and start over ... of course until then we get to mud-fight over who gets to destroy what but to me it just leaves the question why keep creating if that is the final goal?

The truth about Homo sapiens...

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Humans have been a neurotic mess since the beginning of time. My article to explain it:

The war to end all wars will be the war against deprivation.

I'm open to some kind of international federation to enforce basic human rights, and whether female circumcision/honour killing cultures like it or not.

All those ghastly terrorists, can in a way be seen as a product of our own neglect. They are the children we allowed to be born into hell, and allowed to be formed into "demons".

I have faith that we will one day sort ourselves out.

....Merry Xmas Smiling


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I just think you might run out of expletives and insults one of these days and may have to borrow some from Trump ...

You can stop apologizing for Hitler

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I realize you're a leftist dingbat. In your case a self-loathing German one. But do some reading on Syria. And hope that Trump, ie my "salvation", has enough sanity to stop US meddling in the Middle East.

The near totality of the Objectivist movement thinks he's a "leftist" because he doesn't want to nuke Mecca and go to war with Russia. And you think I'm crazy.

yep - that's what the addendum was for ...

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and keep telling yourself that your salvation/saviour is just around the corner of the next picture ...

You should be happy Trump won

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You also should be on the side of Russia as they are the ones defeating ISIS and providing medical care to the wounded. Putin and Russia look like angels in this affair. You should likewise be against Obama and US foreign policy because America has been arming ISIS. And why? Because Assad is a dictator and he's against "Democracy". Also, because Israel and the Saudis want certain nations destabilized. Interesting bed fellows those two.

Syria is an ugly affair that make America, Israel and the Gulf States look evil. Let's hope Trump stops this insanity.

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