Open Letter to Linz: You are condoning a bone fide Nazi on SOLO

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2016-12-25 03:04

I hope the pic I've posted to this is up. But I doubt you'll ever see the subjects of this post, Slimes Bandler, Jones, et al, I've got a suspicion they're posting from a tissue hewn room at mommy's; perhaps posting your photos could put paid to that notion, chaps?

 You’re not going to like this Linz, so my most constructive suggestion before starting is to read my final paragraph first.

 Here’s my theory. You have allowed your intellectual stoush with Yaron Brook – and I don’t know the whys of that – to overflow to a personal animosity with that 'camp' which Slime Bandler feeds on to spread evil here.

 [Important note: the below was written before Slime Bandler outed himself on the Israel thread as a holocaust denying anti-Semite. The total full evil nutjob on speed. However, I still have relevant points to make.]

 My time on SOLO does now end on these words of yours, quoting you from this loathsome thread:

 Doug, Grant and [redacted] lack the courage of what they purport to be their convictions, even though their convictions are, for the most part, sound.

 Given all that proceeded on that thread, and now the Slime (Bandler) on your Israel thread, I think your judgement is far from sound anymore. So, sorry, but I am calling you on it Linz.

 I find it stunning that the ludicrous '3 reasons women shouldn't have a vote' thread is Slime calling for women to have the vote taken from them ONLY because they are women, a premise repugnant to the central principles of liberty, and individualism - which you should know as self-evident - but you think Slime is ‘for the most part, sound’ (?!?!) in his convictions.

 No.  As I said, if you want to attack welfarism then you attack the welfare state, not the women's franchise. End of.

 You say, Linz, that there are no arguments from me for you to answer on that thread, but have evaded my direct question to you of how is such a premise consistent with individualism? (Look at my post on Friday, 17.03). Early in the thread you deliberately diverted attention from it to your voter test (which I said I had no problem with) in order to not broach the topic of the thread itself, but then when I asked the question again, you evaded again by saying ‘you’re waiting for my argument’. You never let me hold you to that question, therefore. Is the central premise of Slime on that thread consistent with individualism and liberty?

 One good thing, I reckon, is that in your subsequent Israel thread (and you’re right on that topic by the way) you would now have a growing disquiet on Slime Bandler. Let’s look at him again. I have shown on his women hater thread how Slime Bandler is without doubt a misogynist. But also on that thread, his only mention of Ayn Rand was to frame her from Jewishness, for no particular reason at all. That is a huge red alert. In my experience, the deeply anti-Semitic neo-Nazis work exactly via that type of framing – it’s takes you straight into their evil minds.  Three times I asked Slime why he thought it important to frame Ayn from Jewishness but latterly he evades by not interacting to my face, rather starting another thread, behind my back, ludicrously calling me a Lefty because I'm shock, horror, a peace loving hippy. For those who think me a Lefty reading my blog Life Behind the IRon Drape will quickly disabuse you.

 And now we find on your Israeli thread, Linz, surprise, surprise, the Slime, quote, 'doesn’t support America fighting Israel’s wars', because ‘he doesn’t hold with Zionism’. You are surely not so stupid as to buy that with all this evidence of anti-Semitism, race hate and misgyony (are you?) His hatred of women and blacks, Hispanics, et al, are so extreme he (unbelievably) just comes straight out with it here with his idiot biological (Aryan) determinism, and he does so un-checked, ever, by you, but even Slime has just enough intelligence to know not to come out in the open, here, with his anti-Semitism, so on the Israeli thread, like the snake he is, he speaks out the side of his mouth. I bet Slime would be happy to see the Jewish state sacked. See if you can pin the joyless, humourless swine Slime down to this question: who does he hate most, an Islamist or a successful liberal Jewish businesswoman? Hold on, too easy, businessman?

 This is a significant sentence from Slime on Israel thread:

 Objectivists do not understand because they can't see past "philosophical premises

 ... Yeah, Slime just bypasses philosophy direct to his bigoted, insane biological determinism which leads him to misogyny, blatant racism and anti-Semitism. Your unsound judgement aside, Linz, I thought this site was about philosophical premises. Is it not?

 Slime’s the full hate site trawling Nazi package spreading his fascist bile here: there is no room for doubt on that. I had him pinned from my first post three days ago, and yet not only do you continue to give him a free pass, you think his judgement ‘mostly sound’?

 Well you have little judgement left.

 Here’s the further problem, read all the posts on the ludicrous ‘3 reasons women shouldn’t have a vote’ and you can see you’ve enough airhead males in here for the Nazi Slime to be recruiting his own goon militia. Gregster was a sad surprise to me, due to long past good faith dealings I don’t have the stomach to keep eviscerating him here for his snowflake identity policing. However, the vile creature, Grant, has proven to be a special case of unchecked evil. I had him tagged early, also, but even I wasn’t ready for his full thuggishness. Let’s take a good look at Wowser Grant (wowser, from me, is as big opprobrium as Nazi by the way).

 He is one of the majority of males posting to this ‘liberty’ site who is against my legal choice to have euthanasia as an option, despite such a basic right has no call on them (they can die as they wish). And these airheads think themselves champions of liberty … what a joke. That issue, like drug legalisation, is always my litmus test for calling out rights trampling fascists. Fine, to there, no biggy re SOLO, but look at what he went on to threaten me with. The worst was his sermon on my drinking, calling me an alcoholic, etc etc, because I was enjoying my second bottle of wine over Christmas. Sorry, but Wowser Man’s a joyless fuck for that, unforgivable. Below that two almost as bad things, quoting him:

 Buy a bottle of sleeping pills already.

 In this line, Linz, he was telling me to kill myself. Now, per my treatment on that thread I found this wowser wank hilarious, but a blog with standards would have frog marched him off on that. You never mentioned it. Then this:

 Maybe he [that’s me] can go into a Maori bar, start an argument and give it a try. I'd pay a dollar to see that.

 That’s SS Private - he's definitely a follower, no leader - Grant saying he’d pay money to see me get beaten up by a Maori man.  As I said, of course he picks a Maori bar - which, ahem, don't exist - because in his mono-brain he, like Slime, is a racist. No wonder he previously made the vow, on my ‘nastiness’, to only post on Slime’s women, race and now Jew hating threads. Again, Linz, a blog with standards … You let it go. Fine, but lousy judgement.

 Seriously, I wouldn’t give Private Grant a gun licence, and I wouldn't feel overly safe with him around my person. (Laughably, I note his last comment to the thread was to go all cry baby asking how you gave yours truly such latitude to call him names – when the only names I ever called him were hyphenated what he wanted to do to me (ie, his own words) LOL).

 Again, again, again, I find Private Grant comical. But a thug. And Slime’s a whole new order of evil. Although I couldn’t care about all that also, only you, Linz, and SOLO. Your judgment has gone. Which gets me back to my opening theory, patronising as that might be.

 Penultimate point. People seem to think virtual friends are somehow lesser than face to face ones. Just as I believe you are what you believe (Abstract Andrew), I believe they are the same. SOLO currently has some chaps who I would have no association with face to face, they’re awful, really, really awful, so why would I stick around here and associate with them? Answer: of course, I wouldn’t.

 In ending, I could never be an Objectivist because I will go to huge lengths to hold out for an old loyalty to a friend (read formative mentor in liberty), over ideas. So you have my loyalty, but you don't have my support. You are giving free reign to an outright Nazi – the first Nazi I know of being supported by a New Zealand blog, and you’re letting him grow a following on SOLO for Rand’s sake. So cordially I’m out for good. Do come see Mrs H and I in Sounds, however, please: perhaps we can fix this with alcohol.


My previous merit awards for arseholery:

 Life time ban from commenting on Labour Party' Red Alert.

Life time ban from commenting on The Standard(less)

 And for balance:

 Life time ban from commenting on Whale Oil.

 (Ironically Slater banned me from where he was drinking in a pub in Fiji. I was arguing the toss over euthanasia with a Christian doctor. Slater brought his full journalistic professionalism to play, deleting every one of my comments and leaving the Christian nutjob's up.)




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I think I originally said there'd be a play-pen for miscreants, but I'm not sure how that would work, and can't remember what we (I and the boys who set SOLO up, who have long since dispersed) had in mind exactly. You mean they are somehow confined to that area, which the rest of us can access while they cannot access the general forum?

Part of the problem I have is lack of a right-hand man with whom I can instantly and regularly confer. My last one fell victim to the very thing that caused me then to liberalise the requirement for a face pic. He needed to get back into the work force and couldn't afford in such a PC environment for his stuff here to show up in Google searches. He replaced his pic with a symbol and removed his surname from his posts. Fair enough. This wasn't the first time this had been an issue for folks here.

Anyway, thanks for the idea. I shall explore it with webmaster William!

A garbage pail?

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Linz - I don't bother to read the Nazi stuff posted by Bandler and I understand your attempt at being open to the point of allowing creatures like him to crawl around your website. The problem is, his kind get in the way of anything resembling intelligent discussion. (I note similar problems on Facebook threads that I don't bother with any more. It's just a waste of time dealing with certain people.)

But what about taking a page from another website and introducing some equivalent of a "garbage pail" where you would relegate Nazis & other such posters? They wouldn't be banned but they would be out of the way. You would still get their entertainment value (though I agree Chopin is a better option!) and anyone who wanted to waste time with them could do so. My modest suggestion.

Sorry to Mark Hubbard departing. It is, indeed, SOLO's lose.

Linz: End of the line (finally).

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Have a good read of the poison Nazi Bandler has put over four threads this morning Linz. It's really sick stuff. Everybody - who continue to never slap this evil bastard down - read every misogynist, racist, fascist, holocaust denying, anti-Semitic word. Noting his lunatic words, by volume, make up some bulk of SOLO, many of them in unchallenged header posts.

 For you and me, Linz, stalemate - yes your site. I tried. You win, and lose. And if you think this was about free speech, think again.

 I won't post to a site harbouring Nazis who are making not even veiled threats on my life and of violence against my person. I've said before I'd never associate with these creatures in my face-to-face life, and neither will I waste any more of my online life with them. Despite over the last three days they have made my point as ably as anything I've said, my summary anyway.

 This is your site, your choice, with the consequences.

 One consequence being you give me no choice. I am out, finally. You've swapped a liberty loving wowser-hating sense-of-lifer, for two miserable, violent, lunatic Nazis, both of whom are totally off their meds now.

 Watch out for them. Those are two creepy, seriously sick, guys. Look at their drooling over my violent death, which is probably actionable if it wasn't so sadly ludicrous. And for the record, on Nazi Bandler's out-and-out women hatred thread, you did deflect and chose not to put yourself on record that disenfranchising all women was an affront to individuals and liberty. You are no Nazi, of course, but on some fucked up level, you agree with the Aryan biological determinism of these two monsters, and that's down to your scrap with Brook, or ARSES or some nonsense thing, that has taken personal animosity to tragically flawed judgement.

 It's in this statement of yours:

 I've put up with it all since at his best [Bandler's] critique of OrgOism was trenchant and timely, and he raised questions about biology/psychology the OrthOists were and are afraid to address.

 You went on to say this monster and the Jones creature were 'mostly sound.'

 No. Look at Bandler's shameless rants from last night. All he has ever offered has been bigoted Aryan biological determinism in the form of total race and women hatred. Nothing else, but somehow, to some degree, you - and not just you - have had buy in.

 Nazi Bandler again insists, as he has unchecked through the presidential election, that to keep the Left out (yeah right), women, blacks and Hispanics must be universally disenfranchised. Margaret Thatcher is to have no vote. The newly retired and fantastic Thomas Sowell is to have no vote. Yet I wonder how Bandler explains how Hiliary Clinton is not president precisely because she did not get the black, Hispanic or women's vote she presumed? That the educated women's vote went to Trump? We'll never know because you and too many useful idiots in here not only never took the vicious Nazi to task, but I think on some level, accepted its analysis!

 By the way, you say the Nazi Bandler self-outed his anti-Semitic fascism. Again, no. I did that. I had him figured out in two days back here, after reading from a distance in horror, with his blatant, unchecked misogyny and framing of Ayn around Jewishness, and with a little pressure, a shockingly little amount of pressure, he went direct to Nazi death squads. Ask yourself how you have been entertaining him for years, thinking him 'mostly' sound FFS. You need to beat yourself up over that. You've lost so much support from it, and from good people. Noting I'm a loner, not into tribalism and I don't childishly take sides: I go investigate for myself, and satisfy myself as to the facts.

 Aside: In fact looking at the Nazi's posts from last night, which I reread after writing above, he's quite ill.

 Signing off.

 For Andrew Atkin.  My last bit of wisdom. I didn't like giving you a hard time; I suspect you're a nice bloke. BUT, it's fine to keep an open mind when the facts are arguable; it's stupid to keep an open mind in spite of the facts. Holocaust denial: NEVER go there.

 Gregster: are you on drugs? You were a good guy. You've allowed the Nazis to turn you into their goon.

 Best of luck to the fantastic women who put up with the shit in here. SOLO needs dozens more women. Intellectually and aesthetically.

 All the best, Linz. I have no animosity toward you, just confusion. I'm not leaving because of you, despite some big fails here. I'm leaving because this not a nice place to be. I'd do some infantile symbolic act like delete my account, but would rather spend time with Mrs H on the balcony. It's a glorious day in the Mahau.

 So I leave you all in the hands, unfortunately, of the resident two women hating, race hating, human hating, deeply, deeply anti-Semitic neo-Nazi mummy's boys, lunatics, and their oh so offhand violence and threats.


Data-points of infamy.


Nazi Bandler to me:

 You are a real idiot. I dislike you intensely. So much so, I wish you harm; suffering and harm.

 But you're still a piece of hippie garbage either way. If the right wing death squads do emerge, I hope they throw you out of a helicopter along with the left.

 Many more threats I can't be bothered trawling through.


Creature Grant Jones to me:

 Maybe [you] can go into a Maori bar, start an argument and give it a try. I'd pay a dollar to see that.

 My recommendation is a bottle of sleeping pills, then washed down with Hubbard's usual three bottles of wine. I look forward to reading his obit. The sooner the better.


I'm now 100% in favor of assisted suicide. In order to demonstrate my new found commitment, I volunteer to help out. When Hubbard is ready, he just needs to contact me. I will happily perform the Jack Kevorkian role for him. I can now see how putting such a miserable poor excuse for a human being out of his misery is an act of mercy.


Mi General!!

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Long Live Pinochetian Minarchism!!!

Throw them ALL out of helicopters! Start with the ARI. lol

Now that's a face with attitude. No pussy Leftist mug on that one.

Once again, show me the equivalent of an Objectivist Tom Woods.

Last thing. That video proves that it is only the alt-right that is capable of humor today. The Left no longer is and Objectivists are lifeless, humorless drones. Witness Hubbard.

"...privatize industry and sentence all the leftists to die. Sentence all the leftists to die. doodoodoo..."

Catchy tune.

Asberger's will be Asberger's

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Commandant Gregster. Um, don't worry about the Nazis in the room, just concentrate on the grammar.


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I googled but couldn't find "bone fide," apart from a band on F**ebook, and not in combination with "Nazi." Could someone enlighten me?

Why the two Nazies should be dispensed like rubbish they are ...

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... quoting myself from the women-hater thread:


... acknowledging this is Linz’s site, I have no agreement with any free speech argument that gives Nazis Bandler and Jones continued oxygen for Linz’s entertainment. That (Linz) is Nero watching civilisation burn. Those two come from such an evil place – it doesn’t get worse than them – they should not sup, ever, with human beings. One thing Mossad has always had correct is hunting down Nazis no matter where those worms hide, and exterminating them for the vermin they are. The argument is only one of free speech when it’s all humans at the table. So I remain in disagreement. Noting there have been deleterious consequences for SOLO, namely, it’s down to a very small cabal of posters, most of whom, outside Olivia, VSD, Ed, Luke – perhaps some others – are vacuous useful-idiots (little wonder they get tripped up by biology over the rational mind arguments put to them my Nazis).

Way 2 Funny

Grant Jones's picture

But, in a sad way. Oh, there's a picture of some guy at the top of the thread. Oh, it's that Mark. That makes everything so much clearer for those of us who live in a different fucking hemisphere! I know it's not nice to make fun of mental defectives. But sometimes, you just can't help it.

Because, it would be impossible to get some random picture off the internet and post it on some retarded avatar thing. That could never, ever happen. It must be that Grant, Doug and Mark Hunter are the same person. LOL!

For all I know, Perigo and Hubbard are the same person. For all I know, Perigo has unleashed his attack dog Hubbard so he doesn't have to simply ban people he doesn't like.

P.S. I forgot, I lack humor. Unlike Hubbard, who is a laugh riot, but not on purpose.

Oh Noes!

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They're coming for Mark!

Not kicking anyone out ...

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I'm becoming addicted to its entertainment value too. Smiling I now learn that I'm an OrthOist and an OrgOist. News to those truly in those categories, I'm sure! Smiling


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Please don't kick anyone out.

The 'feel the love' zone is getting so over the top, it's actually becoming very entertaining Smiling

Hubbard the SJW

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Is SOLO about this Linz? This killer, that's what Slime is, and his sympathisers like Puerile. This, and the Nazi's Aryan biological determinism (women hatred, race hatred, Jew hatred) all through SOLO, is beyond sickening.

Oh god. What a little bitch you are. You might as well become a full fledged SJW at this point; precious little snowflake.


So much for fearlessly exploring all issues and searching for truth.


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Dare you to blue-sticky this post .... as a lesson on the evil of renouncing the duty to think.


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You and your holocaust denial and your total hate filled certifiable insanity, GET OUT OF MY THREAD. It's for humans only.

My one piece of advice for you: leave mommy's, stand on your own feet - don't just trawl the internet all day for hate - and GET HELP.


Linz, in case you miss this one, Slime ends his comment with (to me): 'You are a real idiot. I dislike you intensely. So much so, I wish you harm; suffering and harm. [Snip]. But you're still a piece of hippie garbage either way. If the right wing death squads do emerge, I hope they throw you out of a helicopter along with the left.'

Is SOLO about this Linz? This killer, that's what Slime is, and his sympathisers like Puerile. This, and the Nazi's Aryan biological determinism (women hatred, race hatred, Jew hatred) all through SOLO,  is beyond sickening.

Merry Christmas Hubbard

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Some points:

I didn't deny that 6 million Jews were killed because of German action. I denied the "gas chambers". The Jews were killed as a result of slave labor camps not "gas chambers". The "gas chambers" story was American war propaganda. Go research it. Yes, the Nazis hated Jews. They blamed them for the destruction that Leftist movements were doing at the time. Was that right? No, but I understand where it came from. Today we have something similar as Jews are instrumental in every Leftist movement and they dominate the Media and the investment banks. Yes, there are deeper philosophic reasons. But Jews are archetypical Leftists, and they have a deep seated ethnic grudge against white gentiles. That is something to be studied and understood. Even a Conservative Jew like Larry Auster understood that and was very critical of Jews for their leftism. But of course, Objectivists with their preciously delicate psychologies can't deal with anything that isn't straight out of the Ayn Rand Lexicon.

To you Mr. Hubbard

You are a real idiot. I dislike you intensely. So much so, I wish you harm; suffering and harm. You have the Leftist psychology Grant talked about and that I hate. You get "triggered" like a leftist. You need "safe spaces" like a leftist". And you are ignorant like a leftist. Although there are actually some leftists like the anti-war types who understand that Iran is not a threat, that Russia is not a threat. That the real threat are the globalists and the Neo-Cons who have been running America for decades. And I say this as someone who can't stand Islam or Muslims.

The libertarian movement has better analysts when it comes to foreign policy: Scott Horton, Ron Paul (and his team), Ryan Dawson, Tom Woods, etc.. They are making empirical arguments and putting forth excellent data to show that America's foreign policy is what has destabilized the ME. And underneath that is the worldview that America must control the world and remake the world in the image of late stage American Leftist welfare state democracy. This is the Overton Window that BOTH Democrats and Republicans accept (and Objectivists). Trump seems to be a partial exception. Let's hope.

But I can see that I am casting pearls before swine. Whether Lindsay wants to ban me or not is fine. But you're still a piece of hippie garbage either way. If the right wing death squads do emerge, I hope they throw you out of a helicopter along with the left.


Totally unbelievable Puerile.

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You've got such an open mind your brain has fallen out. Either that or you are a total retard, this is way beyond useful idiot.

I would sum up Ayn's Gestalt as: live in reality. Your head is so far up your arse you can't see reality to the point you're actually defending a Nazi. Read my post again on the evidence. Read his Iranian explosion post and his glorification of the Nazis in his first para. Here, I'll print his insanity again for you:

"Iranian fireball" stuff is nonsense. As is the "gas chambers". The camps were not "gas chambers". They were slave labor camps. The Jews died of typhoid not by being "thrown into ovens". The "gas chambers" was America war propaganda made to justify the massive and ruthless bombing and slaughter of millions of German people during and after the war. Perhaps you don't know this but even General Patton, America's greatest and most competent WW2 general, said after the war that America fought on the wrong side and that the violence against the Germans was excessive. He called the Germans a "fine race" and didn't like the anti-German hatred by the post war allies. He ended up dead mysteriously too.

As I say in my post above, complete with his framing of Ayn by 'Jewishness', his Aryan biological determinism, which you all sucked up to the stage of running a serious thread we should disenfranchise all women ... you still defend him, a Nazi.

Right. Actually, no: I just can't help you.

I'm getting in my car and taking a boot load of wine to friends in Nelson. Heaven only knows what further atrocity I'll find here on my return.


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I don't agree with Doug on the holocaust, but to deny the orthodox story of the holocaust doesn't make one a Nazi. If I believe Bruno Hauptman was innocent of kidnapping Lindbergh's son*, that doesn't make me an advocate of kidnapping. I have no reason to think that Doug approves of rounding up Jews in slave labor camps.
*He was almost certainly guilty.

I've actually got three

Mark Hubbard's picture

I've actually got three liberty litmus tests: euthanasia; Drug Legalisation; General Wowserism (huge subset: humour).

Rereading his last 'Iran Explosion' comment the depth of his insanity is impressive. The thing about insanity is you have to be really clever not to let it leak out unobserved. It's taken me years to the hang of it. Wine helps. My only observable symptom is no self-censor.

[Support on my wall of heros - in my head.]

Well, Bro Hubbard ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I saw this after I posted on the Shame thread. Agree, he's a Nazi. Has he been all along?

And yes, had I insisted all along on photos and real names, as per the policy, then I could have avoided this. I started allowing exceptions when decent humans informed me they were being penalised in job interviews for being on SOLO.

Doug and Grant (and Hunter for that matter) could all be one and the same for all I know. The lack of humour is a dead give-away in all three cases. Grant's wowserism and Hunter's anti-gaiety were also red flags. Rum and sodomy not only give life meaning, they are its meaning.

I don't have your support? Frankly I'm not going to notice anything different, am I??!! Smiling

Yes, my judgment is clearly lousy. But SOLO will remain open to all-comers. Even Islamotrash can post here if it wants.

Um ... Linz

Mark Hubbard's picture

Given your totally appropriate response re Slime on the Israel thread, on his outing, finally, I may be premature in my notice of leave.

I'm going to go have Xmas. Back later - Wednesday!

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