Make Western Civilisation Great Again!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2016-12-29 04:25

Undeniably, the biggest events of 2016, seismic in their enormity, were Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Because of those two events, for the first time in eight years we could say that Western Civilisation had rallied to mount a rearguard action against The Anti-West, aka Islamo-Marxism, aka The Filth. The latter were in pouting, infantile retreat, alternately sullen and hysterical, unable to comprehend that the seeming hegemony of their loathsome, totalitarian world view was not invincible after all.

Here in New Zealand, an eight-year non-event named John Key stood down as Prime Minister. He hadn't been that bad, but he hadn't been that good, either. He could have been a lot better. It turns out he simply couldn't be bothered; better as far as he was concerned just to coast and be "cool." Key's place was taken by Bill English—which means for the first time in the history of the world there's a Prime Minister named English who cannot speak it. Neither he nor his deputy nor his predecessor; fry-quacking and droning are "cool," and as ubiquitous as they are despicable. This is one respect in which Western Civilisation has yet to mount a comeback. May it enlist a Benedict Cumberbatch in a crusade for speech worthy of human beings, not ducks. Let it be cool to be clear. Make speaking great again!

Right at the end of 2016, New Zealand disgraced itself by joining such illustrious members of The Anti-West as China and Venezuela in condemning Israeli settlements on the West Bank. Now we learn that Foreign Minister Murray McCully was up to his Machiavellian eyeballs in drafting the pro-terrorist resolution. I hereby indict Mohammed McCully as a card-carrying member of The Filth.

If the resurgence of the West is to proceed apace in 2017, the new POTUS must move expeditiously to withdraw from the United Nations and banish Islamo-Marxism's single biggest repository from American soil (some wags are suggesting he could turn it into condos!). This may be too much to hope for, but we thought that of Brexit and Trump's election. Maybe, in Trump's words, we should get used to the idea of winning for a change. Certainly, Trump's pre-inaugural Twitter-rumblings about the UN are grounds for optimism.

NATO should declare war on every Muslim entity—be it nation or group or self-proclaimed caliphate—that has declared and/or is waging war on the West. Trump should reinstate the original version of his immigration proposal—"complete and total shutdown of Muslim immigration," i.e., the Not One Muslim policy first proposed by me here on SOLO before Trump announced it as his!—rather than the diluted one that he's allowed to be foisted upon him by wet useful idiots. All civilised nations should do the same. We can worry about exemptions and waivers once Not One Muslim has become our official default position.

We must drain the swamp of Fifth Columnists in our midst, the swamp of Academia. Academia, where they see sexists, misogynists, racists, etc., in, on and under every bed yet are indifferent when one of their own calls for "white genocide." To mix metaphors here, the cancer of Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness must be excised. While The Filth are entitled to their views (even as they seek to ban free speech in their "safe zones" and beyond), they are not entitled to indoctrinate their charges with those views at taxpayer expense. They and those of their charges they've stupefied into, like, total, like, incoherence, the, like, moronnials who cannot, like, string a, like, sentence together, let alone, like, think, like, conceptually, must be disenfranchised by a political literacy test. The same test would undoubtedly disqualify most of The Anti-West masquerading as journalists in the mainstream media, another swamp we must drain. Airhead America and their equivalents must never be allowed to destroy the best traditions of their respective nations by sheer weight of numbers.The fact that advanced, industrialised and still-relatively-free nations have warts should not deter them from excising their cancers. Excise warts by all means, but go after cancers first!

These are some of the challenges a resurgent Western Civilisation faces. It has faced them before and triumphed, even when the odds seemed hopeless. Right is might when it rediscovers the courage of its convictions.

As the President-elect prepares to open this most momentous chapter in his remarkable life, let the human, as opposed to sub- and pre-human world adopt as its New Year's Resolution:

Make Western Civilisation Great Again!!

A KASS New Year to you all!

Bwuno ...

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... you are clearly a wacist white supwemacist nationalist xenophobe Chwistian pwotectionist Islamophobe misogynist sexist homophobe blah blah blah.* Did you not hear Twump say "Amewica First" in that speech by "the villain of our time"?! How could you support *that*?

*At least, I hope you are! Eye Evil

Donny: Greatest tax cut ever

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After hearing this speech on "the biggest tax cut in US history" I think I'm about ready to move back across the pond. Spectacular speech by The Donald at the Heritage Foundation. Speech on American values, heritage and most of all economic prosperity.

edit of last post

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I can’t edit my post of a few minutes ago because, I guess, Ellliot replied in the meantime.

Years later --> Later
because it was only three years, maybe less.

You're misunderstanding his

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You're misunderstanding his point because you didn't read it.


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I already know why Columbus is a hero, I don’t need Reisman to explain it to me. And of course what he wrote was virtue signaling.

It’s fine that there’s a non-racist reason for admiring Christopher Columbus (I use “racist” in the sense Leftists do) but if Reisman wants to help save America he won’t do it by insinuating that a white country is “absurd.”

Refuse the crumbs these people allow you. If you want, read them very critically and get what you can out of it but as for me I would rather spend my time elsewhere.

Reisman and his wife were kicked out of ARI because they complained about Binswanger and Schwartz taking too much from the till, not for ideological reasons. Years later George Reisman was gung-ho for the Iraq invasion. These days he opposes immigration only to countries with masive welfare programs, otherwise – and he takes care to say this – he has no objection. His is the usual man as economic cipher view.

“The philosophy of individual rights and capitalism implies that foreigners have a right to come and to live and work here, i.e., to immigrate into the United States.” – George Reisman in “Immigration Plus Welfare State Equal Police State” on his blog in 2006.  Thanks a lot, George!

To his credit he did appear in a video interview hosted by Stefan Molyneaux, the well-known immigration patriot (of obnoxious manner but useful), on another subject (the free market vs. the Nazis). Brook or Binswanger would never allow themselves to associate with Molyneaux on any subject.

No preference for Europeans?

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How does Reisman suppose Western Civilization could have elsewise spread to America?

Not men but floating abstractions sailing across the pond?

Settlers. Colonizers. Explorers. Not "immigrants".

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Europeans were not "immigrants".

He's not virtue signaling,

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He's not virtue signaling, he's explaining there's a non-racist reason. Which there is. Some people don't know that.

He's acknowledging a standard view exists, mentioning it, and saying what he thinks of it (absurd), and being clear to differentiate his view from it.

If you read the post you'll see there's a good, important point to it.

Virtue signaling by

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Virtue signaling by Reisman:

“I consider Columbus to be the discoverer not because of any such absurd reason as a preference for Europeans over Asiatics ...”

at which point I quit reading.

great article on Columbus by

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great article on Columbus by George Reisman:

New World Discovery Day

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Ed Hudgins's Columbus Day essay above ends with:

"The clash between the cultures of pre-Columbian natives and European immigrants certainly produced injustices for natives. But it would have been unjust for those natives to expect the immigrants to hold themselves to the level of primitive cultures and beliefs. The true long-term tragedy is that so many of the descendants of the pre-Columbian peoples in North America ended up on reservations rather than integrated into a society that offers opportunities for each individual to excel.

"Columbus opened a whole new land for those who would tame nature and build a new, free, and prosperous nation. We should celebrate the opportunity for America that he gave us—not apologize for it."


But maybe we should get rid of the name Columbus -- with all of its association with Columbus's rights-violating acts -- and instead call the holiday "New World Discovery Day" or some such.

Why Being an Introvert Is Actually the Biggest Blessing

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The Mill quote made me think of this new article:

"Make no mistake — I fully understand the importance of maintaining human relations. I simply don't think our entire existence should hinge on it. ... Yet solo-shaming persists, because being alone — even for a little while — is perceived by some as unusual or, in lots of cases, wrong. ... The biggest misconception of all? That alone means lonely. ... And that's just it — I'm able to deal with my own thoughts, which I believe is something many people aren't capable of. I'm able to cultivate my independence, count on myself for anything and everything (including a good time!), and consciously reflect on my emotions and mental state."

What Western Civilisation is up against ...

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"The sort of persons whom not merely in books but in their lives, we find perpetually engaged in hunting for excitement from without, are invariably those who do not possess, either in the vigor of their intellectual powers or in the depth of their sensibilities, that which would enable them to find ample excitement nearer home."

John Stuart Mill was onto Zero-Attention-Span SJW moronnials in 1839! Excerpt from Thoughts on Poetry and Its Varieties.

The Warriors!

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Making war on The Swamp. Gorka and Bannon (and painful ole vocal fry Laura).

YouTube = Anti-West

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Note the stellar example of a "noble savage" about 3' 50" in. Self-selected for virtue, no doubt:

Warning to Brits reading SOLO

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Reading SOLO might soon land you in jail for 15 years!

integration contract

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will make the Muslims more dangerous in the aggregate.

the Austrians are going to ride the tiger?

Western Cultural Self-Assertion

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Ed -- The philosophy, culture, and lifestyle of Western liberalism is fighting back a bit and somewhat defending itself in Austria. That's good to see. But it may be too little, too late. And the ultimate destroyers of Western liberalism in Austria aren't the Muslims -- they're the Austrians.

But consider the damage that has already been done, according to the article:

"Austria's Muslim population now exceeds 700,000 (or roughly 8% of the total population), up from an estimated 340,000 (or 4.25%) in 2001 and 150,000 (or 2%) in 1990, according to data compiled by the University of Vienna.

"The massive demographic and religious shift underway in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country, appears irreversible. In Vienna, where the Muslim population now exceeds 12.5%, Muslim students already outnumber Catholic students at middle and secondary schools. Muslim students are also on the verge of overtaking Catholics in Viennese elementary schools.

"At the same time, Austria has emerged as a major base for radical Islam. Austria's Agency for State Protection and Counterterrorism (BVT) has warned of the 'exploding radicalization of the Salafist scene in Austria.' Salafism is an anti-Western ideology that seeks to impose Islamic Sharia law."

Western Civilization needs a pure liberal revolution!

Austria: Integration Law Goes into Effect

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An interesting approach:

The new law also requires immigrants from non-EU countries to sign an "integration contract" which obligates them to learn written and spoken German and to enroll in courses about the "basic values of Austria's legal and social order." Immigrants are also required to "acquire knowledge of the democratic order and the basic principles derived from it."

Austria: Integration Law Goes into Effect
"Integration through performance"


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Thanks for this video. I was just recently watching a video of Gary North's views of social morality being based on Biblical Law. I hold to a different view but these Christian libertarians or Conservatives can be very knowledgable. The older I get the more I value knowledge and erudition over blind ideology as demonstrated by OrgOists.

Speaking of OrgOists, Aquinas was better on immigration than anyone in the ARI. And he didn't even have the benefit of having access to Rand's view of concept formation. Crazy.

Thomas Aquinas On Immigration

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I confess that I haven't read the primary sources, but The Theologian was excellent -- and I doubt he was even talking about Islamic immigration:

Outstanding post!

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A wonderful post, Lindsay!

I too see Key as a "what could have been" leader. He could and should have done *vastly* better. Out-of-control local government spending has remained untouched. Welfare numbers (while down in some categories) could have been dropped further. The things that angered me most of all, though, were his pathetic cave-in on "refugees" and now his (and McCully's) unforgivable action against Israel. I am convinced that Key stood down because he knew this was happening and he didn't want a poo-stain on his record. Too bad - he has one anyway.

This country *desperately* needs a "damn the torpedoes" leader. Someone who knows damned well the huge dangers that Islam (and socialism) pose to the West and someone who would act against them. Someone like Geert Wilders or the wonderfully-outspoken Hungarian PM Viktor Orban.


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I think the West and world is rising. Some elements of the Brexit and Trump movements are quite hopeful. But more important than changing the politics of current mankind is changing its philosophy. Monotheism, welfare statism, and the self-sacrifice they both love (which I call "the religio-socialist ethic") need to be crushed. Let all our new intellectual theories be based upon solid reason and verifiable science. Hopefully soon Western Civilization will be more civilized than ever.

My ideal is to go to war to

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My ideal is to go to war to the end of achieving the enforcement of basic human rights - universally, world over.

But I suppose that, by default, would mean going to war with much of the Islamic world. So be it.

The truth is, until we create a world where people stop abusing their children, we will always have barbarians at our gates that we have to worry about and deal with. We need to stop this. And when we're dealing with countries that have backwards ideas and practices we should be proudly arrogant. Intrude and punish to stop honour killings and the like - if necessary. Let the savages know who's boss - if necessary.

Wonderful piece Lindsay!

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a great and succinct overview of our current time. So good to see you rationally optimistic once again! Smiling

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