President Donald Trump

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Submitted by Ed Hudgins on Fri, 2017-01-20 19:01

Obama is out and the rebuilding begins!

We all have our favorite moments in the inaugural speech. What are yours?

I was pleased that Trump said, "We stand at the birth of a new millennium ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow." Sounds like he's been listening to Peter Thiel. Obviously I hope the private sector leads the way. This future-focus is what the economy needs and these aspirations reflect the best of the human spirit.

President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia...

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was brave and very poignant - I will never forget his powerful exhortation to all the Muslim nations to "Drive them out!" Coming from a President who represents the Judeo-Christian tradition - with all its Greek & Roman influences - and the fact that Trump personally is so unashamedly American Nouveau Riche in his self styling, it could not have been more delicious. Then flying from Riyadh straight to Tel Aviv to lend his unfailing support to Israel just topped it off.

Now in the heart of what was the Roman Empire and the home of the Renaissance, while a Muslim terrorist bomb tragically murders young girls in what was the great British Empire, I can't help but feel that this first foreign trip is having the effect of magnifying his Presidency as something immensely substantial - and welcome, to a messy, dangerous world. At every point I feel relief that we are not watching Hillary doing her first foreign tour.


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Write more about Tchaikovsky and Lanza! Don't feed the trolls!

There's a fresh Tchaik post at the top of the stickied area. Feel free to comment! Smiling

Moralizing mutes

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My historical articles are well researched. If anyone is spewing it is Ed Hudgins. Unable to address the facts he calls people hard names. It's easy to do, much easier than studying and thinking.

His method is to call someone evil ex cathedra then use that alleged evilness as an excuse to ignore the issues.

Why he bothers trying

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Linz - I will suggest why the likes of "Doug Bandler" bothers to spew bile that you rightly point out defines him as a "rotten, treasonous coward." You give him a forum and engage him. I know you're always up for a good verbal battle and that you don't mince words. And I know you pride yourself in maintaining an open forum. And your time and mind are yours to do with as you please.

But I suggest that you waste them on anti-Semites, white supremists and other such trash. Your attention is what feeds them and keeps them going. Unlike the left, I don't believe in physically assaulting them--unless they strike first, of course. But really Linz, surely you can make better use of your time and mind. You're not going to change such moral midgets and, frankly, do you consider their likes worthy opponents? Write more about Tchaikovsky and Lanza! Don't feed the trolls!


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Phil Tourney & Dave Gahary, interviewed in Doug’s audio link, are genuine though I’d rather the interviewer were someone else. Rense is not my cup of tea either.

For a concise “you are there” account of the Liberty attack (there is no question it was deliberate and that the Israelis knew the ship was U.S.) see
Attempted Sinking of the USS Liberty

Interesting comments on the King David Hotel massacre in a footnote to
The Attempted Assassination of President Truman

Oh dear!

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The USS Liberty was attacked in error during the Seven Day War. Israel apologised and paid compensation.

Jeff Rense is another Illuminati conspiracist, well known to me because the rational part of him is a huge Mario Lanza fan. He has interviewed me on his show several times (you can probably find the interviews on YouTube) and wrote a guest chapter for my Lanza book. He is an instance of the mind-boggling capacity for compartmentalisation of which humans are capable, simultaneously in some cases promoting sub-humanity at its worst and humanity at its best.

To be harking back to this episode and claiming Israel is worse than ISIS when Islamofilth has just struck in Manchester is satanic. To be doing so from behind a cloak of anonymity is beyond reprehensible. "Doug Bandler," you are a rotten, treasonous coward. You are everything Mark Hubbard ever called you, and worse. I don't know how you live with yourself, or why you'd bother trying. Yes, Yaron Brook is part of The Filth, but he's not as filthy as you—at least he spews his treason openly.

I had hoped this Illuminati crappery might be another phase you were going through, but I guess you were there all along.

Israel is a hostile enemy nation

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Jeff Rense discusses the USS Liberty incident with an actual survivor of that attack. Fascinating interview. The Israeli military are sociopathic killers. And LBJ was aware of it.

And Trump is praying at the Wailing Wall. I can spit.

Yaron Brook is scum. Zionist scum. Or to use Linz's expression: Filth. Zionist Filth. And 99% of Objectivists (including SOLO) are in agreement with such Filth.

Rational Anti-Semitism

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... and rational opposition to Israel; ie anti-Zionism. These are things that a serious intellectual movement would discuss and debate. But of course Objectivism does not do this. Not even the David Kelley branch which *should* do this if only to distinguish itself from the insane dogmatism of the Orthodox wing of the ARI.

Mark has written an excellent comment. But the problem with Objectivists, pretty much all of them, is that they don't have any concept of nuance. Mark's description of anti-Semitism vs the Nazi version is an important one. Larry Auster, himself of Jewish descent, wrote an excellent essay on the negative influence of Jews on American culture:

He shows how Jews betrayed the most Philo-Semitic country in the world and he gives great examples in popular culture especially Hollywood. Jews have been terrible for America. In fact, it is a very deep and important subject to understand the intersection of post-modern philosophy, Leftism and Jewish ethno-centric influence. The Jews, ever since the destruction of Jerusalem during Roman times, have been intimately involved with European history. In fact, you can not really understand European history without understanding the ethnic tensions that have followed that tribe everywhere.

It is often said by Objectivists (as well as everywhere else) that Jews have been hated because of their wealth and success. No. They have been hated because of their fierce ethnic tribalism and their hostility to Christian gentile society; ie because of their anti-social behavior toward out-groups. A legitimate scholar like Kevin MacDonald has studied this and written an excellent book on this called 'The Culture of Critique' (in it he discusses the MASSIVE Jewish involvement in the 1965 Immigration Act). But of course, Objectivists consider MacDonald a "Nazi" or some other stupid crap like that.

I've come to hate that about Objectivism. It has the same myopic self-willed blindness that Rand had; not wanting to consider anything outside of a very few questionable premises. In fact as we have seen, the mainstream Objectivist movement under Yaron Brook has become basically a pro-Zionist advocacy group indistinguishable from Neo-Conservatism. Brook being no different than Bill Kristol.

Linz can talk about "Illuminati" all he wants but that is just evasion. The right is starting to take notice of Jewish influence and of Israeli influence. Israel is currently working *with* the Saudis. I'll say it again. Israel is a more treacherous nation than Iran. Ironically, some Leftists understand this and understand that Israel is inherently a religious ethno-state (and dislike it because they don't want to legitimize ethno-states). Objectivist don't understand this which is not good to be even blinder than a Leftist.

Is it good for the Jews?

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With an Israel Firster like Hudgins dual loyalty would be an improvement.

By and large Jewish cultural influence has been bad for America. For example, the Immigration Act of 1965, introduced into Congress by Emanuel Celler and Philip Hart and written by Norbert Schlei, was the culmination of a forty year battle by Jewish groups, even if a Catholic was front man. Why? From Open Borders and Individual Rights:

Leonard Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (Jewish Daily Forward, November 29, 2002):
    “The more diverse American society is the safer we [Jews] are.”
Earl Raab, writing about the U.S. Census report that whites would become a minority in America (San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993):
    “We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.
    “[Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible – and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.”

Andrew Atkin can mock all he wants, this is conspiracy fact not idle conjecture.

Getting back to Trump, even more disgusting than his sucking up to Netanyahu was his sucking up to the King of Saudi Arabia.

And boasting of “creating jobs” by selling more arms to the Saudis, I think I’ll be sick.

Never again!

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Linz - I don't debate with anti-Semites. I'm simply glad that Israel is armed to the teeth and is ready to kill anyone who threatens the survival of Jews. I wish Jews in the 1930s in Europe (and today) had been similarly armed. Things might have turned out different.

Israeli flag photo Israeli-flag_zpsjvwiuqha.jpg

But conspiracy theories are

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But conspiracy theories are fun, Lindsay!

I like the idea of America being created as a Jewish war machine, where the Jews (who really rule the world) allowed America to become fat (by letting free markets happen) only so they could parasitically establish their federal reserve banking system, and in turn, through money printing (blank cheque taxation) use America to build their massive military industrial complex (global Jewish war machine). And this was done (let's say) in part to brutalise and reform their old enemy, Islam (which they want to do because they've been brainwashed into seeing the world through history, like many New Zealand Maori today). Islam is a severe cultural hold-out so it needs to be broken regardless, to further develop a new world order with the Jews governing at the top...of a China-flavoured world government. And of course we'll say the Jews protected themselves by creating a fake holocaust show that gave them extreme victimhood rights, which in turn shut down criticism and exposure directed towards Jews (if you don't like Jews then you're a Nazi, as the history channel relentlessly reminds us). Oh, and the reason why the Jews let (and are letting) the Islamic fundamentalists infiltrate America, was to create the false flags that they needed for their unwitting puppet military head (Donald Trump) to lead their machine into the Middle east, and further.

A lot of fun, but we need a lot more evidence of course Smiling

The Illuminati ?

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Jewish culture is broader, more inclusive, than Judaism. It’s possible to be a secular (that is, non-religious) Jew and still be steeped in Jewish culture. A useful concept for comparison would be the “secular Christian,” that is, an atheist who accepts some of the non-mystical aspects of Christianity.

The Jewish case is complicated by an ethnic component. An ethnic Jew might completely reject Jewish culture. (Yaron Brook is not one of them.)

A word is needed to describe criticism of Jewish culture. Something to think about: just as Ayn Rand co-opted the word selfishness and gave it a benevolent meaning, the same could be done for the word anti-semitism.

Criticism of Jewish culture could be called anti-semitism just as criticizing Christian culture could be called anti-christianism. Used in this sense, moral opprobrium would not be automatic. If the criticism were valid then the anti-semitism, as with the anti-christianism, would be correct. There would be no stigma attached to the word.

But of course the word anti-semitism isn’t used that way. Instead the word packages a negative moral evaluation of the criticism, whatever the criticism might be. And it’s used in an ethnic sense: the criticism is taken to apply to all ethnic Jews, as if they all accepted the alleged part of Jewish culture being criticized.

The trouble is, the existence of the benign sense of the criticism is never acknowledged, either as the word “anti-semitism” or any other word. You simply must not criticize Jewish culture. If you do, you get the package deal.

Lumping all criticism, rational and irrational, into “anti-semitic” makes it a meaningless epithet more about the accuser than the accused. Calling someone an anti-semite amounts to saying “I don’t like you” – for which there is no defense.

If you criticize Jewish culture even when it is justified – for example the predilection to self-deceit (“everybody hates the Jews,” “throughout history Jews have been innocent,” “Israel is hated for its virtues,” etc.) – you get called an “anti-semite.” In that case you should use the word as your critics use it, and reply: Yes, I’m an anti-semite. What of it?

Their response is a good reason to use “anti-semitism” to describe your position. It annoys people who would gag all criticism of Jewish culture, just as “selfishness” annoys those who would deny the virtue of rational-self interest.

I referred to “Jews steeped in Jewish culture” because, to repeat, some Jews reject that culture completely. But beware in a debate. If you refer to red balls obviously you don’t mean all balls are red, but when the color is bad and the balls are Jews you’re a “vile anti-semite” and “pure evil.”

(from Capitalism and “the Jews”)

Trump ...

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... was not elected to advance the agenda of a lot of retarded Illuminati conspiracists. "Mark Hunter" is otherwise a smart guy, like "Doug Bandler." Illuminating, the way humans can compartmentalise, and be supremely smart and pitifully dumb simultaneously. As far as anti-Semitism is concerned, that's pure evil. In Doug's case I hope it's just another phase he's going through. There've been so many.

Trump is doing spectacularly well.


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He hopes? Hudgins outs himself as a Jew chauvinist, but then you already knew that.

His hope is fulfilled in my case for I do cringe at seeing Trump grovel before Jewish Power. It isn’t necessary for him to grovel or even say hi. The Alt Right elected Trump despite the Jews not because of them. Once again Trump betrays his base.

Contrary to what Hudgins thinks this betrayal is not good for the Jews. If Trump fails we will elect someone even “worse” – worse by Jewish standards.

As far as Jewish culture is concerned I am an anti-semite.


Trump, Netanyahu, Jerusalem

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In hopes the anti-Semitic left and right around the world will cringe.

Shalom photo Shalom 1_zpstsmmt5iu.jpeg

Trump Netanyahu photo Trump Bibi_zpso5bpp4hp.jpg

 photo Trump20Western20Wall_zpsnza3cczm.jpg

"to free the earth from the miseries of disease"

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One thing our governments could do is buy up critical patents for certain drugs, to the end of making the intellectual property free to the world. Giving us universally accessible cheap medication.

Might be a good idea? Can dramatically increase the productivity of intellectual property.

Also we should see 'Darpa challenges' on finding cures for diseases. Don't pay people to look for cures - pay them to find them!...

Some of the best and most innovative thinking comes from people trying to achieve for the sport of it - not just a pay cheque. This is why Darpa challenges can be so successful, I believe.

New age of Ayn Rand: how she won over Trump & Silicon Valley

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Another piece that ties Trump and Rand. A bit confused as one would expect from the Guardian, but interesting that this topic continues to be hot.

The new age of Ayn Rand: how she won over Trump and Silicon Valley

The Philosophically Weak West

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Nice link, Ed! Very informative and revealing.

That September 11th, 2002 London celebration shows how philosophically and spiritually weak the West is, including Britain and America. How self-hating and self-destroying we all are. At the least, those 1000 jihad-loving monsters should have been stripped of their citizenship and deported -- if not jailed for a long, long time. Those fiends are objective threats and blatantly treasonous enemies.

White House statement on London terrorist attack

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White House statement from 3/22/2017:

"President Donald J. Trump spoke today with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom to offer his condolences on today’s terror attack in London and his praise for the effective response of security forces and first responders. He pledged the full cooperation and support of the United States Government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice."

Meanwhile, UK Home Sec. Amber Rudd said, among other things:

“The British people will be united in working together to defeat those who would harm our shared values. Values of democracy, tolerance and the rule of law. Values symbolised by the Houses of Parliament. Values that will never be destroyed.”

But "tolerance" has become a buzzword for not standing up clearly and unapologetically for Enlightenment values. Muslims must lead the way against their co-religionists who were highlighted in this report in the City Journal of London from Autumn 2002 :

"An obscene spectacle took place in North London on September 11, 2002. A thousand Muslims gathered at the Finsbury Park mosque to 'celebrate' the bombing of the World Trade Center. The Metropolitan Police deployed a force 500-strong to protect the meeting, called 'A Towering Day in History,' from disruption. A dozen or so menacing-looking men with kaffiyehs over their faces stood on the mosque’s steps to prevent unfriendly journalists from entering."

Ranting Rosie

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KASS commentator Mark Dice features Rosie's rabid ranting here:

Rosie O'Donnell

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Rosie O'Donnell protesting outside of the White House. Okay, maybe this one is fair.

 photo 119709f7-14c4-4093-ac81-215099175a13_zpsmnb43lmf.jpg

Entirely a fair photo

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If you watch the video footage, she's spooning that scabrous tongue repeatedly around those treasonous lips that launched a thousand abominations such as, "You have to pass it to know what's in it." Pelosi, Warren (the fake Indian), all those disgusting females in white, and Dem-scum generally showed themselves to be the sub-scum that they are last night.

All Yawon Bwook Obleftivist pin-ups. I can't seem to get through to Objectivists the enormity of the tweason Obleftivist Bwook is perpetwating. What do I have to do?!

Pelosi at the State of the Union

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Somebody was not thrilled by Pres. Trump's State of the Union speech. Not a fair photo, I know, but there it is.
Pelosi SOTU photo pelosi-1_zpsxcsog8rr.jpg

(Hope the photo doesn't blow up the site. It's a small jpg.)

Good on you Kyrel

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.. you don't take no shit.

Neither does your President, & we're liking it!

No-One a Real Freedom-Fighter Except Me

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I don't remotely expect Trump to behave like an Objectivist or libertarian. That's my whole point.

But do you notice how I characterize political freedom? I say things like "decriminalizing drugs and prostitution, privatizing schools and roads, terminating Social Security and Medicare." This is what Rand called "thinking in principles" or maybe "arguing with essentials." My political thought is FAR superior to anything you hear from ARI, the Atlas Society, or the rest of Solo Passion. If I wanted to be cruel, I could say the rest of you sound like whiny little bitches and pathetic conservatives impotently belly-aching about "da gobiment."

Oh dear!

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Two parties expecting Trump to behave like a card-carrying Objectivist: ARISIS and Kyrel!

Yoooooge announcement re Linz/Yaron debate coming up.


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Let's hope Triumphal will get the important things correct. Drugs and prostitution I can get anywhere.

Yes, But

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Sam, Olivia, Greg -- I still think President Triumph will have a hard time hacking his way thru the forest of options available to him, and finding the semi-correct path, because he lacks a libertarian compass. Four years also offers a yuuuuge amount of time to become corrupted, learn to worship power, and become paranoid about your enemies.

I predict President Triumph will utterly fail at even truly simple and obvious things: decriminalizing drugs and prostitution, privatizing schools and roads, terminating Social Security and Medicare. The wretched and communist/fascist 1930s New Deal and 1960s Great Society will go almost untouched. Any remotely knowledgeable and competent libertarian (President plus Congress, admittedly) could have defeated them.

Exactly Sam

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To right the wrongs is a "simple plan." To return to harmonious prosperity is simple. And down here we still have the red team versus the blue and interminable talkback complaining about the same old same old.

Fortuitously President Zero and Killary were so bad that civilisation has been salvaged.


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At 70 Trump is what he is, and will not be learning much. He'll be following his instincts. He's spent the last 50 years thinking & saying how he'd do things. Now he's just getting about it.

That's a very salient point about Trump, and a yoooooooooge difference between him and Obama. Obama, the community organiser, had to learn about many things "on the job" whereas Trump has been a force of nature all his life, which is what made him the billionaire success story that he already is. And yes, at 70, it's about applying his knowledge and learning to the job at hand. His cabinet is a testament to that knowledge.

I've noticed that in these official swearing in cermonies, Trump is standing by like a human being already confident of himself. When I compare this with Obama in similar contexts, it was all about his newfound power being on display. Trump has been powerful all his adult life, so he radiates a kind of benevolence toward the people who are immediately in the spotlight. Yesterday it was Tillerson. Trump had just come from the funeral of the Marine who had been killed in the raid that he green-lit in Yemen. Trump looked as if he had spent the afternoon balling his eyes out - and I bet he had. That would've weighed like ten tonnes of bricks upon his soul.


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At 70 Trump is what he is, and will not be learning much. He'll be following his instincts. He's spent the last 50 years thinking & saying how he'd do things. Now he's just getting about it. Him & his core team have a very clear idea on what they're about, which is why they're moving so quickly. And it's a simple plan.

His instincts and those of his cabinet seem reasonable & pro-liberty, but not in the abstract or the esoteric. Right now it's about strength & dominance, and asserting US power unashamedly. This is the way to peace & prosperity for all, though not all agree.

The Trump Revolution

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Sam Pierson speaks of "this revolutionary period -- almost single-handedly the work of Trump, and with few parallels in history." I somewhat agree! Smiling Trump is like a man shot out of a canon. There's certainly a lot more hope in America now than there would be with Tepid Barry or the Wicked Witch.

My great hope is that Trump learns on the job -- and then ends up pointing (at least somewhat!) ever more toward capitalism and libertarianism. My great fear is that Washington will slowly-but-surely corrupt him, and he'll learn to love power for its own sake. These first few weeks and months might easily be his best. Trump might fade considerably after that.

But who knows? Perhaps on-the-job learning and experience might teach him the morality and practicality of individual liberty! Smiling


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Yep, Richard, this is the way to do reform. Impressive for a stoopid narcissist orange nazi bumbling buffoon with no prior experience. Hehe

To think

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.. if the advice of NeverTrumpers & sundry libertarian & objectivist luminaries had been followed, Hillary Clinton would be running the free world right now, and this revolutionary period - almost singlehandedly the work of Trump & with few parallels in history - would not be happening.

Am sure those folk remain committed to their calls, as is human to do. And will lie in wait - if not hope - for his first failing. So goes the world.

But it makes you think. Makes you 'check your premises'. Makes you resolve to not give much credence to 'intellectuals'. There are 'intellectuals' (lots), and then there are men of good judgement.

Take Niall Ferguson, historian. The guy has spent his career studying & writing on the rise of the West and the history of the English in 'Empire', and yet he opposed Brexit and was pro-EU. He has since recanted, owning up to being lead astray by his close relationship with the then PM. (Cynically, perhaps he realised the arc of history was moving away from him and rendering him irrelevant.) But you'd think a guy that knew so closely England's history & independent DNA would have seen how incompatible EU membership was to the UK people, and how the power of independence has propelled her through the ages.

Another blow to the Filth

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Trump is now considering withdrawing funding from UC-Berkeley in light of the wanton violence by the anti-freedom protestors who blocked Milo's speech there last night. I sincerely hope he carries this through, and does the same for other universities who fail to protect invited speakers on their campuses. Trump's relentless momentum is reminiscent of the Roger Douglas juggernaut that transformed NZ thirty years ago. Just great to watch!

Trump Derangement Syndrome

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One can have honest disagreements about Trump or his policies. I've had some.

But the Democrats seem incapable of anything but a scream of "Nooo!" with nothing in the way of coherent discussion. Here's a writer who argues that the "Dems are digging their own grave." Saves the GOP the trouble. (Democrats are becoming the party of secession)

Also, all that Pelosi can muster about Trump's Supreme Court Justice nominee, who seems by every standard and honest, decent, thoughtful man, is that "If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine ... this is a very bad decision." And he'll presumably sneak into every house and strangle babies in their cribs while chowing down on live baby puppies. They are, indeed, deranged.
(CNN Lets Pelosi Smear Gorsuch)

Priceless, Ed!

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"Linz laughs" doesn't begin to describe it. Struggling to pick myself up off the floor.

“At EPA headquarters, the mood remains dark,” ProPublica reported Wednesday. “A longtime career communications employee said in a phone interview Tuesday that more than a few friends were ‘coming to work in tears’ each morning as they grappled with balancing the practical need to keep their jobs with their concerns for the issues they work on.”

Trump’s victory has been tough for bureaucrats. The State Department held stress workshops after the election so they would not “become paralyzed by fear.” EPA employees were caught crying before, just after the election, as were White House aides. Energy Department employees were granted counseling. Sobbing staffers greeted Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill a month after her loss.


Loving the magnificent pandemonium at the airports today.

Finally, a stand against The Filth!!!!

This is a great time to be alive!!!!

Such insensitivity Ed

Sam Pierson's picture

Linz laughs only because he's able to reach past himself & understand their pain. hehehe

If I were them, I'd threaten to resign!

EPA Employees ‘Coming to Work in Tears’ Because of Trump...

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Oh, the butt-hurt! Meanwhile, Linz laughs!
EPA Employees ‘Coming to Work in Tears’ Because of Trump Win

A ruthless pragmatists wastes

Andrew Atkin's picture

A ruthless pragmatist wastes no time.

I do love it Smiling


Sam Pierson's picture

"The Trump administration is preparing a set of executive orders aimed at isolating the US and which would allow the United States to "drastically reduce" its role and involvement in the United Nations and other international organizations."

THE END of funding the ungrateful, who use your taxpayers cash to destroy you & your friends?

Progressives are already at 11 on the apoplectic scale... they'll need a new scale... they are so done.

Trump is exceeding all expectations... truly an American revolutionary... obviously determined to hit Presidential GREATNESS.

And this is week one.

Disease-free Mars on Trump's watch

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VSD - Some context on the “ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease” remark. Trump gave only a 17 min. speech compared to an hour for most inaugural addresses. So the fact that he included these two goals along with his usual points could be significant. In the last 15 years or so, the government has been easing the regulatory burden on private launches and contracting out for services. I suspect Elon Musk is angling for some sort of joint venture with NASA to go to Mars, which would certainly be more efficient than NASA doing it exclusively, though I’d rather have it all private.

There have been incredible breakthroughs in recent years in bio-hacking and genetic engineering. The cost of sequencing a human genome has dropped from $100,000,000 in 2001 to $10,000,000 in 2007 to just over $1000 today. Serious work is being done, mostly in private labs, on stopping or even reversing aging and on eliminating diseases. This revolution could dwarf the info-communications revolution, if only the Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies would get out of the way.

I suspect Peter Thiel has been explaining these facts to Pres. Trump. And I suspect that Trump would welcome “Humans on Mars!” and “Cancer cured!” to happen under his watch.

Actions Not Words

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So far Trump is governing with far more libertarianism than he campaigned on. Almost always it's the other way around.


Andrew Atkin's picture

Chill out, Dude. That speech was no place for details Smiling

Sorry to Dissapoint

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us 'Krauts' are scared shitless of 'Brownies' (not the sweet kind) so they'll never let the AfD (or similar lunatics) get much further than they are now - and even these levels they only reached because of the dissension-voters trying to screw institutionalized politics ...
Guess we need us another 'Führer' with a little more vision and far better political grasp than those loons on the fringes - they'll never get us out of this mess without dumping us into a much bigger one.

Love your quote Ed

VSD's picture

but allow me to break it apart into what little is known of his actual intentions:

"We stand at the birth of a new millennium ready to unlock the mysteries of space"
never heard any of that featured prominently enough to make it across the pond - can't have been high on the agenda ...
"to free the earth from the miseries of disease"
as long as he takes whatever savings he get's out of stopping Obamacare and invests it in research that would be brilliant - but wait: his promises always ended at ending Obamacare ...
"and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow."
yeah right: oil and coal and steel - sounds more like going back to 'gud ol yesteryear' ... at least he could 'promise' to make something new out of it like Rearden Steel ...

However if he manages to fulfill any one of those three promises he'll already have surpassed a lot of his predecessors ... if only we knew what he meant by those promises ; )



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Yes, maybe more! Yoooooooge!!!!!

Glorious times!!!!!!!

OrgOism on the wrong side of history.


Sam Pierson's picture

"75%, maybe more."

Please listen Linz.

Regulation roll-back ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture


Meanwhile, ARISIS continues to display TDS!!

As do inexpressibly stupid and ugly women and other sub-humans:

Low Class

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

Luke -- Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't those pink pussy hats in shockingly bad taste? Trump at least made his remarks while speaking privately and casually in a free-wheeling, locker room atmosphere. These (ahem!) ladies were wearing their pussy hats right out in public! Shocked

Mad Dog...

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... had a good day at the office.

Morale in the Pentagon hitting 10 and a bit. Smiling Smiling

Mad Dog's First Day...

Olivia's picture

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Celebrating On Day One, Blows Up ISIS 31 Times
It was Secretary of Defense Mattis’ first day at the Pentagon and he has already hit the ground running. Mattis spent the day overseeing strikes against the Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq.

Week one

Sam Pierson's picture

Week one incoming...

- move Israeli embassy to Jerusalem
- US/UK trade deal, and free movement of people
- a pile of executive orders crossed out
- Defence dept underway to terminate ISIS


Who knows what else. Action time.

Hope the Mexican president is bringing his checkbook, to put that downpayment on the wall.

Germans look to be getting with the program too.

MSM & a few agitators continue their impotent wail.

World will be different at the end of the week. Sleeping giant has awoken. Good times, good times...

As Long as They Are Not Pink P*ssy Hats

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Since the women in question wearing the hats in question are inserting their heads into said hats, does that make them d*ck heads?

Hold On to Your Hats

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Andrew -- Trump is indeed an independent and non-ideological pragmatist. But he needs the Republican Party and they need him -- in order to get things done governmentally. How this relationship will play out I have no idea. In my view, Trump needs to strongly lead -- and even bully and harass them. After which we simply have to hope he heads off in the pro-freedom direction.

The next four years -- or at least the next 100 days -- should be interesting, fun, wild, and even crazy. I hope he cranks up his no-nonsense, simple reason, problem-solving, get-it-done, let's-win, personal philosophy and avoids becoming overly trapped or stuck inside the sad, weak, rather-dismal, conservative mindset and ideology.


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My take on Mr President:

He is indeed a "third party". He's no conservative. He's a guy who hijacked the conservative party and reformed it in his own image. And bloody good on him. I f---king love it. Conservatives are just drones in their own right - I don't think much of them. Trump is a true independent, albeit quite shallow.

On a core level, I would say he is a libertarian. He understands natural justice, naturally, and doesn't get off on making peons kiss his arse like creepy Hillary.

But he is also a ruthless pragmatist. He can step on toes for a greater end, if he feels it must be done. He's got that military mindset, basically.

Olivia reckons he's a deist. Maybe he has some private contemplative thoughts along these lines....but light years from a church goer! I would never call him religious. No way.

Semi-Libertarian Maybe

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Multiple commentators in America yesterday stated that Trump is really a third party candidate -- not a Republican or Democrat. In his inauguration speech he certainly seemed to viciously attack both parties. He evidently wants the establishment out and the status quo to change. If Trump truly is third party, I hope he's a semi-libertarian. Or, at least, I hope he grows into the job, and becomes one.

Loving it!!

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Just seeing "President Trump" across the bottom of the TV screen is glorious. I think my favourite moment in the speech was, "Today marks the transfer of power from Washington back to you, the people." Just hope it doesn't mean the wrong people. Democracy is execrable.

My second-favourite moment was after the speech, seeing Obamullahmarx fly off in a helicopter.

America is back. Class is back. Ron and Nancy are back. ISIS is dead. The Filth have suffered a major setback.

More of the leftist loony meltdown in DC over President Trump

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Helping to build up support for Trump with every idiot act.

Foreign relations

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'Friendly to all, but American interests first... Each country should look after its own interests.' A welcome return to an honest & real world order.

Yes Ed.

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With that he shamed BO & his DC and drew a big fat line under their culture. GLORIOUS!

It's a shot that will ring out around the world too, to the peoples in other nations with top-heavy government. Their politicians & bureaucrat elites will be shitting themselves. GLORIOUS!

On Democrats ruining cities

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Here's Trump in the face of the Democrats who have presided over the ruin of our cities:

"Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities, rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. An education system flush with cash but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. And the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential."

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