Linz: End of the line (finally).

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2016-12-30 19:30



Have a good read of the poison Nazi Bandler has put over four threads this morning Linz. It's really sick stuff. Everybody - who continue to never slap this evil bastard down - read every misogynist, racist, fascist, holocaust denying, anti-Semitic word. Noting his lunatic words, by volume, make up some bulk of SOLO, many of them in unchallenged header posts.

 For you and me, Linz, stalemate - yes your site. I tried. You win, and lose. And if you think this was about free speech, think again.

 I won't post to a site harbouring Nazis who are making not even veiled threats on my life and of violence against my person. I've said before I'd never associate with these creatures in my face-to-face life, and neither will I waste any more of my online life with them. Despite over the last three days they have made my point as ably as anything I've said, my summary anyway.

 This is your site, your choice, with the consequences.

 One consequence being you give me no choice. I am out, finally. You've swapped a liberty loving wowser-hating sense-of-lifer, for two miserable, violent, lunatic Nazis, both of whom are totally off their meds now.

 Watch out for them. Those are two creepy, seriously sick, guys. Look at their drooling over my violent death, which is probably actionable if it wasn't so sadly ludicrous. And for the record, on Nazi Bandler's out-and-out women hatred thread, you did deflect and chose not to put yourself on record that disenfranchising all women was an affront to individualism and liberty. You are no Nazi, of course, but on some fucked up level, you agree with the Aryan biological determinism of these two monsters, and that's down to your scrap with Brook, or ARSES or some nonsense thing, that has taken personal animosity to tragically flawed judgement.

 It's in this statement of yours:

 I've put up with it all since at his best [Bandler's] critique of OrgOism was trenchant and timely, and he raised questions about biology/psychology the OrthOists were and are afraid to address.

 You went on to say this monster and the Jones creature were 'mostly sound.'

 No. Look at Bandler's shameless rants from last night. All he has ever offered has been bigoted Aryan biological determinism in the form of total race and women hatred. Nothing else, but somehow, to some degree, you - and not just you - have had buy in.

 Nazi Bandler again insists, as he has unchecked through the presidential election, that to keep the Left out (yeah right), women, blacks and Hispanics must be universally disenfranchised. Margaret Thatcher is to have no vote. The newly retired and fantastic Thomas Sowell is to have no vote. Yet I wonder how Bandler explains how Hiliary Clinton is not president precisely because she did not get the black, Hispanic or women's vote she presumed? That the educated women's vote went to Trump? We'll never know because you and too many useful idiots in here not only never took the vicious Nazi to task, but I think on some level, accepted its analysis!

 By the way, you say the Nazi Bandler self-outed his anti-Semitic fascism. Again, no. I did that. I had him figured out in two days back here, after reading from a distance in horror, with his blatant, unchecked misogyny and framing of Ayn around Jewishness, and with a little pressure, a shockingly little amount of pressure, he went direct to Nazi death squads. Ask yourself how you have been entertaining him for years, thinking him 'mostly' sound FFS. You need to beat yourself up over that. You've lost so much support from it, and from good people. Noting I'm a loner, not into tribalism and I don't childishly take sides: I go investigate for myself, and satisfy myself as to the facts.

 Aside: In fact looking at the Nazi's posts from last night, which I reread after writing above, he's quite ill.

 Signing off.

 For Andrew Atkin.  My last bit of wisdom. I didn't like giving you a hard time; I suspect you're a nice bloke. BUT, it's fine to keep an open mind when the facts are arguable; it's stupid to keep an open mind in spite of the facts. Holocaust denial: NEVER go there.

 Gregster: are you on drugs? You were a good guy. You've allowed the Nazis to turn you into their goon.

 Best of luck to the fantastic women who put up with the shit in here. SOLO needs dozens more women. Intellectually and aesthetically.

 All the best, Linz. I have no animosity toward you, just confusion. I'm not leaving because of you, despite some big fails here. I'm leaving because this not a nice place to be. I'd do some infantile symbolic act like delete my account, but would rather spend time with Mrs H on the balcony. It's a glorious day in the Mahau.

 So I leave you all in the hands, unfortunately, of the resident two women hating, race hating, human hating, deeply, deeply anti-Semitic neo-Nazi mummy's boys, lunatics, and their oh so offhand violence and threats.


Data-points of infamy.


Nazi Bandler to me:

 You are a real idiot. I dislike you intensely. So much so, I wish you harm; suffering and harm.

 But you're still a piece of hippie garbage either way. If the right wing death squads do emerge, I hope they throw you out of a helicopter along with the left.

 Many more threats I can't be bothered trawling through.


Creature Grant Jones to me:

 Maybe [you] can go into a Maori bar, start an argument and give it a try. I'd pay a dollar to see that.

 My recommendation is a bottle of sleeping pills, then washed down with Hubbard's usual three bottles of wine. I look forward to reading his obit. The sooner the better.


I'm now 100% in favor of assisted suicide. In order to demonstrate my new found commitment, I volunteer to help out. When Hubbard is ready, he just needs to contact me. I will happily perform the Jack Kevorkian role for him. I can now see how putting such a miserable poor excuse for a human being out of his misery is an act of mercy.


Bro Hubbard

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At the bottom of every page on SOLO appears the following:

The opinions expressed here are the unmoderated views of the contributors who express them. They do not necessarily reflect the views of other contributors, or of SOLO, and do not necessarily align with Objectivism.

Nuff said.

You left out the most egregious abuse of you by Jentz. He accused you of drinking three bottles of wine a day. Definitely a slander. Only three?!

Now I'll get it again for being flippant, no doubt. If you decide to come back, you're welcome. But just make your point; don't throw hissy fits when you don't get instant agreement or acknowledgement from me, and don't presume to tell me whom to allow and not allow on here. A Jones/Hubbard debate on whether assisted suicide is murder would have been good, but it didn't get out of the starting gate, alas.

I'll take a look at the overnight posts at some point today (sigh).

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