President Donald Trump

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Submitted by Ed Hudgins on Fri, 2017-01-20 19:01

Obama is out and the rebuilding begins!

We all have our favorite moments in the inaugural speech. What are yours?

I was pleased that Trump said, "We stand at the birth of a new millennium ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow." Sounds like he's been listening to Peter Thiel. Obviously I hope the private sector leads the way. This future-focus is what the economy needs and these aspirations reflect the best of the human spirit.

That was a great line ...

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Very pointed. Lots in the audience seemed to miss it. Or maybe they couldn't believe he said it after the pre-show hype about reaching out and all that BS.

Fantastic SOTU from a fantastic POTUS.

Bwook the Cwook and the rest of ARISIS will be hysterical.

"Americans are dreamers too"

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"Americans are dreamers, too." Donald Trump, State of the Union, 1/30.18

Freedom of Speech in Britain Is Dead Thanks to TDS

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Brit patriot's open letter to Trump:

Winning utterly!

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Most entertaining President ever - I just love watching him love his job.
This is just the funniest thing, they will never get over it. Smiling


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Beautiful! Fake News exposed by the President himself. Trump is leading the charge of the culture war. WINNING!


Fake News Awards

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So popular the site crashed when these were first announced:


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Haitians have an average IQ of 67 (Sixty-seven).

According to the American Psychiatric Association, 1994, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV):

"Borderline Intellectual Functioning: IQ 71-84
Mild Mental Retardation: IQ 50-55 to approximately 70"


Obvious and Unmentioned

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The obvious point here -- which not one person has mentioned, to my knowledge -- is Trump was condemning countries and regions, not races. If people interpret that to mean he's condemning blacks and Hispanics then they are the racists. They're inadvertently confessing that they think the low quality of the countries and regions Trump mentioned is a direct or inevitable product of the low quality of the people inside it.


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. . . Is outwaged

If Trump ...

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... really said that about "shithole countries" than he's a bigger hero than I thought. Next thing he'll be talking about "dinky little savages." And yes, it's great to see The Filth having paroxysms in response. Is anyone monitoring Yawon?

Obleftivists, Libtards Can't Handle the Truth about "Shitholes"

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A great question. The Filth's reaction gives away their game.

"Why do we want people from all these shithole countries here?" President Trump

I enjoyed that exchange

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Miller is new to me. What an unflappable guy.

Evil on Steroids

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Jake Tapper, part of The Filth, is one of Ghastly Ghate's and Yellow Yawon's pin-ups. Here that thing is in full evil mode, attempting to badger the brilliant Stephen Miller. The thing gets its comeuppance:

Verily ...

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... 2018 promises to be The Most Interesting Year Ever in the History of the World. I give the good guys a 30% chance of coming out on top. Steven Mallory's "drooling beast" is ubiquitous, prowling through the world at every turn. It's even prowling through Objectivism in the form of ARISIS. We are up against not just the hatred of the good for being the good but the worship of evil for being the evil, every which way.

2018 opens with a hiss and a roar...

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North Korea talks to South Korea - and asks if its athletes can compete at the upcoming winter Olympics.
Bannon shows his grossly indiscreet colours by "opening up" to a scummy Washington journalist/writer who has TDS, earning him the Trump designated title of 'Sloppy Steve' - methinks that one will stick!
The FBI opens a probe into the Clinton Foundation... finally.
What will the rest of the year bring?? I feel it's going to be one hell of a ride. Smiling

Future Freedom

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Donald Trump continues to function mostly as an implicit and de facto pro-Western, pro-American, pro-capitalist, pro-libertarian, pro-liberty politician. I think the possibility today of being a successful explicit and principled one is quite a bit higher than most people previously assumed, including me.

Here's an interesting article claiming that part of the reason the Iranians are currently rising up against their religious enslavers is due to President Trump:


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to see President Trump's great tweets in support of the protests in Iran. I bet their evil regime is quaking in its totalitarian boots.

God I love this President!

Good summary of Trump's achievements ...

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... by Ben Garrison:

"Naturally, to those possessed with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ all of his accomplishments are the acme of evil. This is to be expected. The left’s precious socialism and political correctness are finally getting the pushback they’ve long deserved, thanks to President Trump.

"There remains much work to be done. Our infrastructure needs rebuilding. The wall needs to be built. The Deep State Swamp needs a lot more draining. Hillary still needs to be locked up. President Trump remains the best man for the job."


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As usual, a plethora of misstatements and false speculations attributed to me. I haven't the time or interest to deny things I never said or address obscure references I don't understand.

But certainly Trump and every other political leader could do far better if guided by knowledge rather than instinct.

Trump/Haley to UN: "Make my day"

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Does it get any better than this?

Happy holidays Merry Christmas one and all, and especially to the President & Mrs Trump.

Centipede's Dilemma, or, "Let Trump be Trump"

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"He's doing magnificently on his own philosophy and instincts - the Libertarians failed considerably to counteract the Gramsci-fication of their whole fucking culture. "

I was just thinking that, yesterday. All too true.

If the Libertarians were to "get a hold of him", I doubt the result would be to give him" some semi-solid philosophy and values to stand upon, and guide him thru, these next 3 years". As Rand said, "It's earlier than you think."

It would be more like the parable of "The Centipede's Dilemma", where a jealous bug asks the centipede to demonstrate how it walks with 100 feet, resulting in the centipede tripping over himself, and forgetting how to walk.

"The Centipede's Dilemma" is a short poem that has lent its name to a psychological effect called the centipede effect or centipede syndrome. The centipede effect occurs when a normally automatic or unconscious activity is disrupted by consciousness of it or reflection on it. For example, a golfer thinking too closely about their swing or someone thinking too much about how they knot their tie may find their performance of the task impaired. The effect is also known as hyper-reflection...".

The Libertarians, at this point, would be the bug that gets jealous of the centipede, who has already done more in one year than they have in decades, to have an impact. He's not Galt, but to paraphrase THE DARK KNIGHT, "he's not the hero we deserve, but the one we need, right now."

Brava Olivia!

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Just let Trump be Trump. Kyrel recently told us the allegedly complete inaction on the wall was "inexcusable." When I pointed out how far advanced the planning is ... blank-out. Kyrel?

Today Trump got his tax plan through. Bwook, Ghastly and the rest of Obleftivist ARISIS and possibly Kyrel will say that because it doesn't make income tax voluntary tomorrow, Trump is "the villain of our times" and a "cancer." Bwook is a cancer. Obleftivism is a cancer.

As I type I'm watching Jonas Kaufmann's "My Italy." Jonas is no Mario, just as Trump is not John Galt. Doesn't make Jonas "the villain of our time." FFS!!!!!

Trump is, on the evidence thus far, better than Reagan, easily the greatest president in my lifetime. The question is, is he too late? Gramscification has now enabled the Islamisation of Europe, aided and abetted by Obleftivism, and manifested thus ...

... and the Islamisation of America is proceeding apace—and there are only about twenty people on earth with the courage to speak up.


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I hope he hangs tough. I especially hope some libertarian somewhere somehow gets a hold of him and gives him some semi-solid philosophy and values to stand upon, and guide him thru, these next 3 years.

He's doing magnificently on his own philosophy and instincts - the Libertarians failed considerably to counteract the Gramsci-fication of their whole fucking culture. They're too busy legalising dope and philosophising about open borders. Idiots. Not men of action, just wankers.

I hope like hell nobody 'gets a hold of' Trump - just let him keep doing what he wants to do. Let Trump be Trump! He is buying America time so it doesn't turn into Europe - that is: until his time is up and you guys go back to another Dem-scum administration in keeping with Gramsci, as Yawon Bwook et al would have it if they get their way.

Wise up Kyrel.

Implicit Slight Libertarian

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Trump has been in office for almost a year now, and so far he seems to have stuck to his guns, and is about the same person he was when he was elected. He hasn't much become corrupted or deterred. Independent conservatives and progressives still tend to like and root for him, while establishment conservatives and progressives still tend to fear and loath him.

I hope he hangs tough. I especially hope some libertarian somewhere somehow gets a hold of him and gives him some semi-solid philosophy and values to stand upon, and guide him thru, these next 3 years. Smiling

It still tickles me...

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that this very high-achieving man, as thoughtful as he is honest, is now President.

Interesting point, his criticisms of the press go way, way back - this is 1998 - and he considered them then to be dishonest.

Build that Wall

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Lindsay -- That internet link may be defective. Maybe try:

America seems like Germany to me: overwhelmed with guilt. Americans hate what happened to blacks in their past, just as Germans hate what happened to Jews, Gypsies, the crippled, etc. in their past. Both nations seek to make amends via current immigration self-immolation and demographic suicide. But the barbarian immigrants will benefit little long-term, while the native Westerners will suffer a lot.

I say: Keep the savages out. Instead, tell them in cold, harsh terms to embrace economic capitalism and social libertarianism. And tell the foolish, depraved, guilt-ridden, self-hating Americans and Germans the same.


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Good riddance to the bureaucratic excrescence! Perhaps they'll be offered jobs at the ARI, ObleftivismHQ?

Kyrel: they're at the stage of testing the prototypes:

Hundreds of EPA Employees Have Quit Under Trump

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As the subtitle reads, "After months of crying at their desks, bureaucrats now 'quitting in disgust'."

Hundreds of EPA Employees Have Quit Under Trump

Also note that Trump to remove ‘climate change’ as a national security threat

Where the Hell is the Wall?

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Bruno is right. Build that damn wall! Trump has been in office for almost a year and thus far he's built NOTHING. Not an inch. That's inexcusable. He doesn't even have any written or formal plans, so far as I can tell. NOTHING.

Illegal immigration seems way up these 6 months or so.

(P.S. Sorry about a gross misfire on posted links! Puzzled I fixed it TWICE and still no luck. I also posted it correctly the FIRST time, but the memory from my computer was faulty. AMAZING. Sad )
(This is one of the two links I attempted to post earlier. My distrust of computers is now immense.)

What must be done: BUILD THE WALL

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Trump should take the advice of an exceptionally good woman, Ann Coulter!

Endorse the Trumpian, Build the Wall, candidate next time. Every time. Until the swamp is fully replaced with immigration patriots. Bible thumpers are a thing of the past. Trump is the future, and other candidates like him.

Until the immigration issue is resolved, all other issues are secondary. Trump mustn't forget it.

Ann Coulter: Why I Secretly Wanted Roy Moore to Lose — Brooks 2020! :

Problem is ...

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... Roy Moore is a Bible-touting weirdo. Not a good counter to low-IQ black rapper hip-hop hordes, as low as Muslims in the scheme of things. Variations on a theme of virulent superstition. The Filth. Moore thus unable to make an intellectual argument, and he didn't. He hid, as well he might. Tizard to find good men. And of course, "good women" is an oxymoron. Wot is to be done?!

Roy Moore loses Alabama

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The White population overwhelmingly supported Roy Moore with almost 70% even with all the Fake News networks lambasting him.

Blacks voted 96% for the democrat.

Elan Journo

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He weasel-worded a tacit approval of the decision in order to virtue signal his distaste for Trump while maintaning his unconditioned support for Israel, the Jewish ethno-nationalist state.

Trump is the greatest US President since Reagan. He is a strong masculine and Alpha male. Weak men instinctively dislike him. They are intimidated by him.

The "horror" Beta males experienced when Trump's private conversation about "pussy grabbing" came out was emblematic. You could immediately tell by people's reaction whether they were men with big cojones or thirsty Beta male white knights who have no idea whatsoever of how women act around a confident and dominant masculine force.

I'm not talking specifically of Journo here, I'm just making a general point. His weak and undecisive style in this video does not however particularly exude testosterone fumes.

Vis à vis ethno-nationalism, I can tell you right here that he is against the secession of Lombardy and presumably Catalonia and Scotland as well. Ethno-nationalism for whitey is wacist. Jews on the other hand are a "special case". Never forget that.

ARI Facebook Video

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Elan Journo of ARI just came out in favor of Trump's decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

But just listen to how slow-paced and dull-witted this guy is! Is Journo truly in the persuasion business? He couldn't convince someone to eat a tasty steak dinner if the poor guy was starving to death! Shocked

A Victory for the Good Guys

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It's marvelous to see how all the forces of evil, weakness, and appeasement worldwide are united in opposing this move. If America really does moves its embassy to Jerusalem, which is questionable, it will be a symbolic victory of civilization over barbarism.

Way of the world

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The Moslem fascists use their Jerusalem claims to wage war on Israel, but the Muslim religion has no historically based claim on the place. I understand it's not even mentioned in the Koran and the one vague reference is actually to Medina.

The left hates Israel like the Nazis hated Jews. For PR reasons genocide as such isn't mentioned, but a great portion of world Jewry is in Israel. So just go ahead and clobber Israel.


Ain't it

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Ain't it grand? There's a LION in the whitehouse. Let 'em howl..

To Jerusalem!

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POTUS moves US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Islamosavages caterwaul in protest. Trump is making Reagan look like a wimp!

Freedom Leading to Wealth

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Lindsay -- I think all of Trump's executive-fiat deregulation of the economy caused that 3% growth. Tax simplification and repealing ObamaCare might raise the growth to 5% or so. But Trump can't do this on his own. So will the anti-freedom, pro-welfare state Republican and Democrat legislators actually go for it?

3% GDP Growth last quarter ...

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... what do the economics-obsessed Never Trumpers have to say about that?!

Just to be clear: culture trumps economics, which is a truth OrthOists and Obleftivists will struggle with. They should try to keep up, since the truth of it is already manifesting far more quickly than their thought processes.

Trump Strikes Back

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..the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of New York.

That is all. Thank you.

Where's Trump's Plan?

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It's a shame Trump can't come up with his own medical care plan to promote, fight for, and possibly triumph with. Since Trump is famously a pragmatist and non-ideologue with few principles, maybe he can gather together many experts on medicine and doctoring and then have them debate it out. Hopefully Trump and everyone will gradually -- over many months -- realize the value of liberty and capitalism in health care.

But...lacking virtually all skills in philosophy and conceptual, principled thinking, How can President Trump come within even a million miles of TRUE freedom in health care?

Reince-Filth Out!

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Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Iran with the leaking weasel-Filth!

Drain the Sewer!



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To Iran with John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Filth.

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account
3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down. As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal. Watch!
11:25 PM - 27 Jul 2017

CNN'S Downfall

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Best thing on the internet today:

Why Sessions Must Go

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Macho Military

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I think transgenders can fight in the military, and do virtually everything else, as well as regular folks. I can't imagine what "tremendous medical costs and disruption" Trump is referring to.

The costs of sex "changes" now borne by the taxpayer since the regime of Barack and Michael Obama.

Regardless of matters of cost, I contend transgenders shouldn't be allowed into the military, and neither should actual women. The defence of rights requires the toughest of the tough. Only real men (gay or straight) should be entrusted with it. Military operations shouldn't be compromised because of periods and inherent sub-optimal physical strength!

Wait for Bwook to denounce Twump for the twansgender ban.

Oh, and where would Ayn Rand have stood? Anyone want to say, with Bwook?

I wonder ...

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whether they fear the 'disruption' of her ( fighting her way right into the seals or the 'costs' of pink uniforms she'd then be entitled to ; P
Don't they have anything KASSier to do ... or is it just (as Kyrel suggests) a diversion and everybody is slobbering it up ...


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I don't differentiate between commies and Nazis. But I see your point. I don't see the schools identifying that synonymity. Transgender types are not fit for service due to their psychological issues. I wish Trump would stop pandering to god-botherers in the video Linz put up, but hell, isn't he a breath of fresher air?!

Absurd and Monstrous Clubs

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Thanks for the (surprising) link, Ed! Commie clubs in high schools are depressing to think about. And yet they are forming in America's commie ("public" i.e. government) schools. So it's appropriate.

But do the public (sic) schools allow Nazi clubs too?

Either way, I bet the libertarian clubs are far larger, and will soon dwarf their pathetic communist rivals. Smiling

So Odd

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I think transgenders can fight in the military, and do virtually everything else, as well as regular folks. I can't imagine what "tremendous medical costs and disruption" Trump is referring to. I think any gender-change surgery the trans folks may desire is properly considered 'cosmetic' or volitional -- not a battlefield or training injury -- and thus not something the taxpayer should ever have to fund. This ban on a category of people with civil rights seems like a tiny but odd, inexplicable, pointless, doomed act of bigotry by Trump.

(But it is raw meat for the press and punditry, thus maybe it's camouflage or misdirection for something good which Trump is really up to!) Eye

Communist Clubs Are Sprouting Up in U.S. High Schools Again

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Just to make sure we understand where some of the real threats are coming from, we have a culture and leftist elites that have given rise to this:

Communist Clubs Are Sprouting Up in U.S. High Schools Again

Amy thinks there are transgendered people

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Amy Peikoff thinks Bruce Jenner is a woman.

Amy Peikoff Advocates Primacy of Consciousness - Transgendered

Neil Parille's picture

Yep, at 1:09 and what follows Amy thinks gender can be changed.

KASSest decision yet!!

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Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 8h8 hours ago

After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow...... ....Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming.........victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you

Dwiving Obleftivists Cwazy Pt 3

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Dwiving Obleftivists Cwazy Pt 2

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Pwesident Twump speaking at a Boy Scout jambowee—highlights:

Utterly glorious!

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What a great battle hymn! And only the Mormon Tabernacle Choir could sing it like that. They are one of the wonders of America. Smiling

Aesthetics Meets MAGA

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I am one of the few here old enough to remember this. Wotta time this was. OrgOism couldn't begin to compete with this sense of life. That's why it's failing.

I love you Ronnie!

Dwiving Obleftivists Cwazy!

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Obleftivist Yawon thinks fwee twade means allowing tywants to impose tawiffs and westwictions while Amewica doesn't, thus pwopping up totalitawian wegimes. How the following must dwive Obleftivists cwazy:


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Thank Gobby we have this kind of President, instead of a tweasonist like Hillawy or Bawak whom Yawon would pwefer:


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I've stopped listening to him. A couple weeks ago he was attacking Jesus, Christianity, Christiniaty's influence on Europe. It's always "we aren't the left, we aren't the right," Trump and Clinton are two sides of the same coin, etc.

I still listen to Amy. She's less dogmatic and her show discusses news stories, so it moves at a good pace. Both of them should drop the callers though. Very few of them have anything to say.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Did anyone else hear the broadcast Anoop refers to? Did it indeed contain a glimmer of sanity? I can't imagine the person who exhorted us to stop fearing Muslims would suddenly "sober down." His problem is not lack of sobriety, it's a treasonous commitment to evil Obleftivism.


Change in Objectivist attitude to Trump

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I don't know if you all have noticed, but I think that the philosophers at the ARI are now waking up to fact that they can't sustain their irrational and dogmatic opposition to Donald Trump for too long.

By the videos, i can make out that they attacked Trump quite viciously at the OCON2017. But since then they seem to be sobering down.

In his last week's podcast, Dr. Yaron Brook defined why "only" America was great among nations and what it would really take to Make America Great Again. I think he sounded quite balanced, philosophical and politically reasonable after a long time.

If Dr. Brook is changing his stance on Trump, then rest of the herd is sure to follow. Make ARI Sane Again! (MASA)

On Trump

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Lindsay you are right.

It is quite surprising for me that a nation like US is unable or unwilling to cleanse its electoral system. Democracy, by itself, is a highly *flawed* model of governance. And unfortunately, now US is no longer a Republic, it is a de facto *democracy.*

Only thing worse than a democracy, is a democracy where there is illegal voting. So the priority for the Conservatives should also be to cleanse the electoral system.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Yes, the margin of victory was very small, but I think Trump is making a serious point when he says that lot of people voted for Hillary illegally.

Fascinating that 16 states are refusing to cooperate with the voter fraud investigation. Millions of "votes" at stake, I suspect. The Filth will be outed in the end, though—no thanks to ARISIS, who applaud, sponsor and employ The Filth and who are themselves The Filth.

Donald Trump's Victory

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Ed Hudgins you are right.

Trump simply could not loose because of the large crowds that he was attracting. Where ever he went during the campaign there used to be thousands people to greet him. Whereas Hillary was finding it difficult to gather even 100 to 150 people for her shows.

All Trump related posts in social media were being liked and shared by tens of thousands of people, whereas Hillary was being neglected.

Yes, the margin of victory was very small, but I think Trump is making a serious point when he says that lot of people voted for Hillary illegally. I believe that there was some kind of attempt made to steal the election from Trump. There is no way he could have won by such small margin. His margin of victory would have been much-much higher if this were a totally fair election with NO illegal voting.

I am personally horrified to even think what would have happened to the world of ***The Clinton Foundation*** had become the president of USA. They would have wreaked havoc around the world. Look at what she did during the period when she was Secretary of State. As a President her potential to do damage would have been higher.

It is a good thing that Trump was able to win. Now there is a "small chance" that modern civilization will survive. We will not be lost to the socialist and religious zombies.

White racist retrieves black man's cap

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Calling Trump's triumph

Ed Hudgins's picture

You were out there early with calling it for Trump!

Perhaps one bit of evidence you appreciated better than others was the real enthusiasm for Trump who was unlike Obama talking down to people as if they were stupid or Hillary mouthing bromides and the usual "I'll promise you anything, just elect me because of my gender." Trump supporters were rightly disgusted with the direction of the country. As they watched their health insurance premiums skyrocket and the economy remain soft, they were ready for someone to say "Enough of this BS!"

I will note that a vote change of .25% in Michigan and .75% in Pennsylvania (a total of about 54,000 votes our of 136,000,000 would have given the election to Hillary. So after the fact we see the election was still close.

Trump will have to earn reelection with deeds. So far, his actions on energy, environment, regulations, telecom, and much else is putting him on just that path. And if he continues with the message we heard in Warsaw, his position is strengthened further because he is indeed defining the central issues in the moral battle of our age.

And as Linz notes, the contrast with a vision of a civilization that writes symphonies and celebrates achievement vs. the mindless destroyers in the streets of Hamburg (and American cities) could not be more stark.

I predicted Trump victory in May 2016

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I am sure Ed Hudgins will back me on this, if he still remembers the discussion that we had in his Facebook timeline in May 2016.

In that conversation on Hudgins's FB timeline I said that Donald Trump is sure to win. No one belived me then, but I continued to stick to my point and I said: "Neither heaven nor hell can defeat Trump. He will win 100%." Smiling Smiling

I also predicted Trump victory in a discussion on Greg Salimieri's timeline in May 2016. There also no one believed me. They said that Trump cannot win because he does not have the numbers. But I insisted that he will win. Smiling Smiling Smiling

A bonus ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... was to hear the crowd chant "Donald Trump" and "USA!" More audible in this version, which includes some preliminaries including Melania's introduction. These are joyous times:

Then on to Hamburg where The Filth were out in force, as if to underscore everything Trump said in Warsaw. I'm surpwised Yawon Bwook wasn't there demonstwating. Wemember, Bwook-Filth called Trump "the villain of our time." Has that POS been wemoved yet?

"The West will never be broken."


Trump's speech...

Olivia's picture

about Western Civilisation proves he really gets it. The comment: "The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost?" … was nothing short of profound (and Churchillian to boot) - that right there is the essence of the battle in front of us. It's just so good knowing that there is now an American President who will fight that fight with everything he has.

Artists Want Israel-Backed Play at Lincoln Center Canceled

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Meanwhile, on another battlefield of civilization versus the destroyers, a group of envy-driven moral midgets attack the creators. I hope more American Jews wake up to the fact that the left hates them for their virtues.

Dozens of Artists Want Israel-Backed Play at Lincoln Center Canceled

(Cue the anti-Semites. Time to throw mud on beautiful works of arts.)

"We write symphonies ..."

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Magnificent! It's Western Civilization vs The Filth. Now there's hope for the former.


Neil Parille's picture

Trump did talk about borders and defending our civilization. It's more than you'd get from most conservatives.

Some clown at the Wapo (Bezos Blog) said it was a "dog whistle" to "white nationalists."

That being said, I believe that Trump should recognize the annexation of Crimea tomorrow.

Syria would be better off under Assad. And the Russians need a Mediteranean port.


Doug Bandler The Second's picture

You miss the essence of his speech. It was standard pro-establishment foreign policy. It was extremely anti-Russia which is wrong. Russia has acted with more moral legitimacy than America. Trump was spouting pure bullshit with his NeoCon take on the Ukraine. Yes he uses better language than Bush or Obama but the spirit of it is the same.

He campaigned as Pat Buchanan but he is governing as a typical Republican. He should hire Buchanan as the head of his foreign policy team.

Trump in Poland: “The West will never, ever be broken!”

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Trump in Poland, a powerful statement worthy of Reagan:

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? …

“Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield. It begins with our minds, our wills and our souls….

“Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph….”

Trump in Poland: Transcript of Warsaw remarks

CNN despair over Georgia GOP win

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CNN despair over GOP Georgia win. A Dem challenger in a special election to fill a congressional seat was touted by the left as the "Trump slayer" who was going to turn back the tide of Republican wins. He lost and the Republican lady won. The looks on the faces of the CNN wing of the Democrat Party says it all!

 photo 6cf53003-2f80-4dca-9e29-e66a0356aec6_zpsltkxrgne.jpg

The liberal vs. the Trump-loving puppy

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Trump's pretty words and indirection

Mark Hunter's picture

The Paris agreement debate is a lot of fuss over nothing, both from pro and anti-Trumpers.

1. There never was a treaty. A treaty to be in force requires 2/3 of the Senate to vote for it. Obama never asked for a vote.

2. The treaty had no enforcement provision whatsoever.

3. Except for Nicaragua and Syria every country on the planet agreed to it, because everyone knew it was meaningless.

Recall that Trump has extended Obama’s “dreamer” immigration program, DACA and the end of April he told “dreamers” they should “rest easy” because he was only going after “criminals” – the usual cuck Republican line. To repeat, he refuses to reverse or even stop DACA.

Covering Trump with praise over nothing doesn’t help our cause. He likes to be liked. He needs to be covered with abuse for what he is not doing.

Of course Trump is infinitely better than Hillary would have been, but so far – I haven’t given up hope – he has been disappointing. The appointment of Sessions was a great move, Gorsuch not so good – he has cucked on immigration earlier in his judicial career. Linz is right to suspect he will cuck again when it comes to adjudicating the Muslim ban – which itself was a milquetoast act of little consequence. Maybe Trump did it as a tiny first step of a larger program, one can always hope.

Get past the Illuminati stuff

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

I don't mind Rense. Yes, he overdoes the conspiracies but I'm not fanatical with right wing sources. Plus, I like Rense's sense of life. He's clearly a good man. You can tell just by listening to him. Now that I know he is a Mario fan that makes sense. He interviews *many* knowledgable and informed people on many subjects. The fact that he has the Alex Jones illuminati disease is something I can overlook. Give me Rense over Yaron Brook or Harry Binswanger any day.

I also think its important to not just look at "philosophic premises" whereby you always decry "those damn empiricists!" It *is* important to bury yourself in the trees and get the details right. This is something basically NO ONE in the Objectivist movement does. This was something that Rothbard excelled in whereas Rand took no notice. Rothbard knew all the major power brokers that both influenced (directed actually) and benefitted from the "altruist and collectivist" public policy; ie the Rockefellas, the Morgans, etc. These powerful men and families *did* influence politics, and in a terrible way. Businessmen were not "America's most persecuted minority". Far from it. Big businessmen have often been crony scumbags who were influential in the rise and dominance of Progressivism.

This is another reason why I can't stand the Objectivist movement. It blindly idolizes "value producers" and NEVER looks at their very large seedy side; ie "Steve Jobs was a heroic value producer who changed the world!!" instead of a more sober appraisal of an icon of the Left (much in the way that Elon Musk is another Leftist favorite). Jeff Rense is someone who is interested in the details. I like listening to those people to balance out the "premises only" gang.

Trump indeed making the right decision...

Ed Hudgins's picture

Trump indeed making the right decision and offering powerful explanations. Elites here and around the world are universally condemning him. But he offered cogent arguments and if those who disagree want to do the same on the other side, let's hear them. But global warming alarmists offer package deals that fail to address all of the underlying questions and assumptions:

*Is the planet actually warming?

*By how much?

*Is the warming unprecedented or just part of a pattern that has occurred over thousands or even millions of years?

*What is the evidence that human activity contributes to warming?

*By how much?

*What are the demonstrable downsides of warming?

*What are the demonstrable benefits of warming?

*What is the likely impact on temperature of the various draconian measured proposed in the Paris Accords, Al Gore's plans. Etc? [Here Trump nailed it, pointing out that the impact would be a fraction of a degree.]

*What would be the demonstrable harm and downsides of such policies? ["Yooooge," as Trump would say.]

*Would the harm fall disproportionately on certain countries, i.e., the U.S. and EU ones?

And these questions don't even address underlying ideologies, dogmas and motives. Trump made the right decision, but the battle is far from over. It will be fought in state houses, city council meetings, civic organizations, schools (the indoctrination that gave rise to the fact that so few people ask the questions above continues), the media, churches, and elsewhere. It's time to go on the offensive with an "America First" energy plan that could set the model for any country that wants affordable energy and that wants to flourish.

I wrote a few years ago "that the renewable energy surcharge will increase the electricity bills for Germans by 20 percent, just to start; Germany already has the highest electricity prices in Europe. Germans also must cover the €20 billion costs of generating €3 billion worth of electricity via solar, wind, and biogas plants. (Gee, I thoughts Germans were good at math!)

"Further, the flow of 'green' electricity can vary erratically depending on weather. Thus, German factories have been asked at times to shut down when the electricity supply didn’t correspond properly with use. Germany is recklessly, bit by bit, destroying its economy and harming its own citizens as precaution against an improbable future harm."

Trump has taken us off this dangerous path.

Pittsburgh, not Paris!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Trump's best moment yet. Now wait for Bwook-Filth to pwattle about "economic nationalism."

Drive Obleftivists Out!


Mark Hunter's picture

Yes. Thanks for the correction.

Wahhabi Not Wannabe

Luke Setzer's picture

I think Mark Hunter meant to call the worst Muslim sect Wahhabi rather than Wannabe, though I found the slip amusing as anyone who wants to be (wannabe) a Muslim is contributing to the problem.

Filth, Filth and Filth

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Oba-Filth, treasonist, says "you can't hide behind a wall" from behind a wall (shades of Bwook-Filth).

Zucker-Filth, founder of Faecesbook, cesspool of airhead moronnial-Filth, calls for a universal guaranteed income. Paid for by whom? Blank-out, as someone well-known to us might have said.

Hillary-Filth says Trump will be impeached for obstruction of justice in the Russia non-story. She who gave new meaning to the obstruction of justice, lied about Benghazi, profited from expediting the sale of US uranium to Russia, and whose husband actually *was* impeached for lying about his exploitation of women.

Chris Matthews-Filth, Don Lemon-Filth et al are still on air.

Disgusting sub-humans every which way one looks.

Upping the Ante against The Filth

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Not before time! I've been aghast at the limp-wristed or non-existent response to the Dem-Filth, Leak-Filth and Media-Filth thus far. Apparently that's about to change:

Once President Trump wraps up an initial foreign trip that aides believe has gone very well, the Commander-in-Chief plans to strike quickly next week to beef up the White House staff with a "war room" aimed at taking the fight to the administration's critics more aggressively, according to two advisers to the president. ...

The advisers to the president describe a hands-on Trump who is prepared to go on offense after realizing -- perhaps belatedly -- that he has to get far more serious about two critical matters, pushing back against leakers in the federal government and dealing with the political damage from the various Russia investigations led by Congressional committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. ...

The website Axios quoted one Trump ally as saying, "The White House is embracing the fight, which is going to last as long as Donald Trump is president. We're getting street fighters ready to go."

A reminder to naysayers....

Olivia's picture

that when Reagan delivered his "Mr. Gorbachov, Tear Down this Wall" speech in Berlin, many criticised it for being 'substanceless' & 'empty', without any consideration of 'practicalities'.


Mark Hunter's picture

“A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists. Drive. Them. Out. Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land, and drive them out of this earth.”

Wrong action by Trump in wrong country.

Instead of ending and reversing Third World immigration in the U.S. of which he is president, Trump mouths self-righteous words in Saudi Arabia urging its monarchy to expel terrorists. Expel to where? Oh, and drive them off the earth too, as if the Saudis could do that.

The Saudi monarchy encourages the Wannabe sect in order to keep its subjects down. Wannabe is the worst but all the sects are bad. As many in Objectivist circles have noted, Mohammedanism is not just a religion when it moves into a non-Mohammedan country it’s a militant movement.

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