Music of the Gods: Zoltan Kocsis, 1952-2016

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2016-12-28 04:29

Here's a KASS performance ...

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... of classic Schubert.

Evidently Zoltan had major coronary problems that caused him to cancel all his upcoming engagements three years ago. If you look at the from-behind shots here of him bowing (this was recorded in 1998, much later than the earlier vids I posted) it's evident that he's been eating altogether too many carbs!

Zoltan ...

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... was much under-rated. I got his CDs decades ago and wondered why he wasn't more feted. He was super-intelligent, and I think hated the marketing bullshit that might have got him more attention. I didn't learn that he'd died until earlier this month, when talking to a young pianist here who's also a fan.

My god!

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Lord Whopper Flopper knows how to catch Lady Slapper's attention - the Liszt in A major! My mother's favourite ballet piece, can you believe. Impossibly high drama and energy! I'm used to the Sviatoslav Richter version, but I have to admit, this glorious Zoltan has his own beautiful, idiosyncratic accents that are on a par - I noticed it on the Chopin Ballad you posted at Ed. One of the most touching versions I've ever heard.

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